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NOTE: MOH, HAAD, DHA, SLE, MOH Oman, USMLE and PLAB Preparation courses 2017
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2017 updated MCQs QBank for (Physician):  MOH UAE, HAAD, DHA, SLE(Saudi Licensing Exam), MOH Oman

2017 updated MCQs QBank for (Dentist):  MOH UAE, HAAD, DHA, SLE(Saudi Licensing Exam), MOH Oman

Welcome to Interface Live Online Learning Program for different medical liscences prep. Attent a live, online class with our Medical experts and see how our interactive team-teaching blows away typical classrooms.

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  • Our teachers have over 10 years of teaching experience in their respected area of study. Contrast this with the student instructors hired by various companies.
  • We proactively diagnose your unique challenges, weaknesses or study gap in the critical Licensing exam, arms you with strategies and best exam prectices.
  • Weather you are in Pakistan, UAE, India, USA, UK or any other part of the world, you will be taking class as if you are physically sitting into classroom.
  • No more books. Much less paper. No commuting in traffic.
  • Why pay more? Other prep companies may charge over 1,000 US$ to cover almost same hundreds of pages of printed material. Interface is able to deliver the best prep at the best price. We're so confident in our courses that we'll give you a guarantee.
  • Guaranteed results.
Live Online is ideal for those students who do not live close to our training center where Interface offers its traditional in-person classes or for those students who simply prefer the flexibility of attending class online. Instructors teach the exact same in-class material, in an identical fashion, as they do in person.
student testimonials
"I wanted to thank you for your help during my MOH study. I just finished my exam few days back and today I just received my success result. Actually this is my second time taking the MOH. Last time, I took the test depending on self prep but failed terribly, so the Interface course has helped me achieve this success. Thank you very much and I would absolutely recommend your prep program to my friends. "
Dr. Reena Sreekath from UAE. (Cleared MOH exam)
"My daughter is very bright but doesn't test well. Taking the Interface Test Prep Live Online course gave her the confidence, knowledge and experience necessary to dramatically improve her score. We feel your program prepared her for the USMLE step-1 so well that she brought up her score by 95%."
Mr. Saleem Mirza from Houston, Texas, USA (Daughter cleared USMLE with 94%)
"Your prep program taught me useful HAAD exam strategies in a way that was very understandable and even kind of fun. I feel that I benefited a lot from learning these strategies. I took your course and got cleared. Many thanks again."
Dr. Saima Hiyat from Karachi, Pakistan (Cleared HAAD exam)
"This course was just what I needed to give me a boost and get me back on track! After nearly 2 years of study gap - I really started to believe that it was me & I was completely useless! I'd recommend the course to anyone needing to "get it together" and believe in themselves again! Thank you!"
Dr. Rizwan Abdulkarim from Lancaster, UK (Cleared PLAB exam)
"Although I was bit shaky before enrolling into your course but after taking the trail class I was impressed with the knowledge and subject expertise of your instructors. Your teaching methodologies cover the very basic to the most advanced, and were laid out in easy to follow format. I have no hesitation in recommending Interface prep course for the USMLE."
Dr. Lubna Qudvai from Islamabad, Pakistan (Cleared USMLE with 96%)
"I have never realized my full potential, always scoring lower on actual exams than on practice exams. Then, after taking Interface Prep course, I was able to gain the confidence, focus and skills sets to increase my score. Using the provided techniques and visualizations, I was able to walk into the exam relaxed, focused and confident. Just because all this, I was able to clear my MOH exam. I believe your prep made all the difference, and I thank you for it! Again, thank you for all your help and support. It's been a long road, but I think I've made it."
Dr. Reena Thomas from Kerala, India (Cleared MOH exam)
"Instructor feedback was excellent, and his knowledge of not just the course material, but related subjects as well. This course [AMC] was very nice to many aspects. I really enjoyed this course."
Dr. Usman Choudhry from Lahore, Pakistan currently working in Broken Hill, Australia (Cleared AMC exam)
"Taking Interface live online course has completely surpassed my expectations. The instructor was knowledgeable about my course of study, responded almost immediately to all of my inquiries, and was friendly and professional at all times. He gave in depth answers to my questions and took my individual needs into consideration. Well done Interface."
Dr. Anoosha Baqai from Lahore, Pakistan (Cleared FCPS exam)
"I registered for Kaplan course initially but could not manage it because of the high cost of the course then I found out about the Interface online live prep offering almost same kind of service and in amazingly affording cost which is definitely worthwhile."
Dr. Rholyn Bordon from Dubai, UAE (Cleared USMLE with 90%)
"I just wanted to let you know that I made it in the MOH exam! Many thanks to all of you for your help and support, because without it, I would have most definitely been lost while taking the exam."
Dr. Reeja Jayan from Kuwait (Cleared MOH exam)
"We are very happy that we cleared FCPS in first attempt. Thank you so much for your preparation and guidance through this process."
Drs. Saleem Baig, Natasha, Haroon, Fozia and Amna from Karachi, Pakistan (Cleared FCPS part 1)
"It was fun and it was very practical. There wasn't time to get bored. Because of having 5 years study gap, the course was challenging but it was done in a very supportive environment."
Dr. Kathryn Ashton from Delhi, India (Cleared Saudi Board Exam)
"Interface has excellent instructors. Specially, Dr. Zahid Ali Memon!!! His passion and love for this course and students is not only visual, but transferable. Great experience! Dr. Zahid teaches with such passion that you can?t help but love learning. His teaching brings energy to the subject. His teaching can make a huge difference, personally and professionally."
Dr. Hina Rauf from Karachi Pakistan (Cleared USMLE with 96%)
"I cleared MOH because of you. The small number of participants meant there was plenty of opportunity to get practical and have one to one assistance. Size matters: in this case 'small' was good unlike other online prep where you can?t have much attention and can?t ask your desired question because of a huge number of students."
Saumya Mathew from Bangalore, India (Cleared MOH exam)
"For anyone intending to take PLAB test, this is the place I believe. The program is designed particularly for those with full-time jobs who may not have the time to study on a full time basis. This is what first attracted me to the program and it has allowed me to carry on my job and stay in Bristol with my family all while acquiring the knowledge of this course."
Dr. Fatima from Karachi, Pakistan (Cleared PLAB exam)
"Overall, I was pleased with the course. Most of the studies covers the grey areas of DHA and the on line tutors feedback was helpful. The price was fair and I would recommend this program to anyone who wants to clear DHA exam."
Dr. Aamna Tariq from Muscat (Cleared DHA exam)
"The 80-hours live online course was just amazing. I covered all the major topics from the original exam perspective. It was just like physically sitting with the other students in a classroom because live video and audio streaming is just outstanding. The lecture was presented in an easy to understand format and the suggestions from my online tutor were extremely beneficial."
Dr. Babar Khan from Rawalpindi, Pakistan working in Ontario, Canada (Cleared MCC exam)
"I heard about this course from a couple of friends who cleared their MCC in a flesh. While taking it, I found that the Online prep is just amazing and helped me clear my exam in just first attempt."
Dr. Sameera from UAE (Cleared MCC exam)
"The course met my expectations. It was worth both my time and money."
Dr. Ismail Basha from Dubai, UAE (Cleared MOH exam)
"Now that I have cleared USMLE. The experience itself was incredible. I met a wealth of new friends and the friendliness and professionalism of the instructors were outstanding. Not only had they helped us clear the test but their valuable advices are outstanding. I give this course my highest recommendation."
Dr. Shazia Wajahat from Damascus, Syria (Cleared USMLE with 89%)
"This course has been absolutely fantastic. I have learnt so much. It was delivered at a really good pace, all questions were answered fully and honestly. I enjoyed it so much - thank you."
Dr. Sumi from Cochin, India (Cleard USMLE with 95%)
"Although the course was hard work we all had a lot of fun, due to the wide variety of content and the friendly, professional nature of the trainers."
Dr. Anila Khan from Stockport, UK (Cleared PLAB exam)
"I just wanted to thank you and everyone else at Interface! I successful cleared my USMLE step 2. I was hired on March 2008 by Harris County Hospital District , Houston. I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate everything from all of you and will always be thankful. You guys made it easy to pay for everything and get my foot in the door! Thank you again."
Dr. Naushad Ali from Bangalore, India working in Houston, USA (Cleared USMLE Step 2)
"I can thoroughly recommend the Interface live online learning to anyone looking to study by distance. First, it was through this service that I found the program that I was looking for. Then, I had great help to deal with all of my questions and kept me in contact with those preparing for the same test."
Dr. Muhammad Farooq from Hyderabad, India (Cleared MOH exam)
"I just wanted to add my name to your testimonial section. It was all the way great experience. Your lectures were very well designed and easy to understand and it opened my eyes to a new path of success. 5 Stars! Great Course - I loved it!"
Dr. Jina Joly from Abu Dhabi, UAE (Cleared HAAD exam)
"I can't say enough about how good the course is. Well planned, great teachers, friendly environment and above all that its all in affordable package"
Dr. Umaira Ahsan from Al Ain, UAE (Cleared DHA exam)
"I wanted to drop a note to say just how great my MOH course was. Everyone that I have had the privilege to chat with, either by email or phone, has been extremely courteous, helpful and encouraging."
Dr. Chhabikala Sharma from Ajman, UAE (Cleared MOH exam)
"Your service was excellent with frequent and helpful communication from the beginning till the end of the course. Your instructors were always quick to reply to my email questions and always friendly! Thank you so much for your help throughout the entire process (even now!)."
Dr. Ciba from Arkansas, USA (Cleared MOH exam)
"Attempted twice for MOH waisted a hell of amount but could not get through then while searching online I found out about Interface online live learning which was affordable and above all have a number of senior instructors having excellent knowledge of the MOH course outline. This helped me throughout the course. Many thanks Interface!"
Dr. Asifah Shams Khan from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia (Cleared MOH exam)
"I am so thankful to you. Because of you i was able to clear my PLAB test. The process took a longer time because of my work commitments, but your instructors always updated me with what's happening. Your efforts made this possible to me. Next time if any of my friends asks about prep program then the first person who comes to my mind will be you. Thank you Once again."
Dr. Imran Pasha from Sharjah, UAE (Cleared PLAB exam)
"Thanks for all your help!! I am starting work for a medical insurance company here in Louisiana. This test was a prerequisite for my employment there. Thank you for the great training!"
Dr. Sophia George from Louisiana, USA (Cleared USMLE with 95%)
"I considered myself so lucky for choosing Interface course as the instructor was always there helping me with my questions. I should thank Dr. Zahid Memon- who I can refer to as the 'Aladdin?s Gin', because whenever I had some doubts, he was always there to answer my queries...and believe me I had many. Where else, we can get such service on Earth?"
Dr. Siva from Islamabad, Pakistan (Cleared USMLE with 91%)
"Very professionally run course, it exceeded my expectations. The teachers are passionate about their subject. The course is well structured and everyone made every effort to ensure that the trainees are able to get the most from their experience. Teaching skills input sessions were excellent, very logical and easy to follow. Without hesitation, I would recommend the course. Good value, first rate teaching and support. I've enjoyed the experience immensely and feel I have learned a great deal."
Dr. Muniba from Najran, KSA (Cleared Saudi Medical Board exam)
"I just completed the course for MOH. I was guided, encouraged, informed, praised, complimented, and corrected with each course unit. I was extremely impressed not only with the instructor, but with the comprehensiveness of the course itself. I highly recommend it."
Dr. Maria from Karachi, Pakistan
online courses schedule
New online classes schedule for 2017
CourseDate (Classes starting from)Status
MOH (course code: T55)
1 Session, 1 hr
(Total about 70 hrs live sessions)
--registration available
MOH (course code: T64)
1 Session, 1 & half hr
(Total about 60 hrs live sessions)
--registration available
MOH (course code: T65)
1 Session, 1 & half hr
(Total about 60 hrs live sessions)
--registration available
FCPS (course code: T44)
1 Session, 1 hr
(Total about 65 hrs live sessions)
--registration available
FCPS (course code: T34)
1 Session, 1 & half hr
(Total about 60 hrs live sessions)
--registration available
MCPS (course code: T19)
1 Session, 1 hr
(Total about 65 hrs live sessions)
--registration available
DHA (course code: T27)
1 Session, 1 hr
(Total about 55 hrs live sessions)
--registration available
HAAD (course code: T52)
1 Session, 1 & half hr
(Total about 65 hrs live sessions)
--Seats not available
HAAD (course code: T50)
1 Session, 1 & half hr
(Total about 65 hrs live sessions)
--registration available
HAAD (course code: T51)
1 Session, 1 hr
(Total about 60 hrs live sessions)
--registration available
USMLE (course code: T354)
1 Session, 1 hr
(Total about 85 hrs live sessions)
--Seats not available
USMLE (course code: T350)
1 Session, 2 hr
(Total about 130 hrs live sessions)
--registration available
USMLE (course code: T434)
1 Session, 2 hr
(Total about 60 hrs live sessions)
--registration available
PLAB (course code: T24)
1 Session, 1 hr
(Total about 60 hrs live sessions)
--registration available
MCC (course code: T32)
1 Session, 1 hr
(Total about 70 hrs live sessions)
--registration available
AMC (course code: T39)
1 Session, 1 hr
(Total about 75 hrs live sessions)
--registration available
Saudi Medical Board (course code: T321)
1 Session, 1 hr
(Total about 70 hrs live sessions)
--registration available
Saudi Medical Board (course code: T640)
1 Session, 1 & half hr
(Total about 60 hrs live sessions)
--registration available
CGFNS (course code: T624)-----registration available
PMDC (course code: T30)
1 Session, 1 hr
(Total about 70 hrs live sessions)
--registration available
NOTE: Classes starting date for any particular course may change later on.
Meet one of our 'USMLE' Instructor Dr. Khwaja Yousuf Hasan
Dr Yousuf USMLE Step 1 : 99% score
USMLE Step 2 CK: 99% score
USMLE Step 2 CS: Passed with 'Higher Performance'
ECFMG Certified
FCPS part 1 (cleared in first attempt)

Sound expertise in Clinical Scenarios

The usmle is probably toughest of all the entrance exams conducted around the world for entering into a residency program. Its preparation is laborious to say the least. It is very in depth and tests not just the individual?s intelligence but also his or her ability to understand disease processes. Its not just about knowing what the right answer is: you have to know the reason why the answer is right. We give you just that. Learn from the people who have actually taken the test in recent times as the format has been drastically changed from the one that was there 10 years ago. There are more clinical scenarios and there is greater clinical application of the knowledge of basic medical sciences. We will provide you with in depth preparation that will prepare you for almost any clinical scenario that you will encounter during the actual test.

Nowadays, it is not just important to pass the exam, it?s important to get a high score. We will ensure that you are well prepared to not just pass the exam but to excel at it.

You might have been a brilliant student in medical school but the USMLE is a different ball game altogether. You might encounter a question in the USMLE where all the listed options are correct, but you have to choose the best answer. That?s where we come in. We prepare you in such a way that will ensure that you choose the answer that the USMLE seems is the BEST POSSIBLE OPTION.

Dr. Yousuf USMLE Classes Schedule for 2017
USMLE 1/2 Groups Starting: May-June
Extended course: Four months (approximately 130 study hours - Live classes)
Crash course: One and half To two months (approximately 60 study hours- Live classes)

Free Orientation Classes: Available. Contact at ''
Course Registration: Available (Limited seats)
Registration procedure: simply email at '' with demo class request. Kindly also provide your name, year of graduation, city and country, contact number. Please note that emails having insufficient or no required details as mentioned above will not be responded.

Meet one of our Dental Instructor Dr. Tabinda Nawaz Khan
Dr Yousuf BDS, FCPS(part 1) < MDS, RDS, C Ortho
Lecturer - Dow University of Health Sciences

Teaching Expertise : MOH, HAAD, SLE, NBDE Exams

Getting clinical/practicing knowledge without integrating yourself with basic sciences is a little bit difficult, we incorporate two into each other in such manner that you will inshaAllah have no difficulty in preparing for either of these Dental Exams for getting practicing license or some residency program.

Our preparatory courses are compiled by professionals and those who actually cleared these exam(s) by themselves keeping in view day to day changes into these exams.

Our preparatory course includes exam?s oriented Live Lectures (no pre-recorded videos), giving you a chance to ask questions and discuss various aspects of the topic and most importantly our MCQ?s bank will guarantee your success into the exam.

Dr. Tabinda MOH, HAAD Classes Schedule for 2017
MOH, HAAD, SLE Groups Starting: May-June
Extended course: Three months (approximately 120 study hours - Live classes)
Crash course: One and half To two months (approximately 90 study hours- Live classes)

Free Orientation Classes: Available. Contact at ''
Course Registration: Available (Limited seats)
Registration procedure: simply email at '' with demo class request. Kindly also provide your name, year of graduation, city and country, contact number. Please note that emails having insufficient or no required details as mentioned above will not be responded.

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