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Self-test on learning English language to determine your level

This test will help you to test yourself. It will show you how quickly you will learn English. Do not send the answers to us! It is just to help you.

It asks you about 100 questions. Write your answer on paper. Then look at the "How to calculate your English proficiency level" at the bottom of this page.

1) _____ is the school?
A- Where
B- When
C- Why
D- What

2) When _____ you going home?
A- do
B- are
C- will
D- is

3) _____ do you come from?
A- Who
B- Where
C- Which
D- What

4) _____ you like a cup of coffee?
A- Do
B- Are
C- Will
D- Would

5) I _____ been to Scotland yet.
A- have
B- haven't
C- am not
D- don't have

6) _____ you think English is easy?
A- Do
B- Are
C- Have
D- Would

7) I _____ play the piano and the trumpet.
A- do
B- can
C- don't
D- can't

8) Hubert doesn't know _____ stole his watch.
A- who
B- whose
C- when
D- where

9) _____ you eaten your dinner?
A- Do
B- Did
C- Have
D- Has

10) I _____ playing tennis when it started to rain.
A- have
B- just
C- was
D- still

11) "_____ do you come to school?" "By bus."
A- Why
B- Who
C- How
D- What

12) I bought this car three weeks _____.
A- in the past
B- ago
C- gone
D- past

13) How _____ do you think you'll study here for?
A- much
B- long
C- many
D- long time

14) How many exercises _____ you done so far?
A- do
B- will
C- have
D- are

15) I like Chopin's music very _____.
A- much
B- many
C- a lot
D- lots

16) Does David live with you? No, he _____.
A- don't
B- doesn't
C- isn't
D- aren't

17) Michael is _____ intelligent than his brother.
A- more
B- much
C- as
D- the

18) Oxford United are a _____ football team than Manchester United.
A- good
B- better
C- gooder
D- best

19) Have you _____ to Thailand?
A- ever gone
B- visit
C- ever been
D- visiting

20) I can't remember what the teacher looks _____.
A- with
B- like
C- about
D- at

21) I studied _____ three years at Huddersfield University.
A- during
B- for
C- since
D- after

22) I _____ realised she was your sister, sorry!
A- had
B- have
C- didn't
D- hadn't

23) How _____ do you weigh?
A- much
B- many
C- often
D- few

24) Don't talk to me. It _____ been a very hard day.
A- has
B- hasn't
C- was
D- is

25) Are _____ any Italians in your class?
A- we
B- they
C- there
D- exist

26) _____ you like to go to the seaside this weekend?
A- Do
B- Are
C- Could
D- Would

27) "My car isn't very clean." "_____ is mine."
A- So
B- Together
C- Neither
D- Either

28) I can't play football now, but I _____ when I was younger.
A- was
B- can
C- could
D- liked

29) If you could meet anyone, who _____ you choose?
A- could
B- will
C- have
D- would

30) Gary has _____ writing poetry ever since his parents died.
A- started
B- been
C- wanted
D- even

31) I've _____ my keys. I'll have to buy another set.
A- got
B- lost
C- bought
D- had

32) Jennifer has _____ working very late at the office recently.
A- not
B- unfortunately
C- often
D- been

33) "I went to the cinema last night." "_____ you often go to the cinema?"
A- Have
B- Why
C- Do
D- Are

34) Paper _____ made from wood.
A- has
B- has been
C- is
D- is being

35) You must _____ me to buy Rachel a present, or I'll forget.
A- recommend
B- suggest
C- remember
D- remind

36) "I often go to Razor's disco." "Really? So _____ I."
A- am
B- do
C- will
D- have

37) The gold necklace was _____ expensive for me to buy, so I bought the silver one.
A- more
B- very
C- too
D- quite

38) I want to know what happened, so please _____ me the truth.
A- tell
B- say
C- talk
D- give

39) Sarah lives _____ the eleventh floor of a block of flats.
A- in
B- on
C- at
D- to

40) "Have you still got that cold?" "No, I _____ ill last week, but I'm better now."
A- began
B- feel
C- felt
D- wasn't

41) "When _____ you move to Oxford?" "Last year."
A- will
B- have
C- do
D- did

42) If you go abroad, you _____ carry your passport with you.
A- can
B- may
C- should
D- might

43) What does your friend look _____?
A- for
B- in
C- at
D- like

44) Bill Gates, with over $100 billion, is the _____ man in the world.
A- rich
B- richer
C- richest
D- most rich

45) Jennie _____ to pass her exams to get into university.
A- will
B- must
C- has
D- should

46) Horace really _____ go to the dentist about his teeth, but he won't.
A- might
B- must
C- may
D- does

47) If you wait for a moment, _____ drive you to work.
A- I
B- I'll
C- I'm going to
D- I'd

48) Can you switch _____ the light? It's getting dark.
A- on
B- down
C- off
D- up

49) Where _____ that man I met yesterday from?
A- did
B- was
C- had
D- travelled

50) There _____ be heavy rain in the east of the country this afternoon.
A- is going to
B- will
C- has
D- must

51) Nigel isn't as tall _____ his sister.
A- as
B- than
C- for
D- like

52) When _____ you leave the cafe last night?
A- have
B- had
C- will
D- did

53) This is a difficult exercise, so _____ your time doing it.
A- have
B- take
C- spend
D- waste

54) I'm _____ to take a skiing holiday in France this winter.
A- beginning
B- wanting
C- going
D- about

55) I _____ talk to him right now, if I were you.
A- should
B- have to
C- would
D- want to

56) Would you _____ if I opened the door?
A- like
B- mind
C- believe
D- allow

57) _____ Debbie had her baby yet?
A- Does
B- Had
C- Has
D- Have

58) I went _____ in London yesterday and bought lots of nice things.
A- home
B- to shop
C- shopping
D- to house

59) There isn't _____ coke left. Someone drank the last bottle.
A- any
B- some
C- much
D- many

60) I do think you _____ to wear a big coat if you go out tonight. It's going to snow.
A- should
B- ought
C- might
D- must

61) Don't call me before 10.00pm, as I'll be _____ football on television.
A- watch
B- look
C- watching
D- looking

62) If I _____ realised you were tired, I'd have slowed down.
A- didn't
B- hadn't
C- had
D- have

63) Do you _____ if I smoke?
A- like
B- like it
C- mind
D- mind it

64) "What's this key _____?" "It's the key to the garage."
A- like
B- for
C- made of
D- belong to

65) If Jane hadn't been late, she _____ have missed the exam.
A- would
B- can't
C- wouldn't
D- couldn't

66) After no-one bought tickets to the disco, we had to call it _____.
A- off
B- down
C- over
D- away

67) It's no use _____. He never listens to complaints.
A- complain
B- to complain
C- complaining
D- in complaining

68) If I cook the dinner, will you wash _____?
A- too
B- as well
C- also
D- up

69) She's a model now, but when she was young she _____ to be very plain.
A- tried
B- had
C- use
D- used

70) At university I had to put _____ with loud music from my next door neighbour every night.
A- along
B- up
C- out
D- myself

71) Colin walked to work, as he _____ recently sold his car.
A- had
B- had been
C- had to
D- have

72) Leslie felt ill after she ate the fish and so _____ Carl.
A- was
B- felt
C- did
D- bad

73) I wish I _____ find those old photos from school to show you.
A- can
B- could
C- have
D- had

74) I don't know where Bill is. He _____ have been here. Look, here's his note.
A- must
B- should
C- can't
D- might

75) The dog went _____ the postman and bit his leg.
A- by
B- past
C- for
D- over

76) I'm neither more intelligent _____ less intelligent than my sister.
A- and
B- nor
C- or
D- even

77) Can I have a return ticket to Oxford? Do you have _____ for a 20 note?
A- one
B- money
C- coins
D- change

78) _____ John calls soon, I'm going to call him.
A- If
B- When
C- Unless
D- As soon as

79) Here. Give me a _____ with this ladder, would you? It's a bit heavy.
A- help
B- hand
C- finger
D- lift

80) Phil _____ his windows cleaned yesterday.
A- tried
B- had
C- arranged
D- allowed

81) "Would you like a cup of tea?" "I'd _____ have coffee if you have some."
A- rather
B- wanted to
C- prefer
D- liked to

82) It's time we _____, John.
A- leave
B- leaving
C- are leaving
D- were leaving

83) Tammie would rather _____ sleep here tonight.
A- to
B- like
C- try
D- not

84) A trolley is a thing in supermarkets for keeping the things you buy _____.
A- from
B- in
C- on
D- with

85) It costs much _____ to fly than it used to, because of all the low cost airlines around.
A- cheaper
B- less
C- lower
D- more

86) If you _____ eaten so much when you were young, you wouldn't be fat now.
A- had
B- hadn't
C- were
D- have

87) I'll never forget _____a bicycle for the first time.
A- ride
B- riding
C- that riding
D- when riding

88) _____ the time you read this, I'll be flying to Rio de Janeiro.
A- When
B- By
C- At
D- In

89) I'd rather you _____ smoke in here, if you don't mind.
A- don't
B- won't
C- didn't
D- not

90) If you want to come tonight, give me a call. If _____, I'll tell you all about it tomorrow.
A- yes
B- no
C- so
D- not

91) If you don't study harder, you _____ the risk of failing the exam.
A- have
B- play
C- run
D- face

92) Clive _____ better hurry, or he'll miss the train.
A- would
B- should
C- had
D- might

93) No _____ which way I try to sleep, my back gives me pain.
A- matter
B- trouble
C- telling
D- minding

94) If _____ I hadn't crashed the car, I'd have some money now.
A- just
B- only
C- actually
D- me

95) Tests _____ carried out on this substance should determine its origin.
A- that
B- they
C- being
D- been

96) It _____ a long time to drive to Scotland from London.
A- needs
B- takes
C- deserves
D- requires

97) You _____ have seen Peter; he's dead!
A- must
B- can't
C- should
D- might

98) At no time _____ I suspect he was a thief.
A- can
B- did
C- that
D- which

99) The fierce snake, _____ venom is extremely toxic, is found in Eastern Australia.
A- which
B- that
C- whose
D- its

100) This conversation is useless. We're just going round in a _____ circle.
A- useless
B- harmful
C- vicious
D- dreadful

How to calculate your English proficiency level

AnswersYour LevelExpected course duration for English
proficiency with Mr. David
0% - 40%Beginning4.5 Months
41% - 53%Elementary4 Months
54% - 66%Lower Intermediate3 Months
67% - 79%Middle Intermediate3 Months
80% - 90%Upper Intermediate2 Months
91% - 100%Advanced1.5 Month

Correct answers key

1) A Where, 2) B are, 3) B Where, 4) D Would, 5) B haven't, 6) A Do, 7) B can, 8) A who, 9) C Have, 10) C was, 11) C How, 12) B ago, 13) B long, 14) C have, 15) A much, 16) B doesn't, 17) A more, 18) B better, 19) C ever been, 20) B like, 21) B for, 22) D hadn't, 23) A much, 24) A has, 25) C there, 26) D Would, 27) C Neither, 28) C could, 29) D would, 30) B been, 31) B lost, 32) D been, 33) C Do, 34) C is, 35) D remind, 36) B do, 37) C too, 38) A tell, 39) B on, 40) C felt, 41) D did, 42) C should, 43) D like, 44) C richest, 45) C has, 46) B must, 47) B I'll, 48) A on, 49) B was, 50) B will, 51) A as, 52) D did, 53) B take, 54) C going, 55) C would, 56) B mind, 57) C Has, 58) C shopping, 59) A any, 60) B ought, 61) C watching, 62) C had, 63) C mind, 64) B for, 65) C wouldn't, 66) A off, 67) C complaining, 68) D up, 69) D used, 70) B up, 71) A had, 72) C did, 73) B could, 74) A must, 75) C for, 76) B nor, 77) D change, 78) C Unless, 79) B hand, 80) B had, 81) A rather, 82) D were leaving, 83) D not 84) B in, 85) B less, 86) B hadn't, 87) B riding, 88) B By, 89) C didn't, 90) D not, 91) C run, 92) C had, 93) A matter, 94) B only, 95) C being, 96) B takes, 97) B can't, 98) B did, 99) C whose, 100) C vicious

How to contact Mr. David
Feel free to contact at (92-21) 34385978, 345-2410728.

Campus: Marine Faisal, suit # 409, 4th Floor,
10/A, Block-6, P.E.C.H.S, Near Hotel Faran, Sharah-e-Faisal, Karachi, Pakistan.

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