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MBBS / BDS Admission at Abbotabad International Medical College

Admission Rules
  1. Applicants seeking admission in the MBBS/BDS must have passed the intermediate School Certificate, F.Sc (Pre medical) of the Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education or of a university in Pakistan in first division securing at least 660 marks i.e. 60% or above marks. Students seeking admission who possess a qualification from a foreign university or college/school which in scope and standard is found equivalent to the F.Sc(Pre medical) examination of Pakistan, such as the British GCE, 'A' levels or the American /Canadian High School Examination etc, are also eligible to apply.
  2. According to PMDC rules the condition of first division is not mandatory for the admission to BDS course.
  3. Equivalence of foreign qualification with the Secondary School Certificate (F.Sc) is judged by the Inter-Board Committee of Chairman, House 342, Street 97, G-9/4 Islamabad. (Phones: 051-2853100, 2853242,2852041)
  4. It will be the responsibility of the applicant to obtain equivalent certificate from the Inter Board Committee of Chairman, Islamabad. Equivalent certificate of such a candidate will not be accepted if he/she has not studied the subjects of Physics, Biology, Chemistry and English in his/her 11th and 12th years of studies. In case there is no mention of the marks in the certificate of the candidate issued by the Inter Board Committee of Chairman Islamabad, the conversion of marks will be assessed and decided by the Admission Selection Committee of the college.
  5. After the college entry test, successful short listed applicants are called for interview by the Admission Selection Committee.
  6. Admission will be provisional. All particulars, certificates or any other documents submitted with the admission form will be subject to verification, Any candidate whose documents are found to be incorrect or forged in any way or whose authentication is doubtful, will not be granted admission or struck off from the college rolls even if the candidate has been granted admission. A student can be removed from the college by the Principal at any time during the course of his/her studies if incorrect or wrong documents are found to have been submitted by such a candidate or his/her parents or guardian at the the time of admission. No show cause notice will be necessary for such an action under this rule, nor would the principal or any other authority be liable for damages for any action taken under this rule.
  7. The admission fee, tuition fee and other dues will not be refunded to those students whose admission has been cancelled or who leave the college for any other reason what so ever.
  8. Admission will automatically close, 60 days after the start of the academic session.
  9. Applicants reporting for interview/admission should preferably be accompanied by their parents. In case both the parents have expired their real elder brother/sister or guardian should accompany them. They should bring their Identity cards or the copy of their parent's Identity card if they are less than 18 years of age.
  10. The minimum age for admission is seventeen years and maximum twenty five years according to PMDC rules.
Entry test and selection
To determine merit for admission an entry test is held.

The entry test is an objective type test of multiple choice question in the subjects of English, Chemistry. Biology and Physics. There are 110 questions, 25 each from the above subjects and 10 general knowledge and aptitude test questions. For each question, 4 possible answers are given. The candidate selects one answer. Every correct reply scores 4 marks and for every wrong answer one mark is deducted. A blank reply carries no marks. Marks gained in the entry test. F.Sc, Matriculation and interview have the following weight age towards assessing entry test merit.
  • Entry test 40%
  • F.Sc. Pre-Medical 40%
  • Matriculation 10%
  • Interview 10%
The date of the test and interview is communicated only to those applicants who fulfill the basic requirements for admission.
  1. On receipt, the applications are scrutinized and those candidate found suitable are invited for the entry test.
  2. A preliminary merit list is prepared. Based on this merit list, the top 150 students are invited for interview.
  3. Final Merit list is prepared after adding the marks of the interview.
  4. Successful candidates are asked to report for admission.

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