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Khyber Medical College | Two-year degree programme

Dr Bangash refutes allegations of veiled girl
Peshawar, Dec 28: Dr Rahim Bangash, professor of anatomy in the Khyber Medical College (KMC), finally broke his silence and categorically denied what he termed 'baseless allegations' of thrashing a female student of the college and said some people had launched a campaign to tarnish his image. "I remained silent as I didn't consider it an issue because to me all my students are equal to my children. But now when some negative-minded people launched a spiteful propaganda against me, I decided on the advice of my doctor colleagues to clarify my position," Prof Dr Rahim Bangash said in a statement issued to the media on Sunday.

He said that he has been in teaching profession for the last 28 years and had taught a large number of students, including those coming in proper veil and Hijab or purdah. "As it is the personal affair of the students, I never interfered or tried to influence anyone. I preferred to teach rather than practice as a surgeon to benefit the medical students," he said. He recalled that on the day of the incident, which some people made an issue for their vested interests, the discussion on the issue started only as an academic point and medical ethics.

"I only wanted to say that medical profession demands a lot of physical involvement of doctors with the patients. I told them that those observing purdah find it hard to deal with male patients in our society. Unfortunately, the reaction of one foreign student of Pakistani-origin, who is a Canadian national, and unaware of the local traditions of Pakhtun culture regarding the student-teacher relationship, got involved in a very unruly discussion. She snatched the microphone from my hand and started addressing the class and exaggerated the issue. To conclude the discussion I asked her to return the microphone whereas she was reluctant," Dr Rahim Bangash explained.

He regretted that in that process the female student staggered and lost her balance."I never slapped or even tried to remove her veil, for which I have been blamed but rather asked her to leave the class," he claimed.Dr Bangash said he had already clarified his position to the inquiry committee constituted for this purpose.

"In spite of my clarification to the committee, a certain group continues to malign and insult me through different means of propaganda. Through this statement, I want to communicate to the media and request it to find out the reality that I never got involved in discussion of veil before during my 28 years of teaching career. By the grace of Allah, I am a sincere Muslim and cannot even think of using insulting or derogatory remarks against my own religion Islam. I advise the students not to fall prey to the political propaganda and insult the teaching community as it is bringing a bad name to the medical profession and our historic institution," Dr Rahim Bangash stressed.

He said he considered the event that was exaggerated due to the immaturity of his dear students as an insult to the community of teachers.

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"Dr Raheem should treated Like Governor Taseer, He is secholler and agent of USA and working in Peshawar for promoting unislamic agenda."
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Govt considering KMC inquiry committee's report
Peshawar: The committee set up to probe the incident in which a first year, veil-wearing student Misbah Syed had alleged that she was humiliated and slapped by her teacher Dr Rahim Bangash at the Khyber Medical College (KMC) has completed its work and the report is now with the provincial government.

When approached, the KMC Principal Dr Ejaz Hassan Khan said the committee's report had been sent to the concerned authorities and it was now up to the government to take action on it.

He said that the inquiry committee included Prof Dr Liaqat Ali, Prof Dr Humayun Khan, Prof Dr Mir Sahib Shah, Prof Dr Jamshed and Prof Dr Bushra Iftikhar. He added that six senior teachers having expertise in Islamic issues including Prof Hafiz Abdul Ghafoor and Prof Merajul Islam from the University of Peshawar were co-opted as members of the committee to give opinion whether blasphemous words were used as alleged by the student.

The incident on December 12 had triggered protests, mostly by students and political activists belonging to the Islamic groups demanding inquiry and action against Dr Rahim Bangash, who teaches at the anatomy department of the Khyber Medical College. Misbah Syed later addressed a news conference at the Peshawar Press Club and made severe allegations against Dr Rahim Bangash.

Her father, who had rushed from Sharjah where he is working, to Peshawar after the incident accompanied Misbah Syed, who is a Canadian national, when she spoke to reporters in Pashto, Urdu and English while wearing her veil. She claimed to be in possession of video-footage and audio recording providing her claim that Dr Rahim Bangash had beaten her and used objectionable language against veiled women and also Islamic teachings.

It was learnt that the inquiry committee in its findings had absolved Dr Rahim Bangash of any wrong-doing as far as using insulting words against Islamic teachings is concerned. However, it seems it did find fault with his attitude towards his female student.

Misbah Syed had demanded the formation of a high-powered commission excluding KMC teachers to probe the incident as she feared they may not be able to go against a fellow teacher while finalizing their report. She had also stated that she would forgive Dr Rahim Bangash for humiliating and bearing her but would insist on an inquiry concerning his use of insulting and blasphemous words against Islam.

Sources at the KMC said Dr Rahim Bangash had the reputation of a liberal person and it wasn't unusual for him to make fun of those using the veil or wearing beards. It was a few months ago that he was promoted as professor of anatomy.

KMC's new principal Prof Dr Ejaz Hassan Khan tried to handle the situation tactfully by immediately setting up the inquiry committee and including Islamic experts in it as the issue could have got out of hand due to protests by the college students and also doctors and religio-political activists who wanted registration of first information report (FIR) against Dr Rahim Bangash. By then serious allegations against Dr Rahim Bangash had been made and he was being accused of blasphemy. The news

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Two-year degree programme on the way out
Peshawar: The Higher Education Department of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has planned to introduce the four-year Bachelor of Studies (BS) programme in all government colleges and universities of the province by doing away with the existing two-year degree programme.

However, the plan will be executed in phases only after it is okayed by the Higher Education Commission.

Currently, the two degree programmes run parallel in the province with most government educational institutions offering the conventional BA/BSc course.

The BS programme was introduced by the last Awami National Party-led government around three years ago.

The four-year BS degree is equivalent to MA/MSc degree.

Special Assistant to the Chief Minister on Higher Education Mushtaq Ahmad Ghani said that the provincial HED wanted to phase out the conventional degree system by replacing it with the BS programme.

"It is our desire to get rid of the decades-old conventional higher education system," he said.

Mr Mushtaq also said the HED had proposed to the HEC to redesign the four-year BS programme to introduce the two-year associate degree programme in the province.

He said once the proposed programme was in place, then the students wanting to discontinue studies for one reason or the other could secure the associate degree after successfully completing two years of the BS course.

The special assistant said the students opting for the associate degree could resume the BS programme anytime afterwards.

Currently, the students enrolled in the BS programme have to study for four years to get degrees and in case, they leave the course in the middle, they're not entitled to the degrees.

"After the introduction of the associate degree programme, the students will have the option to quit the four years course after passing examinations of fourth semesters and resume the course in the fifth semester whenever they have the time," Mr Mushtaq said.

The special assistant said the HED was in contact with the HEC for the redesigning of the BS programme to introduce the associate degree course. He said he was hopeful that the proposal would sit well with the HEC.

Meanwhile, officials in the HED said it was necessary to abolish the conventional BA/BSc and MA/MSc programmes for the introduction of the BS programme throughout the province.

They claimed that after receiving their department's proposal, the HEC had prepared a comprehensive plan of how to do away with the conventional degree programme in the country for introducing the BS programme.

The officials said the plan had been shared with the relevant departments of all provinces for feedback.

Educationists have favoured the replacement of the BA/BSc programme with the BS programme, saying many students, especially the poor ones, couldn't afford to study for four years at a stretch and therefore, they had to go for conventional degree programme.

They said the conventional degree programme didn't meet the international standards, too.

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AWKUM, German varsity sign MoU
Mardan: The Abdul Wali Khan University Mardan (AWKUM) and University of Ulm, Germany, have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to give AWKUM faculty and research scholars an opportunity to engage in research, teaching, lecturing and consulting at the German university.

According to a press release issued on Friday, the MoU was signed during the visit of AWKUM vice-chancellor Prof Ihsan Ali and Dr Muazzam Khan (NUST) to the University of Ulm, Germany, in the current month.

Prof Ali and Director International Office Prof Reinhold Lucker signed the MoU on behalf of their universities. Dawn

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