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Frequently asked question for Pakistan Air Force
  1. I have been rejected twice by Inter Services Selection Board besides my outstanding educational achievements. Now I have completed my Master. Do I have another chance to apply for commissioning in Pakistan Air Force (PAF)?
    Yes, you have another chance to apply for commissioning in PAF as an SPSSC officer only. You can get further details from nearest Information & Selection centre.

  2. I have done my A-level from a foreign country. I have a great passion to join Armed Forces. Can I apply for a commission in PAF?
    Yes, you can apply for commission in General Duty Pilot GD(P) and Engineering Branches of the PAF.

  3. I am 35 years old and working in a company as an accountant. Is there any place for me in Accounts Branch of PAF?
    No, you cannot apply in Accounts Branch of the PAF, because of crossing age limit.

  4. I am a student of 8th class and want to become a fighter pilot in future. Guide me, how can I plan to fulfil my dreams?
    You may contact your nearest PAF Information & Selection Centre for guidance.

  5. I have dual nationality. I want to serve in PAF. How can I join PAF and what will be the terms and conditions regarding nationality?
    You may contact your nearest PAF Information & Selection centre. You have to surrender your foreign nationality, after your selection and before joining the PAF.

  6. What is meant by SPSSC and PC types of commission?
    SPSSC stands for 'Special Purposes Short Service Commission' and PC refers to 'Permanent Commission'. The selection of SPSSC officers is carried out by AHQ Selection Board for an initial period of five years extendable to ten years. The commission may lead to PC if the candidate is found suitable later on. The selection of PC officers is carried out through ISSB.

  7. I have heard good reputation of PAF Schools/Colleges. How can my children get admission in any one of them?
    You may simply contact to your nearest PAF School/College for admission.

  8. I have done Master in IT. Shall I be given any seniority over candidates having bachelor degree in IT?
    No. Seniority is given on the basis of experience and ability displayed during interview by AHQ Selection Board.

  9. What are the facilities and benefits offered by PAF to officers and airmen?
    The following facilities and benefits are offered to officers in PAF: Officers
    (a)Training and posting on different state of the art aircraft
    (b)Internationally recognized courses
    (c)Inland and abroad courses and deputation/secondments
    (d)Additional flying allowance (for GD Officers only) besides the normal pay to pilots and navigators
    (e)Free medical treatment for family and parents
    (f)Free accommodation (for bachelors), servant (for married) and 50% concession in travelling by train/air
    (g)Membership for Air Force Officers Housing Scheme

    (a)Free Messing, accommodation and uniform during service
    (b)Award of Diploma of Associate Engineering for Technical Trades and certificate equivalent to intermediate for non technical trades after successful completion of required training
    (c)Free medical treatment for family and parents during service and after retirement
    (d)Quality Educational facilities in PAF schools/Colleges for wards
    (e)50% concessional fare for travelling by train and air
    (f)Opportunity for deputation and courses abroad
    (g)Opportunity for rehabilitation after retirement through Shaheen Foundation
    (h)Additional allowance for Air Crew and Special Force
    (i)Various allowances announced by the Govt from time to time

  10. What is the selection procedure for admission in PAF Public School, Sargodha and Lower Topa (Murree)?
    A comprehensive advertisement is published in all the leading News papers of the country regarding admission in PAF Public School, Sargodha and PAF Public School, Lower Topa. Brochures are also available at PAF Public School Sargodha and Lower Topa.

  11. What are the required Graduate and Post Graduate qualifications to join PAF as an officer?
    BA, B Sc, B Com, BBA, MA, M Sc, MBA and BE in any discipline.

  12. In which branches of PAF, females can join as commissioned officer ?
    Currently the following branches are available in PAF for ladies to become an officer. However, the induction is carried out on requirement basis:-
    • Logistics
    • Education
    • Information Technology
    • Accounts

  13. How much weightage is given to the candidates in lieu of relevant experience of civil environment?
    Due weightage is given to the candidates according to the relevant experience of civil environment in officers cadre. In airmen cadre, weightage is given in the following fields:- Diploma Holders in Medical, Nursing for allocation of Medical trade. Computer Diploma Holders and level of experience helps them in induction to the Data process Assistant trade. Diploma and work experience in the field of Accounts and Commerce get the weightage to induct them in Accounts Trade of PAF. B. Ed candidates are given the due preference in Edu Insts Cadre. Diploma in Associate Engineers in the fields of Electronics, Electrical etc, provides the direct induction in the higher ranks of the PAF in airmen cadre. Proficiency and experience in the field of sports, provides a chance to be the members of the PAF Sports teams.

  14. I am married to a foreign national. Can I apply for commission in PAF?
    Candidates married to a foreign national cannot apply for commission in PAF.

  15. How can I download the deeds of martyrs of PAF along with their photographs?
    You can download from the website of the PAF. You may also try for downloading required information.

  16. From where can I get calendars, posters and photographs etc about PAF?
    Please contact nearest PAF Information & Selection Centre for getting the desired material.

  17. What is the minimum and maximum age limits for joining PAF as officer and airman?
    Age limits are given as follows:
    • For Officers Cadres
      • GD(P) / CAE 16 to 22 years
      • Other Ground Branches 18 to 30 years
      • Religious Officers 21 to 35 years
      • Legal Branch 21 to 30 years
      • Special Purpose Short Service Commission 18 to 30 years
    • For Airmen Cadres
      • Aero Technician 15 to 19 years
      • Aero Support 16 to 22 years
      • Education Instructor 22 to 28 years
      • Religious Teachers 25 to 35 years

  18. Which engineering qualifications are accepted in PAF?
    All disciplines of Engineering are accepted in the PAF depending upon requirement.

  19. Which department of PAF deals with media? How can we access the required personnel?
    Directorate of Public Relations, Air HQ, Islamabad & Directorate of Recruitment (Publicity Section), AHQ, Peshawar deal with Electronic / Print media.

  20. Are degrees of private Universities acceptable in PAF. If yes then which Universities are recognized?
    All degrees awarded by the Universities and recognized by Higher Education Commission are acceptable.

  21. Is there any chance of acquiring higher qualifications after joining PAF?
    Yes, in PAF, there are more chances to acquire the higher qualification:- Through National Education Institutions with the prior permission of PAF. Through the service requirements and on job training in different categories.

  22. What are the career prospects for an SPSSC officer?
    For SPSSC officer, there are bright career prospects.

  23. My eyesight is minutely weak. I want to become a pilot. Is it possible for me to do so? If no then what is the other option?
    No, you cannot become a pilot. However, you can apply for Ground Branches of PAF.

  24. I have done electrical engineering. I have a passion to join PAF. Are there any career prospects for me in PAF regarding my profession?
    Yes, bright career prospects for your qualification are available in PAF.

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