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IGCSEs to replace O-Levels by 2009

Lahore, Nov 23: The Edexcel, the UK examination board, has decided to do away with O-Levels examination in Pakistan and replace it with IGCSEs as well as introducing new revised A-Levels fromSept 2009 and Sept 2008, respectively.

The IGCSEs (International General Certificate of Secondary Education) will be available in all the 16 subjects which are currently being offered at O-Levels.

The subjects - Pakistan Studies and Islamiyat- will continue to be available to Pakistani students.

The Inter-Boards Committee of Chairmen (IBCC) has already recognised the IGCSEs qualification which is already available in a couple of institutions in Peshawar, IBCC secretary Muhammad Ramzan Acahakzai said.

The UK, from where the Edexcel operates, had abolished the O-Levels way back in 1988.

Edexcel's Global Relationships Manager Dr David Davies, while speaking at Principal's Forum in Lahore on Thursday, said the revised IGCSEs were modern qualifications that incorporated the best features of both GCE 'O' levels and IGCSEs. "We will create a new suite of IGCSEs that will update and replace the current qualifications that will help keep Edexcel learners at the leading edge of global qualification developments," he added.

The Edexcel will shortly provide the hard copies of curricula, wide range of teaching guides and other resources available.

Textbooks and teaching material will be offered in 16 subjects - Biology, Physics, Chemistry, PE, Geography, History, Psychology, Sociology, Art and Design, Religious Studies, Music, General Studies, Drama, English Language, English Literature, English Language & Literature.

Dr Davies said the Edexcel would also provide revision support and examination practice through Exam Wizard CD-ROMs. It would also allow students to use past paper questions to make customized tests in minutes for appropriate subjects. The online revision support was also available at:

He said the Edexcel endorsed quality material produced by other publishers as it was committed to offering its centres a choice and a variety of approaches to the delivery of Edexcel GCEs. He said the Edexcel was working with a range of publishers for preparing and marketing low-cost books.

Explaining criteria change, he said internal assessment (coursework) had been removed in many subjects and internal assessment would only be available where it was the only suitable method of assessment for that part of the specification. He said the Edexcel had applied tighter regulations to combat plagiarism.

He said the international centres would have examinations in place of coursework in biology, chemistry and physics.

Dr Davies said the Edexcel would also offer Higher National Diploma (HND), which was recognised by many universities in the UK. He said that those universities accepted students who had done their HND in the final year of a three-year relevant course.

The Edexcel's Global Relationships Manager also explained new specifications and other value-added products such as `results analysis' and 'results plus' being introduced by the Edexcel.

He also explained the establishment of Teacher Communities network and customer support for these new specifications that would be offered in Pakistan through British Council. Dawn

Your Comments

"iam the student of olevels in chand bagh school the salabus must not change in 2009"
Name: muhammad rameez arshad
City, Country: lahore, Pakistan

"oh well, hurdles over hurdles , another fatique awaits the international studies students by 2009! foolish us who opted for this expensive streme of studies which results in a total mess!"
Name: hashin kaleem
City, Country: gujranwala, Pakistan

"What Da Hell I have to give my exams in 2009 Whats gonna happen about them?"
Name: Suleman
City, Country: Karachi, Pakistan

"i tink thts a gr8 idea..2 bad ill b giving my o lvls this yr nd next"
Name: hasan
City, Country: Karachi, Pakistan

"Great Move...Its a great decision to switch to IGCSE, like many other countries...But the progress of students currently enrolled in GCE should not disturbed.."
Name: Zain
City, Country: Islamabad, Pakistan

"dis is not done ....i ll also hv to appear in 2009 sufferring prob coz of da changes in sylaabus "
Name: fasiha
City, Country: karachi , Pakistan

"Hey its a good idea bcz IGCSE is much easier than GCE OL bcz i did IGCSE papers but i sat for GCe it was good experience "
Name: Jubeir
City, Country: Lahore, Pakistan

"I am doing my olevels in 2009 January so if i follow the GCE syllabus will their be a problem."
Name: shaker
City, Country: Kurunegala, Srilanka

"i want the changes made in accounts paper."
Name: musab tariq
City, Country: karachi,pakistan

"I am very glad to hear that IGCSE will be introduced in Pakistan by 2009!!! The O level subjects being offered right now in THE CITY SCHOOL are very limited and not of my interest. Next year i will be giving my o level exams but i have to choose my subjects now which are frm the GCE syllabus. I dont like the subjects in GCE and i want to select subjects from the IGCSE syllabus. I hope dat IGCSE is made available soon so dat i can hav a wider syllabus to choose from."
Name: Zoya Nazir
City, Country: Islamabad,pakistan

"da gce system should not be abolished as i have to take my exams in 2009 if dey had decided to change da systm dey should ave told da students 2 to 3 years b4 ."
Name: faqia tariq
City, Country: lahore, pakistan

"Hi Fellows, I think what ever the system was is will be it doesnt matter. But the institution in which we are studying should be capable to provide us the Knowledge on those parameters, and the rest depends on us. Now a days, every School is a cambridge School, wether its Teachers are up to the standard or not, almost all Schools are working on Commercial Lines, instead of providing Education. And i request the GCE Board that plz. look into the matter and check all the Schools that are enrolled on their list, that those Schools are capable of running IGCSE Education System or not, and the Board Members should check the qualification of the Teachers That they are really capable to teach the Students of IGCSE. Sorry i may be harsh but its a fact, Which my self and hundreds of other Students are Facing. O.K Wish you best of Luck to all."
City, Country: Karachi, pakistan

"It will be great for them who will come to this level next year,but what will become of us who r doing o level from previous 1to3 years? "
Name: Athar
City, Country: Jhang, pakistan

"o levels is best best n best there is no comparison of o levels"
Name: sara
City, Country: lahore, pakistan

"Dont worry! The student who are already Register to OLevels, They will countinue their studies through same pattern. IGCSE will contain 6 subjects instead of two or three. Great ******* ****."
Name: Moammar
City, Country: lahore, pakistan

"i think its a gr8 move......... i am gonna give ma pak studies n islamiat paper in 2009......... i think more the opportunities the better.."
Name: rutaba
City, Country: karachi, pakistan

" how u em also gonna join olevels next year i dnt knw what iz 2 b done wid da course or vill i b able 2 cover it up or not but yet i do blame our surroundings our teacher here our school almost commercial n even da ppl around us who r nt guiding us what to do n how 2 cover up...evathng is being passin up no 1 iz takin seriously nomatter how inportant it iz 4 our future even our teachers hv nt told us dat thxz difference iz abt to take place nxt year n whn almost one month iz remaining i hv came to knew it! letz leave it.."
Name: laraib
City, Country: sukkur, pakistan

City, Country: hYDERABAD, pakistan

"It has to be easy not 2008 now i will going in of luck to all."
City, Country: karachi, pakistan

"This thing should be done after 2009 but not in 2009. i think i will have to pay a lot by joinig this international study.(s*****).."
Name: Sohaib
City, Country: D.G.Khan, pakistan

"Im a student of Beaconhouse. I am Studing in Class 8 and next year ill be in O1. CHANGING of syllabus Does not Seems Fair to me."
Name: ALI
City, Country: Lahore, pakistan

"O M G!!! whats gonna happen to me? i gonna give my exams in 2009 and 2010!! will my years be wasted! This wont be good at all if the students have to waste two or three of theor years!!!! "
Name: Aun Muhammad
City, Country: Karachi, pakistan

"i wanna get proper sylabs of exams in 2010 . plz help me in sorting out my problem .i could not find a site for this."
City, Country: Jhang, pakistan

"well, im totally against this exotic drastic change!i would for sure prefer gce coz we have been following from more than 30 years.n in my view 30 years is not an old fashion but a vast experience!!!!"
Name: amna shariq
City, Country: karachi, pakistan

"THATS NOT FAIR AT ALL.I am in second year of olevels and am gonna give my exams in England.So, no worries but still it is not fair.Anyway, best of luck to all.Cheer up Guyz."
Name: Sana khalid
City, Country: Lahore, pakistan

"I WANT TO GET PROPER SYLLABUS OF 2009 AND 2010. please anyone."
City, Country: riyadh,K.S.A

"WHY We r Studyin the OLD syllabus .....since past 3 yearZ.......... whYY is it ChanGinG NOW?"
Name: sasha
City, Country: Quetta, pakistan

"Yar wat is happening, Im very confused. M doing my o levels anddis is my first year, there is IGCSE qualification in our instituition but i like O levels more than IGCSE so wat should i do, should i join IGCSE or O levels?"
Name: Asad
City, Country: Islamabad, pakistan

"Will our syllabus be changed next year? I am worried.....what if the sullabus changes? What will we do then?"
Name: Nashmia Rafiq
City, Country: Peshawar, pakistan

"I have to appear in 2009 examination. this is not fair at all. "
Name: Malik Umair
City, Country: Lahore, pakistan

"Its great here in Bangladesh, we have both choices of Olevels and iGSCE until 2011. After then they r gonna make it all iGSCE. "
Name: Flash
City, Country: dhaka, Bangladesh

"good and bad.we can only pray that it is in the greater good of the students..........."
Name: laeeq
City, Country: abbottabad,Pakistan

"Well now a days i am studying in 10 cambridge and i have heard that the syllabus is going to be all changed in 2009 igsce is going to be establish in pakistan so it will be worse for our course mates because our most of the gce syllabus is finished and i am going to give my papers in 2010 so would there be any problem."
Name: Haider Ali
City, Country: Gujranwala, Pakistan

"poor sasha.. this is for u igcses lot more better than stupid olevels that have been changed to gcse long ago igcses being followed in international countries so cheer up!"
Name: noor
City, Country: Karachi, Pakistan

"This is a SHOCKING move... honestly... I have to appear for 3 subjects in may/june 2009 and remaining in may/june 2010... What the hell will happen to the olevels students.... "
Name: Rida Mehtab
City, Country: Rawalpindi, Pakistan

"this isnt fair i ve to give my GCE exams in may/june 2009 ... and we can just not finish the course of edexel in three months ... they cant doo this .. i request all the students to speak for their rights this isnt fair and they have to STOP !!!"
Name: ayla
City, Country: peshawer, Pakistan

"what da hell.this is not fair with students, now only god can help us and i appreciate the comment of imran above.BEST OF LUCK "
Name: umair
City, Country: Karachi, Pakistan

"Hi fellows.i am student of olevel school "falconhouse grammer school" campus 1. doing olevel is really tuff job but in comparison between matric olevel is really good. but the aboveviews are really unbeleivable. but best of luck.Im soory if i hurt you."
Name: warda
City, Country: Karachi, Pakistan

"oooh,, im 4rm haroon abad ,,if any 1 studying in boarding school lahore than please please help me,, mail me."
Name: asadullah
City, Country: haroonabad, Pakistan

"it is a kind of bad luck 4 adnan as when ever he try to study some thing bad happen to him ."
Name: Rana Adnan
City, Country: Fsd, Pakistan

"no!! not nOw buT iN 2010 after me comPleTiN o levelS f4m haBiB pUbliC sZol!!! W8 till 2010 tHiZ neEds soM3 TyM 2 coVeR and chAnGe thE eduCatioN ceNtRes!!!AnD aNd And! thIz iZ doIng bCoZ of gOverNmeNt polIcEiS ."
Name: hassan raZa
City, Country: karachi, Pakistan

"IGCSEs iZ guD thAn olevels!!!!! beCoZ iTs eaSy thN o levels.....guD changE.!!!"
Name: RiZvI
City, Country: karachi, Pakistan

"Students should not be worried about the change of syllabus because there is option to leave the part of syllabus.See at the past papers keenly or asked to your teacher or to me.Clear indications are there.Best of Luck. "
Name: Zafar
City, Country: Hyderabad, Pakistan

"i dont think replacing o levels is a bad thing igcse is great! it provides a substantial range of subject that you can pick according to your choice they dont just have to be science subjects or arts ect... you can pick variouse subjects for example i want to become a doctor currently i am doing my gcse in london but am planning on coming back to pakistan i havew chosen my science subjects but have also chosen subjects that i enjoy and will increase my knowledge . there are so many more subjects introduced such as phycology sociology Pe drama music . now a days universities are looking for a wide range of subjhects. subvjects that not only reflect what you want to do but also your personality . igcse is relativly easier therefore you will be able to manage studying a wide range of subjects. i have studied in pakistan GCE O levels ! its very tough and limited . its not all bad it is very beneficial but the stratedgy the teachers use to teach is pathetic. i gcse is a wise choice as it is also more creative and if you want to study in the uk (university) you need to be used to the system . if from now student do igcse they will be used to the system and may not find it hard to adjust. in my opinion its a very good i dea replaving o levels with igcse - it may turn out to be very good we should stop being pessimistic and hope for the best . we alla want pakistan to be recognised and to be known as a nice place composed of literate people :) "
Name: SANA
City, Country: london,England

"Hey man, does this mean that the qualification we recieve from O-Levels is going to be obsolete (outdated or less valuable) in a few years? "
Name: Osama Rais
City, Country: Karachi

"I will appear in 2009-10 and i really want to get a distinction in chemistry "
Name: Husnain Bilal
City, Country: Rahimyarkhan

"i will get admission in city school sukkur(olevels)9th class ......i want to know about it difficult?i also want to know the pattern of the school...i hope someone will share his or her information with me. "
Name: zeshan
City, Country: sukkur,Pakistan

Name: shahid riaz
City, Country: multan,Pakistan

"Does anybody know if IGCSE drama papaer can be given from pakistan?"
Name: need an answer
City, Country: karachi,Pakistan

"I am in Olevels first year...i think so its a great ideai!!i m totally agreed!! "
Name: Duaa
City, Country: Karachi,Pakistan

"i want to ask if i want to be a doctor in general do i need physics in IGCSE or not? can i make drop for physics in 10th grade?? plz answer me in my email "
Name: Abdullah
City, Country: Jordan

"AOA folks; im just finished with my grade 8s exams and im a student of saint patricks school. I knw i neednt worry because i will be starting up with my olevels from august but i only have a desire to know that are our islamiyat and pakistan studies books going to change because as a fact we hve been doing quite a many things from these books in grade 8 and if we start all over again, believe me it will be damn tough. But still im or all eighth graders are very lucky as compared to those who will be appearing for their olevel examinations next year ..but we are quite unlucky as compared to those who are giving there O 2 exams in the present (like my brother)..still i would love to study psychology if my school does offer because its an intersting subject and is my future because....urhm, urhmm,urhmm..! To all those folks who will be appearing next year: dont worry, the british council doesnt want you guys to fail for sure because that would be harmful for them as well, so if they do decide to change the curricula-they will provide you people with some sort of ease--dont you think that and even if they dont..the pakistan govt. is very much aware and will make some arrangements for your betterment e.g reducing the requirement of grades (Alevels)or SOMETHING.... And yes i appreciate the comments of imran and sana. I want to ask something :are these subjects like psychology and drama and sociology going to be offered in pakistan.... And i love the fact that igcse is far more easy than the course we had been following... Regards..!! :-D "
Name: Areeba
City, Country: karachi,pakistan

"gys what the hell it is. ithink we should protest against this stupid IGCSEs.goodluck Allah will help us INSHALAH "
Name: shoaib asif
City, Country: lahore,pakistan

"Thnx God I have passed my O,levels Exam nw Im feelin better. above Dnt knw wht change are u guys twkin abt....? IGCSEs iZ guD thAn olevels!!!!! beCoZ iTs eaSy thN o levels.....guD changE "
City, Country: Peshawar,pakistan

"its nearing nov examinations of olevels the system isnt replaced yet when it gonna be i have some question plz email me so i can ask them "
Name: Ahsan
City, Country: multan,pakistan

"hiii,i will be giving eams after 2 yars so,pls i need help in economics.can any onehelp e,pssssssssssssssss "
Name: bilquees shaikh
City, Country: riyadh

"oh my god what will happen to me. i will write the exams in this year please dont change any thing other wise it will be diffcult for me as well as for others. "
Name: sujanina ravindra
City, Country: srilanka

"Ooooops....! Wht a mess it is! You never know when are they going to change the syllabus or completely introduce a new thing! Its not fair!"
Name: Rehman Hamza
City, Country: Lahore,Pakistan

"uffff God... can any1 tell me about igsce in detail? mail me.KING ASAD"
Name: kingasad
City, Country: Lahore,Pakistan

"Can any one tell me whats the edge to O and A Level students over ordinary Matriculation and Secondary School certification, particularly in Pakistan. "
Name: Samiullah
City, Country: Islamabad,Pakistan

"Assalamualaikum, 2009 Coming to a close and nothing yet Alhamdulillah"
Name: Muhammad Jalal Kaiser
City, Country: Multan, Pakistan

"oh myn God what will happen to me i am going to appear olevel exam please do not change anything othe rwise it will be difficult for me and as will other make it easy please "
Name: muhammad khaksar
City, Country: peshawar, Pakistan

"not to worry evry things gonna be ok u just try ur best "
Name: bilal
City, Country: lahore, Pakistan

"What abt those giving O Level papers now as i am. they must have told way back and why coordinated science not in pakistan "
Name: Husnain
City, Country: FFC SADIQABAD, Pakistan

"This is awesome if u guys r having a change although i appeared in the MAY/JUNE 2009 exams but still it is fruitful for all the new comers...IGCSE is firstly international(GCE being only for UK) and the grading system is lower than the GCE secondly it is easier and not that wide but i guess this point shud nt be relied upon because the tougher the OLEVELS is the easier wud be ALEVELS..thirdly and finally i am doing my Alevels and i guess IGCSE students understand more as compared to us beacause the Alevels course is also IGCSE...get hold of this IGCSE system its better but unfortunetly i cudnt appear in IGCSE...GUDLUCK TO ALL... "
Name: Kamran
City, Country: Peshawar, Pakistan

"ts nearing nov examinations of olevels the system isnt replaced yet when it gonna be i have some question plz email me so i can ask them "
Name: ali
City, Country: gujranwala, Pakistan

"hey students i am doing olvels and my first term papers aere started is it easy i am doing gce"
Name: tahura
City, Country: lahore,pakistan

"Experienced candidate. Being part of defrauded agglomiration by government corruption, i got salvation, concedring that as a life target.while taking exames of ninth class in 2008 i thought to do which may be helpful in future then i choosed it (o,level) because am a think tank, phelospher, artist, and writer who have been writting articals in newspapers since 2006. recentely i have taken two exams of o level in nev and dec examination, now i am hopefull, will be able to perform influintial charectristics with the help of brilliant colleagues and best teachers. GOD,s willing next time we will agglutinate to check the corruptions which are being comitted by criminal.may chastes keep it serve. good luck to all."
Name: zaeem yousaf
City, Country: lahore,pakistan

"Hey students i am doing my olevels. it is easy just needs some hard work dont think it is difficult be strong and clear it.GOD will help you... "
Name: habibdurrani
City, Country: multan,pakistan

"i m almost done with this o lvlz...cuz em in snr 2 city school...!!!!this is my last year nd it is quite difficult ..!"
Name: Rutaba
City, Country: nowshera

"plzz tell me difference between igcse and gce"
Name: Ahmad Shahbaz Khalid
City, Country: gujrat, Pakistan

"plz stop playing with the students come to one system of education the nation is totally confused where to go the schools are ripping up the pockets and student donot have a definate future."
Name: Ahsan
City, Country: lahore pakistan

City, Country: Karachi Pakistan

"dis report was written in 2009 now it is 2010 and i hav just started my olevels . i for one see no difference at all."
Name: maggy
City, Country: multan,pakistan

"why was classics removed from the o level subjects and classical civilisation from a level syllabus? both very essential subjects for literature students as well as interesting"
Name: raheela masood
City, Country: karachi pakistan

"This will be a good opportunity but they should have informed 2-3 years before. But still i am looking forward to it."
Name: Murtuza Khoso
City, Country: Karachi, Pakistan

"haha u naive people going after O and A levels all the time. Think about your country for once, both these O-levels and CIE Pakistani A levels are obsolete qualifications. They are not the same thing as the GCSE and Post Cirriculum 2000 A-levels offered in the UK. Its time we got rid of GCE O/A levels for good. In no other country is a foreign high school examination common to this extent"
Name: atif
City, Country: Islamabad, Pakistan

"hey........ i need the past papers of pak studies from 2007 to 2010....... can anybody provide me wid dis plz............. email me if smbodies interested in helping me.........."
Name: samar
City, Country: karachi pakistan

"AOA..Can u guys please help me in my biology paper..I am doing olevels..I have to appear in oct u guys have any idea ov it?"
Name: ansuh
City, Country: Karachi,pakistan

"The CIE ppl changed the pattern of urdu instead of providing sheet to write the answer for given comprehension they provided lines ?? they should hve at least done Leniency in the marking as we are the first batch to face this new change .are we screwed if we study so much and when we gettin limited space to write answer n when we write beyond that they deduct our scores!Im sorry to Say that its markin standards are Weird nd should be fair compared to other batches ! I hope they prove to be lenient in the May/June 2011 Papers But i am Dissapointed"
Name: Alia
City, Country: Riyadh,KSA

"A-0-A!im starting my IGCSE nd i want 2 know all the subjects(16) so that i can choose before going in IGCSE!!!!!!!!! plz reply soon! frm,"
Name: aizah
Email: aizah.malik@hotmail.comm
City, Country:

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