Sindh University boycott | School van hijacked, recovered

Students forced to boycott classes in Sindh University
Hyderabad, Feb 24: Sindh People's Students Federation-SB activists forced students of the Sindh University to boycott classes on Monday in protest against the arrest of their leader Waheed Sohag.

Sohag, who was wanted by police in three cases, was arrested by police from Jamshoro bus stop on Sunday and remanded in judicial custody by court on Monday.

SPSF-SB workers also staged a rally at the campus and raised slogans, demanding release of Sohag. Police and Rangers remained present to nip any trouble in the bud.

Speaking on the occasion, SPSF-SB leaders Faqir Rajab Kandhro and Israr Jatoi alleged that the university administration was trying to destroy peaceful atmosphere at the campus.

Later, another group of SPSF-SB activists staged a demonstration outside the Hyderabad Press Club to protest against the arrest of Umair Chandio, their colleague from the Mehran university of Engineering and Technology.

Speaking on the occasion, Syed Imran Ali Shah, Faisal Arain and Shafi Mohammad Jiskani alleged that Chandio had been arrested by Jamshoro police in a false case at the instigation of the university administration.

They claimed that an unannounced operation had been launched against SPSF-SB activists throughout Sindh and warned that if Chandio was not released, consequences would be serious. Dawn

Mirpurkhas educational board
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School van with special kids hijacked, recovered
Karachi: Armed men hijacked a school van on Monday morning, with two mentally-challenged children onboard. The hijackers released the hostages and took off with the vehicle, which was also later recovered. However, the culprits are still at large.

As per details, the two children, Arfeel and Sajjad, both 10 years old, were in the school van along with their teacher Humaira Tabbassum and the van driver Akhtar Baloch, when the incident took place at Block-L, North Nazimabad, within the jurisdiction of Taimuria police station.

"The incident took place at 8:10am when we were on our way to pick a student. As we drew near the student's house and the van gate opened, suddenly three armed men barged in and took us hostage," said Baloch. The driver was then asked to continue driving and after some 45 minutes, the hijackers dropped the hostages at Jamshed Road and fled with the vehicle.

"Till we were dropped off, the hijackers kept on warning us that they would shoot anyone who resisted. They also asked if the van was fitted with a car tracker but we replied in the negative," said Tabbassum. The teacher said that the hijackers also took away their cell phones and warned them to keep silent.

The harassed students, teacher and driver reached their school after they informed the school administration of their ordeal by calling from a public call office. The school administration, meanwhile, informed the car tracker company and the police. The vehicle was later tracked down in Lines Area, within the jurisdiction of Brigade Police Station. However, no case has been registered till the filing of this report. The police was put on high alert to apprehend the culprits involved in the school van hijacking. The tracker company manager operations, Hasnain Kashif, said that the culprits had parked the vehicle at the location from where it was recovered.

"By that time we were informed and had jammed the vehicle, hence, they could not have moved from the spot," said Kashif. The police believe that the culprits might be residing in the area from where the vehicle was found. "No one saw the culprits leaving after they parked the vehicle. No eyewitnesses were there," Jamshed Town SP Javed Akhtar Riaz said. "The culprits parked the van close to an under-construction school building and we had to call in the bomb disposal squad for inspection. The squad inspected the van and the surrounding location but cleared it," Riaz further added. Police officials believe that the culprits are members of a group of car thieves. However, the police have expressed its dissatisfaction over what they termed as non-cooperation of the school administration. "I personally tried to convince them that they should register an FIR but they disagreed," said New Karachi Town SSP Dr Farooq Ahmed, who also has the additional charge of North Nazimabad Town. Meanwhile, sources have said that the culprits had called up the administration and asked them for ransom. However, SSP Ahmed denied this and said that if the hijackers were interested in ransom, they would not have released the hostages.

On the other hand, CID SSP Operation Fayyaz Khan said that he believed that no element of terrorism was involved in the incident and it was a result of personal enmity. It is pertinent to mention that two similar cases involving the hijacking of school vans have taken place in the city in recent months. In November 2008, school children were held hostage by their van driver within the jurisdiction of Airport Police Station. A second incident happened in Clifton Town when armed men took away a school van with them after telling the teachers to step out of the vehicle. Both cases are still pending. Daily Times

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Musical bands rock SZABIST
Karachi: A local mobile phone operator, in collaboration with ZABMUN( SZABIST Model United Nations) organised a concert at the SZABIST on Saturday. Renowned musical bands, Jal , Raeth and Spoonful, enthralled a packed audience with their performances.

The show started with the performance of Spoonful, which brought the crowds to their feet. The pick of their performance was the cover of 'Black Magic Woman' and 'Foxy Lady'.

Next to perform were Raeth, who have recently attained a lot of success in India with their famous track "Bhulla Do". A unique version of 'Sweet Child O' Mine' by Guns n Roses was also performed by Raeth, which gave a very different dimension to their music and the diversity in the play list was liked by all. "The bass player of Raeth was amazing and I think credit for their whole performance should go to the bassist", said Mohd Saqib, who attended the concert said.

The last and the most eagerly anticipated performance was by the band Jal. The band performed renowned tracks like 'Aadat', 'Sajni', 'Lamhe' and many others. Farhan Mir, a student while appreciating Jal's performance said "Jal surely knew how to invigorate the crowd. They performed for more then an hour and it never seemed a drag. They knew how to entertain and I think the Rs200 ticket was totally worth the experience".

Students week starts at Govt Degree College for Women
Karachi: Students week 2009 is being celebrated at the Government Degree College for Women, Nazimabad kicked off on Monday. The programme on the first day started with the recitation of the Quran followed by a Naat competition, held under the supervision of the Principal, Khairunnisa Jaffery. During the coming days, programmes including debate competitions in English and Urdu, IQ competition, and Ghazal competition will be held on February 24, 25, 26 and 27 respectively.

Inter-school Table Tennis Tournament
Karachi: An inter-school table tennis tournament was held recently at the Creek High School , CBM Campus. The tournament was competed with zeal and enthusiasm, and all participating teams showed a great display of sportsman spirit.

Several schools from different areas of Karachi participated in the event, including Foundation Public School, Generation School, CAS School, City School PAF Chapter, Beaconhouse Jubilee Campus, Jaffar Public School, Nasra School (Korangi Campus), Nasra School Morning (Main Campus), Jamia Millia Girls School, International School of Studies, St. Michaels, Nasra School Evening (Main Campus), Convent of Jesus and Mary, Agha Khan School Garden, Shahwilayat Public School, Creek High School, Beaconhouse, Tariq Road, Beaconhouse, Cambridge PECHS .

In the first semi final, City School (PAF Chapter) beat Generation's School by 3-1. In the second semi final, Beaconhouse School System (Jubilee campus) beat Shahwilayat Public School 3-2. The final was a fiercely contested affair, and City School PAF chapter eventually overcame Beaconhouse in both the boys and girls category.

The City School clinched the champions trophy with Durraiz and Fatima of City School PAF chapter being awarded as the players of the tournament. The News

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