Dear Students
This is a Self-Access Package (SAP) to help you deal with the New Course in English "INTERACT IN ENGLISH", a new strategy for learning.

Here are some worries expressed by students of 'Mushroomed' language centres after completing their language course.

Interact in English

"How have we been learning English?
The following are some of the activities we may have been practising in the class rooms.
  • Learning literature thoroughly.
  • Learning structures.
  • translating for understanding.
  • drilling grammar rules.
  • testing grammar through isolated sentences.
What our teachers have been doing!
  • Making students listen to them.
  • Dictating answers to ensure correct responses.

These practices were based on certain, beliefs about language teaching in vogue in different decades. In the past it was believed that one could learn the use of language by getting the knowledge of the structures and vocabulary. Little attention was paid to the actual use of the language in the real world. We all have experienced that, at its best, these techniques, drawn from various approaches, gave the learner the ability to produce grammatically accurate sentences but without the ability to use the language effectively for communication.

How is the New Course "INTERACT IN ENGLISH" different?
IT :
  • is based on the needs of the students and develops their language skills.
  • uses and extracts from real life situations.
  • is learner centred/learner active.
  • provides a number of opportunities for students to speak English.
  • helps the learner to become self-reliant.
  • provides opportunities for students to interact in groups and pairs.
  • promotes the students ability to communicate.
  • involves learners in more meaningful tasks.
  • makes use of audio tapes to develop listening skills.
  • sees the teacher as a manager of learning.

What is the Communicative approach ?
The communicative approach is a way of teaching English in which students learn to communicate naturally and confidently. This means that they develop the skill to read, write, speak and listen to English in real life situations.

"INTERACT IN ENGLISH" is based on the `Communicative Approach (for further elaboration please contact me at my phone numbers given below.)

The new role of the teacher:
  • Does not dominate the class.
  • Sets up learning activities and tasks, thus provides opportunities for students active involvement.
  • Acts as a guide and advisor wherever necessary but does not constantly interfere.
  • Acts as a facilitator - making learning possible.

The new role of the student:
  • No longer a passive listener.
  • Takes an active part in class room activities.
  • Is encouraged to become self-reliant.
  • Finds learning meaningful since it is based on real needs.

The new role of Examinations :
  • Do not test memory.
  • Test communication skills in English.

Words by teacher:
I make a promise to each of my students that every effort will be made to ensure the highest standard of tuition possible. It's not enough to just 'teach' you, I want to help English become yours!.

Saima Naseem Khan



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