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Coaching Centres
We have been serving many reputable coaching centres. We always try to come up with their expectations, considering the different mode of teacher's requirements then other types of institutions. Any coaching centre can avail our teacher's providing service for free and can earn tremendous advantages in return. We have been providing diversified teachers to all kind of coaching centres. Becoming our registered client is very easy, you just need to fill out online registration form.

Our client coaching centres conduct wide range of coaching programs for different classes, such as  Secondary, Higher Secondary, Cambridge (O-A level), I.Com, F.Sc,, B.Sc, CAT, ACCA and different universities or colleges aptitude test preparation etc. Our teachers are accommodated on part-time or full time basis. When providing to a coaching centre more than one occasion we aim for continuity in placing teachers who have previous teaching experience in coaching centres.

We match a teacher with specific coaching centre's openings. Therefore we require a personal interview with all of our candidates instead of relying on a routine fill-in-the-blank application form. During this interview we learn about the teacherís education, experience, and interests.

Therefore if you are looking for a reliable, dedicated and responsible teacher please contact us or post vacancy or click search teacher to find out your required teacher by yourself from our widest teacher's pool.

Your one phone call to Interface will resolve your staffing needs [Given coaching centre's list includes registered and non-registered coaching centres].
    Coaching Centre's List
  • Adamjee coaching centre
  • Bright Coaching Centre
  • Citizen coaching centre
  • Creative Colgiate
  • Dawn coaching centre
  • Defence coaching centre
  • Expert coaching centre
  • Iqra collegiate
  • ITI educational Valley
  • Isaces Coaching
  • Insight Education Sytem
  • MastrJee collegiate
  • Meritorious
  • Nedians collegiate
  • Nadeem Farooqui Education point
  • Oscar collegiate
  • Professor's collegiate
  • Proper collegiate

  • >>>more