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  Dr. Reena Sreekath from UAE. (Cleared MOH exam)
"I wanted to thank you for your help during my MOH study. I just finished my exam few days back and today I just received my success result. Actually this is my second time taking the MOH. Last time, I took the test depending on self prep but failed terribly, so the Interface course has helped me achieve this success. Thank you very much and I would absolutely recommend your prep program to my friends."

 Mr. Saleem Mirza from Houston, Texas, USA (Daughter cleared USMLE with 94%)
"My daughter is very bright but does not test well. Taking the Interface Test Prep Live Online course gave her the confidence, knowledge and experience necessary to dramatically improve her score. We feel your program prepared her for the USMLE step-1 so well that she brought up her score by 95%."

 Dr. Saima Hiyat from Karachi, Pakistan (Cleared HAAD exam)
"Your prep program taught me useful HAAD exam strategies in a way that was very understandable and even kind of fun. I feel that I benefited a lot from learning these strategies. I took your course and got cleared. Many thanks again."

 Dr. Rizwan Abdulkarim from Lancaster, UK (Cleared PLAB exam)
"This course was just what I needed to give me a boost and get me back on track! After nearly 2 years of study gap - I really started to believe that it was me & I was completely useless! I would recommend the course to anyone needing to "get it together" and believe in themselves again! Thank you!"

 Dr. Lubna Qudvai from Islamabad, Pakistan (Cleared USMLE with 96%)
"Although I was bit shaky before enrolling into your course but after taking the trail class I was impressed with the knowledge and subject expertise of your instructors. Your teaching methodologies cover the very basic to the most advanced, and were laid out in easy to follow format. I have no hesitation in recommending Interface prep course for the USMLE."

 Dr. Reena Thomas from Kerala, India (Cleared MOH exam)
"I have never realized my full potential, always scoring lower on actual exams than on practice exams. Then, after taking Interface Prep course, I was able to gain the confidence, focus and skills sets to increase my score. Using the provided techniques and visualizations, I was able to walk into the exam relaxed, focused and confident. Just because all this, I was able to clear my MOH exam. I believe your prep made all the difference, and I thank you for it! Again, thank you for all your help and support. Itīs been a long road, but I think Iīve made it."

 Dr. Usman Choudhry from Lahore, Pakistan currently working in Broken Hill, Australia (Cleared AMC exam)
"Instructor feedback was excellent, and his knowledge of not just the course material, but related subjects as well. This course [AMC] was very nice to many aspects. I really enjoyed this course."

 Dr. Anoosha Baqai from Lahore, Pakistan (Cleared FCPS exam)
"Taking Interface live online course has completely surpassed my expectations. The instructor was knowledgeable about my course of study, responded almost immediately to all of my inquiries, and was friendly and professional at all times. He gave in depth answers to my questions and took my individual needs into consideration. Well done Interface."

 Dr. Hina Rauf from Karachi Pakistan (Cleared USMLE with 96%)
"Interface has excellent instructors. Specially, Dr. Zahid Ali Memon!!! His passion and love for this course and students is not only visual, but transferable. Great experience! Dr. Zahid teaches with such passion that you can´t help but love learning. His teaching brings energy to the subject. His teaching can make a huge difference, personally and professionally."

 Saumya Mathew from Bangalore, India (Cleared MOH exam)
"I cleared MOH because of you. The small number of participants meant there was plenty of opportunity to get practical and have one to one assistance. Size matters: in this case "small" was good unlike other online prep where you canīt have much attention and canīt ask your desired question because of a huge number of students."

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This course was just what I needed to give me a boost and get me back on track! After nearly 2 years of study gap - I really started to believe that.........Read more

Dr. Rizwan Abdulkarim from Lancaster, UK (Cleared PLAB exam)