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NED financial crisis | Lecturer jobs

Severe financial crisis threatens survival of NED varsity: VC
Karachi, Aug 22: Starting its new session with a deficit of Rs940 million, the NED University is bracing to face tough days ahead.

The university's newly appointed vice chancellor fears that painful decisions such as freezing salaries, deferring allowances, and stopping the recruitment of non-teaching staff will have to be made. Moreover, the university will increase the number of self-financed seats.

This was shared at the 21st Senate meeting of the NED University where its officials, robed in green, discussed crucial issues - from amendments to the university law to addressing the fiscal deficit which the public sector universities across the country are facing.

The deficit has been caused by the delay in the release of grants by the Higher Education Commission. Officials at the HEC blame the delay on the finance department which has failed to provide the commission its rightful share of funds.

As early as 2007-08, the university showed a financial surplus of Rs4535 million. After this, the fiscal deficit has gradually increased over the years. In the year ended 2011-12, the deficit amounted to Rs603.63 million. When 2012-13 ended, the deficit reached Rs918.125 million.But the officials say that on the bright side, the deficit increased only by two percent due to the management's efficient financial policies.

To salvage the university from its current financial mess, a crisis management committee has been formed by the vice chancellor, Prof Dr Abdul Haque. As an initial step, Chief Minister Qaim Ali Shah - also an alumnus of the university - has approved a special grant of Rs250 million.

The university has accumulated liabilities amounting to Rs1.30 billion. The vice chancellor demanded at the meeting that the university be provided with a bailout package of Rs1.30 billion that can be paid back in installments.

The university is also contacting its alumni through various platforms to come to its aid in the form of endowment funds and scholarships.

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NED to restore 1,400 heritage buildings
Karachi: The NED University of Engineering and Technology has identified over 1,400 heritage buildings across Karachi for preservation and restoration through community funding.

The heritage cell at the university's architecture department has recently introduced community-based preservation projects in three areas: Napier Road, Burns Road and Sarai Road.

"These three locations have been selected initially as they are affected by a multitude of problems," said Dr Noman Ahmed, a professor and the chairman of the architecture and planning department at the NED University.

"The most prominent problems include physical encroachments, solid waste which is generally uncollected, disorganised parking, illegal additions to heritage buildings, failing sewerage systems and the public generally disinterested in revitalisation of their neighbourhoods."

While the Sindh Culture Department has notified protected heritage buildings according to scientific procedures, it has not been able to provide any assistance or technical support to the owners or occupants in improving their heritage buildings or the surrounding environment.

"The restoration project," Ahmed said, "aims to create wide scale awareness about heritage buildings through effective methods of communication."

The architecture department has specially designed brochures and communication literature in different languages and distributed them among the various categories of users of public heritage at different sites. Field workers have also carried out different sessions with the occupants of heritage buildings.

As an initial step towards implementation, a community-based solid waste management plan has been introduced in the Burns Road area to maintain cleanliness in the neighbourhoods.

Ahmed said that officers of the Karachi Metropolitan Corporation had also been engaged in the dialogue for assistance. "We are hopeful that if the various stages of the plan are implemented, the project can serve as a useful model for replication in other parts of the city and beyond," he added.

When asked how many heritage buildings had been identified, the professor claimed that restoration and preservation of over 1,400 buildings would be carried out through funds generated through the community.

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4,000 lecturer posts vacant, minister tells PA
Lahore: Education Minister Rana Mashud during assembly proceedings on Tuesday claimed that as many as 4,000 posts of lecturers were lying vacant in the Higher Education department owing to incapacity of the Punjab Public Service Commission to make such massive recruitments.

Responding to the queries of members in the provincial assembly here , Education Minister Rana Mashud stated the provincial government was generously providing funds to the educational institutions to equip them with necessary wherewithal and removing missing facilities. He claimed that the Higher Education Department had made allocation of Rs 215 million during the financial year 2013-14 for missing/additional facilities for catering the requirements of existing colleges including, commerce colleges in Punjab. He admitted that there were a number of posts of lecturers were lying vacant in different colleges owing to delay making recruitments by the PPSC. He claimed that PPSC was already overburdened with work so the department was waiting in wings for filling in the vacant posts. He claimed that they had been consistently conveying to the PPSC for expediting the process of recruitments so that they could fill in the vacant posts.

Following response from the education minister, Speaker Rana Iqbal directed him to contact with the Punjab Public Service Commission chairman for expediting the process of recruitment of lecturers as the absence of such a huge number of lecturers from colleges was causing national loss. Rana Mashud claimed that the provincial government was brining new education policy within three to four months after the local government polls. He claimed that they were bringing new system of District Education Authorities which would be responsible for making recruitments, transfers and postings at the district level. He claimed that DEA would ensure the postings of teachers close to their residences to avoid the issue of their repeated transfers and postings.

Responding to another query, Education Minister Rana Mashud claimed that the incumbent government had initiated the process of knitting the service structure and service rules for college libraries in the Higher Education Department. He stated they had moved the summary to the Finance Department for further process. The Finance Department had raised some objection on the summary which had been removed. He claimed that they were awaiting final nod from the Finance Department following which they would send it to the Chief Minister for final approval. Punjab Assembly Speaker Rana Iqbal directed the education minister to convey to the Finance Department to expedite the process for providing better service structure to the employees without any delay.

Rana Mashud claimed that the previous government had evolved a policy that the Education Department could not establish any new degree college within the radius of five kilometres. He claimed the policy was a hurdle in establishing new colleges or granting status of degree colleges to intermediate schools. Nevertheless, he assured the Speaker that they were revising this policy. The Education minister claimed that they were now moving towards introducing the concept of digital libraries in colleges and universities, terming it a revolutionary step. A female member from PPP, Faiza Ahmed Malik claimed that the Vice Chancellor Lahore College for Women University had made a recruitment of director Syed Muhhamad Rizvi in violation of rules and regulations. She claimed Syed Ali Muhammad Rizvi had neither the relevant degree nor experience while his recruitment was made without properly advertising the post in the media nor sought its approval from the university syndicate meeting. She further alleged that the LCWU VC had made most of the recruitments in violation of rules and merit and the appointment of Syed Ali Muhammad Rizvi had already been challenged in the court.

Following queries from Faiza Malik, the Education minister claimed that recruitment case of Syed Ali Muhammad Rizvi was a subjudice matter so they could not hold debate on it in the assembly. He claimed that he would seek record of recruitments from the LCWU and examine them. If found anything against the rules, he would adopt strict measures against those responsible, he said, making it clear that he would not spare any official of his department if he was providing wrong or misleading answers in the assembly. The news

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Junior teacher made acting VC of UAF
Faisalabad: A junior professor has been appointed the acting vice-chancellor of the University of Agriculture in the presence of senior professors.

Vice-Chancellor Dr Iqrar Ahmed left the country a few days ago and appointed Prof Dr Munir Ahmad Sheikh, dean of the Faculty of Sciences and belonging to the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, as acting VC. Dr Sheikh is considered a close associate of Dr Ahmed. They said earlier a senior professor was appointed acting VC wheever the VC was away.

Sources said Faculty of Agriculture Dean Prof Dr Mohammad Arshad was the senior-most professor, National Institute of Food Science and Technology Director General Prof Dr Faqir Mohammad Anjum was the second most senior professor and Faculty of Animal Husbandry Department of Poultry Science Chairman Prof Dr Ahsanul Haq was third in line. Dr Sheikh was number 9 or 10 on the seniority list.

The University Act provided nothing on the appointment of an acting VC, however, it was a decades-old tradition that the senior most professor looked after the university affairs in the absence of a VC.

During his last foreign trip a few months ago, Dr Ahmed had appointed another junior professor Dr Zafar Iqbal as the acting VC, who was even junior to Dr Sheikh.

The sources said earlier even the appointment of a dean was the privilege of the Punjab governor, who was chancellor of the university. How Dr Ahmed could appoint an acting dean on his own, they questioned. They asked when a junior professor could not be the dean of any faculty how a junior professor could serve as the acting VC. They said the issue would be brought into the notice of the chancellor.

Acting VC Dr Munir Sheikh said that he was not aware of the rules for appointment of an acting VC and the incumbent VC Dr Iqrar Ahmed could explain better. He said he had been appointed acting VC for the first time and it was the prerogative of the incumbent VC to appoint a dean the acting VC.

UAF spokesman Dr Jalal Arif said when the request for the appointment for acting VC was filed a senior professor (a regular dean) had applied for a one-month leave. So the regular professor/dean next in line of seniority was appointed by the chancellor.

Commenting on the stance of the spokesman, an associate professor said the chancellor was the guardian of rules and regulations and he could not appoint a junior professor as acting VC in the presence of senior professors. He alleged the administration officials were using the chancellor's name to hush up the matter.

He said the pick-and-choose policy of the university administration had been creating unrest on the campus that was also a mockery of the Punjab government's slogan of good governance. Dawn

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Froebel's opens its second campus in capital
Islamabad: Froebel's International School (FIS) has opened its second campus in the capital, says a press release.

Now in over three decades it has expanded to seven campuses in five cities Islamabad, Lahore, Faisalabad, Rawalpindi and Wah.

FIS was established in 1975 with its first campus in Islamabad. FIS follows the International Primary Curriculum from early years upwards and (IGCSE) O levels and (GCE) A levels through Edexcel International and Cambridge International Examinations.

Froebelians learn to challenge their critical thinking abilities from their time spent at school. They continue to do so during their university years, after which they emerge as conscientious professionals who take pride in their local and global citizenship.

Froebel's International School is committed to providing; A stimulating and comprehensive programme of studies through which students are inspired to achieve their greatest potential and adapt to a diverse and ever-changing society; A dedicated management, professional faculty and administration who will encourage students to love learning, take appropriate risks, and accept challenges; A caring and respectful environment within which each student feels valued and develops the understanding that diversity of gender, physical or mental ability, culture and background are strengths to be appreciated; Character education so as to develop confident, resilient students equipped with the disposition to become personally fulfilled interdependent, socially responsible adults.

FIS aims to instil character-building values within each student, along with civic responsibility and a zest for academia. Our forward-thinking approach within the triumvirate partnership between the school, students and parents credits its success to a winning combination of commitment, integrity and perseverance.

Head Principal, while speaking on the occasion, said, "We are committed to disseminating quality education, an intuitive and interactive environment which will enable us as an institution to build future leadership in all disciplines of life". The news

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