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Karachi University declared LLM final results
Karachi, Feb 07: The examinations department of the University of Karachi announced on Friday the results of the LLM final annual examinations 2008.

According to the results, a total of 316 candidates were registered for the examinations and 276 of them appeared in the exams.

A total of 151 candidates are declared to have passed the exams with the pass percentage of 54.71.

Farrukh Ansar of S.M. Government Law College, Nadeem Naseem of Islamia Government Law College, and Syed Abid Hussain Shah of S.M. Government Law College secured first, second and third positions, respectively.

Karachi University BASR meeting
A meeting of the Board of Advanced Study and Research (BASR) of the University of Karachi will be held on February 11.

The registrar of the university, Professor Mohammad Rais Alvi, announced this on Friday and said that the meeting of the Academic Council of the University of Karachi was scheduled to be held on Feb 17. Dawn

Staff, students fume away at HEJ policies
Karachi: The HEJ Research Institute of Chemistry stands on land belonging to the University of Karachi (KU), but students and teachers at the KU have increasingly expressed their resentment at its presence and many ventures.

At KU, the HEJ has many offshoots, and two of these, the Industrial Analytical Centre (IAC) and the International Centre for Chemical and Biological Sciences (ICCBS) have begun marketing specialised skill development courses for students, professionals, and even those who are not employed.

The new courses aim to produce "highly skilled professionals according to the needs of the current job market". The ICCBS has established a marketing unit and appointed a marketing manager to promote the courses to the students.

However, even though the courses are intended for those who are unemployed, the fee for the full eight-week Food Analysis course is Rs400,000 and Rs25,000 for its four-week segment. The Environmental Analysis and Pharmaceutical Quality Control courses are being offered at a similar exorbitant fee.

Teachers and students have both termed the move "an encroachment, expansionist, and corporate-like". According to a professor at KU, these courses can also be taught in the Departments of Food Science and Technology, Environmental Sciences and Pharmaceutical Chemistry (in the Faculty of Pharmacy).

"They (HEJ) have encroached onto another department's domain," she said. "The tendency should be curbed before it assumes alarming proportions."

However, HEJ Director Dr Iqbal Choudhary defended the decision to offer the courses. "We have the best infrastructure in the university and we intend to sustain it. For that we will need more funds, and the courses are the means to generate our funds," he said.

When asked how unemployed students would afford the high fees for the courses, Dr Choudhary added, "We will remove the word 'unemployed' from our fliers."

Saleem Khan, a student in the Department of Chemistry, ranted against the HEJ after learning about its new courses. "It is disgusting," he said. "A place that was a byword for research has turned into a business venture. The marketing department is marketing courses just the way they are done by the private universities."

The HEJ has many sub-centres at KU, all of which have been engaged in organising seminars, workshops, and conferences, but according to many senior professors of the Faculties of Science and Pharmacy, they have little scientific value.

"These events might help Dr Iqbal Choudhary and his associates increase the lengths of their CVs, but they do not do much for education and research," they said.

Meanwhile, a senior professor at the Department of Food Science and Technology fumed, "They have grabbed both the university land and the funds, and made the HEJ a state within a state. Professor Atta-ur-Rahman has used his influence to pump funds meant for other KU departments, many of which do not even have proper classrooms."

Part of the senior professor's accusation that the HEJ is a state within a state stems from how visibly different its structure is from other KU departments. Despite being within KU grounds, the HEJ has its own boundary, security system, and separate accommodation for staff. By contrast, the Department of Chemical Technology and Engineering at KU, which stands next to the HEJ, looks starkly different with its crumbling walls.

"We are not against the HEJ or Dr Choudhary," said a staff member of the Faculty of Science. "What we resent is the discrimination against other departments. Why do some departments look like forsaken rural primary schools, while the HEJ is allowed to encroach on land belonging to KU and keep KU staff away?"

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"Hej is one of the institute which has the reputation in foreign. It has help not only to raise the proud of Pakistan but also ranked the University of Karachi among top 600. So, we must be encouraged to keep it up not to discourage and critisize to cease it. It has very costlier equipment which need good co-operation all of we Pakistani to keep alive. Thank you."
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Email: munnag_76@hotmail.com
City, Country: Karachi, Pakistan

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HSC forms submission for private candidates
Karachi: Private candidates, who passed their Secondary School Certificate (SSC) in Supplementary Examinations 2008, can get examination forms for Commerce and Humanities Groups for appearing at the Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) Part-I Annual Examinations 2009 with effect from February 9, said a press release on Friday. The forms can be obtained from the sales counter of the Board of Intermediate Education Karachi (BIEK) for Rs35 per form, and submitted to United Bank Limited booth at the BIEK till February 21. Any forms submitted after that would include late fees ranging from Rs100 to Rs1,000 depending when the forms are being submitted. The News

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Schedule for degree college exams affiliated with University of Sindh announced
Hyderabad: The University of Sindh announced on Friday schedule for BCS, BCIT, BBA and MBA examinations for the candidates of government and private colleges and institutes affiliated with the university.

The office of the controller of examinations said that examinations would start from Feb 28 and last date for submission of forms at the concerned institutes had been fixed as Feb 20.

It advised the candidates to submit copies of documents of enrolment card, eligibility certificate, marks certificate (original), NIC copy, registration certificate (original) and three passport size photographs along with forms.

Meanwhile, the Centre for Rural Development Communication of the University of Sindh announced on Friday a list of candidates who succeeded in getting admission to Professional Diploma in Rural Development Communication.

The centre advised the candidates to deposit admission fee by Feb 13 and said regular classes would commence from Feb 16.

Thesis Display
The Centre of Excellence in Arts and Design, affiliated with the Mehran University of Engineering and Technology, announced on Friday that exhibition of thesis prepared by final year students of textile and communication design would start from Feb 7 at the centre and remain open up to Feb 14.

The centre said that the students of final year had used traditional and modern techniques in their projects.

Sindh University to conduct job tests: minister
Hyderabad: The Sindh education minister hinted at moving a summary to provincial chief executive for upgradation of the posts of school and college librarians.

Pir Mazharul Haq, provincial education minister said this during book launching ceremony "Shaheed Rani Benazir Bhutto", compiled by M. Suleman Baloch on her life, achievements and struggle at the Institute of Sindhology, University of Sindh on Wednesday.

The SU had been assigned to conduct test for the selection of primary and secondary teachers which would help in screening meritorious candidates for appointment, he said.

Z.A. Bhutto and Benazir Bhutto were from Sindh but Punjab went ahead by producing more books on these two leaders, the minister said.

The foundation of students needs to be strengthened for producing high achievers he said with an assurance for resolving the problems of teachers.

"I've asked the officer-bearers of both primary and secondary school teachers' association to motivate teachers for performing their duties efficiently and diligently", he said.

Benazir Bhutto chair at the SU would contribute towards her life, achievements and struggle by helping research scholars. He reiterated the government's commitment of providing education and employment to poor people as per the wishes of Benazir Bhutto.

Vice Chancellor, Sindh University Mazharul Haq Siddiqui said that everyone was worried of low educational standards in primary schools but pinned high hopes on the present education minister for future improvements.

The VC assured of announcing the results of test screening within hours and urged the young leadership to come up to the expectations of people as was the tradition of the SU students.

Ghulam Hyder Solangi, Mr Baloch, Prof Qalandar Bux Lakyari, Prof Aijaz Qureshi, Faheem Noonari, Idress Jatoi and others also spoke on the occasion.

A large number of scholars, educationists, teachers and students and people from different walks of life attended the ceremony. Dawn

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