World Education News, August - September - October - November 2007

arrowUK universities rise up rankings
Britain's performance in a league table of the world's top universities has improved, but the US still more

arrowConcern at A-level 'dumbing down'
Repeated claims that A-levels have been dumbed down have seriously damaged public confidence in the system, according to the head of an exam more

arrowHow to apply yourself: Tips on writing CVs and application forms and preparing for interview
Take your starting point from the job to which you are applying. Good writing starts with the reader in mind; more

arrowGood Food, Good Grades
Here are few tips on what you serve your children for better examination more

arrowThe global demand for graduates
UK has slipped from 3rd place to 10th in terms of the proportion of young people completing a university education. It warns that the UK is likely to slip further more

arrowAdmission for Fall 2008? Your time starts NOW!
International students often underestimate the amount of time required to apply for admission to schools in the US. Avoid this more

arrow7 killed, dozens injured in fire at Moscow university
Fire broke out at a five-story university building in Moscow, killing at least seven people more

arrowReady, set, SAT
Worried about college entrance exams? Stress preparation and study skills now, so you don't get stressed out later. Here are some more

arrowUK learning exports 'worth 28bn'
The British Council said the UK needed to take education more seriously as a global business to avoid losing more

arrowVisa holders vie for graduate jobs
FINDING a job in highly competitive fields become harder for domestic graduates following moves by the Federal Government to make it much easier for overseas students in more

arrowPlagiarism is worldwide
Plagiarism is a universal problem that confronts universities worldwide. It not only happens in Taiwan and in Australia but is prevalent in the US, the UK and other parts of the more

arrowIslamist students 'spreading hate'
Radical international university students are posing a greater security threat than hardline sheiks by spreading extremist messages at Australian mosques and prayer more

arrowJNU to Target SAARC and Gulf Students
With not just Indians, but also foreign students and nonresident Indians (NRIs) aspiring to gain admission to Indian universities. Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), placed among the top 200 universities of the more

arrowOnline games become school lessons
Students in Pilot Math don't have to worry about getting a homework detention for watching YouTube when they're supposed to be studying more

arrowJunk sleep 'damaging teen health'
Too many teenagers are damaging their health by not getting enough sleep and by falling asleep with electrical gadgets on, researchers more

arrowVirginia Tech Criticized for Actions in Shooting
A state panel said university officials last April could have saved lives by notifying students and faculty members that there had been killings on more

arrowIndira, illiteracy and IT, that's 'I'ndia
In today's Information Age, no country can succeed economically without a population that is wholly more

arrowBoys 'less keen to be students'
About three-quarters (76%) of girls want to go to university compared with about two thirds of boys (67%).read more

arrowDo students need summer assignments?
Did your teachers ruin your, or your child's, summer vacation?. Examine some of the pluses and minuses of this more

arrowDeath to the SAT
Some interesting arguments about why the SAT should be more

arrowGCSE essays 'sickeningly violent'
Examiners have raised concerns over the amount of "sickeningly violent" content in students' creative coursework for their English more

arrowSettlement Offers Nearly $3M to Wronged SAT Takers
More than 4,400 students who received incorrect scores on a 2005 SAT exams are being offered a share of a $2.85 more

arrowUniversity teachers held in Bangladesh
Bangladesh security forces arrested four university professors who were allegedly active in protests that erupted into clashes with police and prompted a more

arrowRecord GCSEs mask poor results in Maths and English
The rise in A* and A grades at GCSE masks a relatively poor performance in English and particularly in more

arrowBangladesh hit by student riots
Dozens of students and police have been injured in two days of rioting on university campuses in more

arrowAustralian University plagiarists risk degrees
The University of New England will consider stripping students of their degrees if they are found to have cheated, following a spate of plagiarism in one of its masters more

arrowShaping your future
Looking for a job when you get out of college? Choosing the right major now improves your chances of finding a job later, an expert more

arrow$tudying in the US
Interested in studying in the United States but worried about cost? Well, there are financial aid options out more

arrowCollege Ratings Race Roars On Despite Concerns
U.S. News & World Report releases its rankings of America's top colleges, under attack as never before by college officials who accuse it of using dubious more

arrowVirginia Tech Increases Aid to Victims
Families of the Virginia Tech students and faculty members shot to death in April will receive more compensation than originally planned.. read more

arrowGet set to learn what university is all about
Watch out students! Project completion and deadlines are just around the corner as the universities in the UAE. read more

arrowWebcam improves interview skills
Recording mock interviews allows people to analyze their own body language, something they typically wouldn't notice. read more

arrowPrinceton tops US News rankings
Princeton holds the top spot in the latest U.S. News & World Report college rankings, the eighth straight year the private, New Jersey school has either tied or held the top slot outright. read more

arrowCollege rankings criticized
The rankings are facing vocal complaints this year from a group of colleges and educators working to develop an alternative to the system. read more

arrowIndian Schools Asked to Ban Junk Food
India's children are getting increasingly overweight and unhealthy and the government is asking schools to ban junk food.. read more

arrowNew Zealand now less competitive for foreign university students
New Zealand's exchange rate has pushed the cost of studying at this country's universities up to the same level as Australia and higher than more

arrow200 Teachers Needed in Prince George's County
Prince George's County Public Schools will start the academic year Monday with about 200 unfilled teaching positions, more

arrow'Boffin' gets seven As at A-level
A self-confessed "boffin" who got seven As in his A-levels has said he was expecting more

arrowPrivate schools show bigger gains
The government has been put on the spot by the news that the greatest gains in top A-level grades in recent years have been in private and grammar more

arrowIncrease in top grades at A-level
More than one in four UK A-level entries were awarded the top A grade this year, results more

arrowStudents need lessons on credit cards
The credit card is fast becoming as much a staple of college life as backpacks and school books. While the plastic may seem harmless enough (sometimes you just more

arrowA-Z of student finance
Managing money can be difficult for new students. Hilary Osborne shows how to make your cash go that little bit more

arrowPupils take steps to beat obesity
A report has called for car exclusion zones around schools to help tackle global warming and obesity, more

arrowSome American Universities Adopt New Admissions Test Policies
more than 700 colleges and universities in the United States no longer require applicants to submit standardized test more

arrowHow New Arabic School Aroused Old Rivalries
The founding principal of the school, known as the Khalil Gibran, resigned under pressure after defending the word "intifada" as a T-shirt slogan. read more

arrowFewer teens achieve maths target
The proportion of 14-year-olds in England reaching the required standard in maths tests fell slightly this more

arrowIn Study Abroad, Gifts and Money for Universities
At many campuses, study abroad programs are run by multiple companies and nonprofit institutes that offer colleges generous perks to sign up more

arrowWhy do Indian Muslims lag behind?
As historians tell it, during India's first election in 1952, Jawaharlal Nehru was already worrying about the feeble representation of more

arrowA-levels 'will not be scrapped'
Suggestions that A-levels are to be scrapped in favour of qualifications combining vocational and academic elements have been more

arrow32,000 schools don't have a single student in India
These institutions, 48 per cent of which are primary schools, are located mostly in rural areas and are in the public more

arrowUK airport bomber was a student
HE WAS the face of the foiled terrorist attack on Scotland, a man engulfed in fire who raged against police and members of the public more

arrowIndonesia's Islamic boarding schools defy stereotypes
When Pakistan's army stormed an Islamabad mosque housing a radical Islamic school last month, it raised questions in more

arrowAcademic study 'not always best'
Parents should encourage teenagers to pursue a wider range of courses, not just academic more

arrowWondering why your UK study visa application was rejected? We asked the experts...
British Council, Karachi, and different consultancy agencies have pointed out seven tips for a successful UK study visa more