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Battlefield at Punjab University

IJT, USF scuffle leaves 10 injured
Lahore, Dec 4: Around 200 Punjab University (PU) students staged a protest against the Islami Jamiat-e-Talaba (IJT), after 10 students were injured in crossfire between the IJT and the United Students Federation (USF) on Wednesday.

While both parties alleged that they did not initiate the scuffle, Muslim Town Police registered a case against the IJT activists on the complaint of USF activists. The gunfight was caused by a struggle by both parties to occupy the PU hostels.

Incident: Tensions between the IJT and the USF resulted in a gunfight at PU hostel number 16. Iqbal Town Division Superintendent of Police Suhail Chaudhry said that the USF lodged a protest against the IJT, and blocked the road for two hours. He said that the protesting USF activists demanded the arrest of those IJT members who thrashed two USF members some two days back. He said that the students dispersed from the scene after recording their protest, adding that the IJT activists retaliated by staging a protest soon afterwards at the same place and blocked the road. He said that the IJT activists dispersed from the scene as soon as police officials arrived. He said that more than 100 IJT activists reached hostel number 16 and fired at USF activists, adding that two USF activists suffered bullet injuries while eight were injured in the scuffle that followed. The injured were rushed to a nearby hospital where two of them were declared in critical condition. He said that the police had registered a case against IJT members on the complaint of USF members.

Consequently, around 200 PU students organised a rally at the PU Law College only hours after the incident. The protesting students gathered and marched towards various departments of the varsity. Protesters were holding banners and posters, which contained slogans against IJT activists. The protesters claimed that the IJT activists opened fire on PU students, mainly belonging to the USF. The protesting students finally gathered at Campus Bridge and blocked the road for over three hours. A heavy contingent of the police reached the scene and failed to disperse the protesters.

Statements: Muhammad Ahsan, a student of PU Institute of Administrative Sciences (IAS), said that two USF members, Asad Gujjar and Mazhar Khan, suffered bullet injuries. He said that those injured included Ali Ahsan Warriach, Khuram Shahzad Butt, Atif Naeem, Raj Shjar Abass, Azher Subhani, Ali Abass Shah and Almas.

He said that IJT activists entered his room and attacked him along with his friends. He said that they used pistols and ammunition to scare rivals, and issued murder threats to various students present. He demanded Governor Salmaan Taseer take action against those responsible. He said that a case had been registered against Sabir Shah, Hafiz Farhan Ahmed, Abdul Majir, Ghazi Butt, Ziaullah, Usman Hailey and some unidentified IJT members. The Insaf Students Federation (ISF) condemned the IJT attacks. PU ISF convener Kamram Khan said that he would not allow anyone to convert PU hostels into terrorist headquarters. He said that owing to PU administrations' wrong policies, the lives of students were at risk. He demanded the PU vice-chancellor to take action against those responsible.

PU Student Advisor Dr Makshoof Ahmed said that he informed the police of the elements involved in the incident. He said that the varsity administration was taking steps to eradicate the university of such elements.

IJT denies involvement: In order to counter the cases registered against them, the Islami Jamiat-e-Talaba (IJT) held a press conference that was chaired by IJT Nazim for PU Qaiser Sharif. Qaiser alleged that the USF had been divided into two different groups. He alleged that the clash took place between the two groups of the USF, and denied any involvement of IJT in the mishap.

Taseer orders action against hooligans in PU
Lahore: Governor Salmaan Taseer on Wednesday directed the Punjab inspector general (IG) and the vice-chancellor of the Punjab University (PU) to take legal action against those involved in the torture of PU students. He ordered this while visiting the university's injured students at the Jinnah Hospital. He said that the police had found the involvement of a religious organisation in violence. He ordered IG Shaukat Javed to present a report to him within 24 hours and establish a police checkpost in the university, if needed. He also told the IG to launch a crackdown in the university to expel illegal occupants from hostels. Taseer said that he and the Punjab chief minister were unanimously against any kind of hooliganism in the university. Daily Times

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"no doubtIJT hooliganism has turned the campus into an hell,, the recent event of violence by its hooligans is worst of its type,,,they are the hypcritic people,, they mislead the media and common people by making false and baseless hypocritic statements...........their role in the punjab univeristy is similar as of MQM in karachi univeristy."
Name: ahmad
City, Country:lahore,pakistan

"What going on in campus shamful, but the sad point of the matter is that university administration become a party. Administration is not acting catalyst. The whole game seems as to crush one group. The incident happened in last month one activist of IJT beaten by USF student and university administration released picture of kamran mujahid with those student involved in beating IJT people. I am sure if university administration remain impartial the situation would be calm. If administration will act like party and continue favouring a group (USF) situation would not settele down."
Name: ALI
City, Country:Lahore,pakistan

"It is sure that ISLAMI JAMIAT TALBA,is a religious and student welfare organization.anyone can study its history.i think IJT is not involved in this case but the GOVERNOR PUNJAB AND UNIVERSITY ADMINISTRATION ARE trying to involve IJT.YOU CAN THINK OF GOVERNOR PUNJAB VISIT TO USF SYUDENTS AT JINNAH HOSPITAL."
Name: sajid
City, Country:Lahore,pakistan

"IJT is a party who is spreading terrorism by using the name of peaceful religion islam. They are trying to push back every sound that will come against to the so called policies oj jamiat which is totally irrelevant from the religious and moral aspects. theyare just beast. there is no humanity in the members of IJT. they are are totally unaware of the teaching of Islam as well as Civilzed society. In the matter firing it is 100% sure that it is done by the so called Muslims. who are animal in nature."
Name: Ra
City, Country:Lahore,pakistan

"Islami Jamiat Talaba is a religious and welfare organization. It is for the betterment of the students but some anti islamic organizations like MQM did not like it. Without Jamiat we are not able to send our sisters daughters in university. Due to Jamiat there is specially in Punjab University Lahore Old campus and also New Campus very nice envoironment. Every nice person must love jamiat but every bad guy must hate Jamiat. Sardar Ishtiaq Nasir, Hafeez Tahir, Azhar Baloch, Haji Ayub, Salman Bhi, Rana Zahid Navid, Rana Asif, Ali waraich and all other students of Jamiat are very nice by character and on nice jobs due to Islami Jamiat Talaba guidence and character building programmes and taraining. So, please if your are a student of Punjab University must join IJT for your character building. Thanks."
Name: Muhammad Azhar Baloch
City, Country: Riyadh Saudi Arabia

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Violence on campus
Lahore: The case involving the beating and torture of a student at a Punjab University hostel is a grave one. Though it has denied involvement, the Islami Jamiat-e-Tulaba (IJT) seems to be behind the incident. The handful of persons against whom a case has been registered are all reported to be affiliated with the group. These persons, who included at least one 'non-student', entered a hostel at the University New Campus and began beating up the president of the United Students Federation (USF), a group opposed to the IJT. Students who attempted to defend him were roughed up and blindfolded, in what appeared to be a kidnapping attempt. One was seriously injured and had to be taken to hospital. The culprits then fled. The police have so far failed to apprehend them.

The unsavoury incident is a part of the IJT's increasingly desperate efforts to retain its hold on the PU. Over the past year, this hold has been challenged by rival student groups determined to end the IJT's long reign of terror. During this time, the group has attempted to impose its own harsh code of morality on the institute, preventing theatrical functions from being staged and threatening male students socializing with female peers. The fact that a great many students oppose the IJT and its thuggish behaviour has been clear. Several hundred students blocked the road after the attack on the hostel to protest the incident. Since 2007, there has also been a greater willingness by University authorities to take on the IJT. This latest outrage demonstrates why it is essential that they succeed in this. As a place of learning, the PU must be rescued from the IJT which has suffocated life within it for far too long. This has affected both academic and co-curricular life on the campus. Many of the best teachers have already left due to this environment. The police too must play a part in ensuring that those behind the latest act of violence are apprehended and a clear message sent out that such criminals will not be allowed to go unpunished.

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Language courses at Punjab University Lahore: The Punjab University Oriental College has announced that one-year diploma in many Oriental and European languages, which were taught only at the Allama-Iqbal (Old) Campus of the college, are now also offered at the Quaid-e-Azam Campus (New Campus) on the old premises of the College of Earth and Environmental Sciences (CEES).

According to a press release here on Wednesday, German, Arabic, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, Turkish, Italian and Persian classes are offered in the afternoon sessions and they are open to all, including the registered students of the University of the Punjab. The first session of the Language-Diploma course saw a huge interest by the student community and over 240 students were registered for various languages within a few days.

The PU students welcomed the courses as they were able to easily integrate the study of various languages into their existing timetables.

Faculty of Oriental Learning Dean Prof Dr Muhammad Saleem Mazhar said the learning of foreign languages was indeed important especially for the student community to enhance their capabilities in an ever-growing competitive environment.

Oriental College Principal Prof Dr Mazhar Moeen said that this was just beginning; the infrastructure was now in place to keep these courses running and even expanding at the New Campus. The News

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18 female teachers threaten suicide: A Matter of four-month salary
Gujranwala: Eighteen female teachers of the Municipal Girls School have threatened to commit suicide if they are not paid their four-month salary before Eidul Azha.

At a meeting held here on Wednesday presided over by Punjab Municipal Teachers Union President Rana Iqbal, the teachers said they were facing acute financial crunch owing to non-payment of their salaries.

They said their salaries were withheld without any justification by the school administration, which was causing a great deal of inconvenience to them and their dependents. Dawn

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