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Sindh University announced scholarships
Hyderabad, Feb 13: The University of Sindh has announced award of scholarships to the poor and meritorious students of the university.

The director finance of the university through a circular issued on Thursday invited applications on prescribed proformas from the eligible candidates studying in the different teaching institutes and departments through the deans of the faculties concerned.

The university would award 12 half and 6 full scholarships to students enrolled in a class. The university would also award bursaries to three per cent of the total enrolment in a class. Dawn

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"Dear, It is honor most respectfully to apply to your outstanding institution for scholarship assistance. I am 24 years of age and highly school graduate in Islamic studies, Liberia. I wish to pursue my Islamic studies in any of your Islamic Universities arround the world. I would highly appreciate, if offer me the scholarship opportunities to enable me further my education in University. Your help in this concern will be mostly desirable. Best wishes, Very truly yours, Ibrahim M. Donzo."
Name: Ibrahim M. Donzo
City, Country: Monrovia, Liberia

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Who will be the new dean of the KU Islamic Studies dept?
Karachi: The Faculty of Islamic Studies, University of Karachi (KU) is to have a new Dean after the expiry of the tenure of Prof. Jalaluddin Noori this month. Noori has applied for another stint as a dean but chances are that the KU will not consider the person who has been proved to be a plagiarist.

The two other aspirants for the post are Dr Akhtar Saeed, the senior-most Professor at the department, followed by Prof. Ghulam Mehdi. Dr Saeed retires on October 16, 2009 while Prof. Ghulam Mehdi leaves his office on August 11, 2010.

A few senior academics expressed their pessimism about Dr Saeed and Prof. Mehdi being considered for the post as their retirement dates are pretty close. They thought that Prof. Noori though tainted and disgraced by his plagiarism and some other actions hardly befitting to a teacher of that status, has stronger contention and has allegedly managed to garner support from an ethnic party, a religious party and from the Governor House.

We has the opportunity to talk to some other senior professors of the faculties of Arts and Science and they thought that university administration will not stoop so low to put a plagiarist on the highest pedestal of the faculty. They also brushed aside the notion that since the two other aspirants are to retire in a relatively short time, they might not be considered. "We have many cases in the faculties of Arts and Science where the deans had much shorter stints, a couple of months. Soon after the retirement of Dr Viqaruddin, Dr Nazrul Hasnain, Dr Altaf, Dr Imtiaz, Dr Iqbal Mohsin, Dr Iftikhar Imam Naqvi, Dr Aijaz Rasool, Dr Nikhat Yasmeen, Dr Darkhshan Haleem (acting Dean), and Dr Faheemuddin (all from the Science Faculty) became dean for a few months. They were the senior-most in the faculty and had the chance to become dean," they said.

A Professor at the Arts Faculty said that Dr Akhtar was the senior-most Professor at the Islamic Studies Faculty so he should have the deanship. "We have instances in the Arts Faculty too where Dr Afzal Imam, Dr Tahira Siddiqui, Dr Nisar Ahmed and Dr Abu Zar Wajedi became deans for a few months," he said. The News

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Another clash at FUUAST
Karachi: For a second consecutive day, Federal Urdu University of Arts, Science and Technology (FUUAST) became a battleground as two organisations clashed with each other, leaving many students injured. According to Risala Police Station officials, some Pukhtoon Students Federation (PSF) members, who are not enrolled in FUUAST, tried to enter the university premises. As a result, other student organisations' members objected and tried to stop them resulting in a clash between PSF and Islami Jamiat Talaba (IJT). Surprisingly, People's Students Federation who had a brawl with IJT on Wednesday supported IJT on its stance to ban entry of all external elements. Daily Times

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Medical college admission case
Karachi: No person ought to be allowed to continue reaping benefits of a wrongful gain, observed the Sindh High Court (SHC) on Thursday.

The observation came on the application of an aggrieved student who sought the recalling of a court order that granted permission for admission to another student in the Liaquat Medical College, Jamshoro.

Anum Bukhari alleged that Basira Haleem obtained a court order on August 8 last year regarding her admission in the medical college by concealing a fact about her in admission process.

The applicant submitted that she was placed on No.1 in the waiting list of the medical college but Basira deliberately made a false statement in the court, concealing the fact that her (applicant's) name was above her in the waiting list. She said she was not made as respondent by Basira in her litigation and she fraudulently told the court that she (Anam) preferred to get MBBS admission under self finance scheme. She requested the court to recall the August 8 order and allow her to seek admission in the first year MBBS batch 2007-08.

The SHC's division bench headed by Justice Azizullah M. Memon, after hearing the case, observed that petitioner Basira had deliberately made a false statement before the court in order to get undue advantage and obtained a court order regarding her admission on vacant seat of MBBS first year.

Recalling previous order of August 8, the court observed that no person ought to be allowed to continue reaping benefits of a wrongful gain and dismissed the petition.

The court, however, dismissed the applicant's plea who sought admission in last year MBBS batch, observing that the session in question ended in November last year and no relief could be given to her in this regard.

Gizri flyover case: Sindh High Court reserved judgment on the petition against the construction of Gizri flyover in Defence Housing Authority area.

Ms. Salma Iqbal Chundrigarh and others have challenged the construction of the bridge in Gizri area. The petitioners submitted that the said construction was creating hardships for the residents as well as violating environment laws.

Petitioners' counsel submitted that the compliance of mandatory provision of environment laws was not made by the DHA while constructing the bridge. DHA's counsel submitted that overhead bridge was being constructed under the relevant provisions of the law as well as environment laws.

SHC's division bench comprising Justice Azizullah M Memon and Justice Abdur Rehman Farooq Pirzada, after hearing arguments of the counsel, reserved the judgment. The News

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