Karachi intermediate marksheets errors

Carelessness at BIEK irks students
Karachi, Feb 27: An annual mark sheet, bearing no signature of the controller of the examinations Board of Intermediate Education Karachi (BIEK), was sent to a private candidate of the Humanities Group, it has been learnt.

The said student received his marks sheet when the results of the Humanities (Special Candidates, Private and Regular) Group, Part-I, were announced in December last year. Sources claim that similar mistakes are common in the mark sheets issued by the BIEK and this has caused panic and severe concern among the students.

Sources said that this careless attitude had raised serious questions about the efficiency of the BIEK staff. "This one has a serious error and many students have seen similar inaccuracies in the recently issued annual marks sheets by the board. However, the authorities concerned do not seem to take it as a serious matter at all," they added.

The omission of signatures or, in some cases, mistakes in printing the grand total of marks in the result sheets were some common mistakes that were made by the BIEK, the sources said. This exercise had become a headache for the students but, unfortunately, the approach was still working in same manner, they added.

"If it had happened in any other part of the world then it would have been taken as a 'wakeup call'. It is also for sure that the dedicated authorities surely rectify the system at the earliest possible time, but this is not the case here," the sources said.

In this regard, Chairman BIEK Anwar Ahmed Zai said, "First of all, BIEK would like to see if the mark sheet is a genuine one and was really issued by the board."

"We have given special codes to each mark sheet. In such cases, the code number will be entered into the BIEK system which will give the complete information about the candidate," he said.

"This new system was introduced at the board in 2008 and it will help in tracing any forged document especially the marks sheets," Ahmed Zai said, adding that the code available on the mark sheet of the concerned candidate would confirm the status of it.

The BIEK chairman further said that if it appeared as a genuine document, then the board would take necessary action against the person who committed the mistake. However, the chairman BIEK did not mention what measures would be taken in this regard.

Meanwhile, Ahmed Zai made it clear that board did not count the marks of the paper of those candidates who did not pass the papers. The news

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Body formed to save education
Hyderabad: Seven political parties and 46 social welfare organisations have formed the Hyderabad Development Forum and appointed a political parties' steering committee to save education from destruction.

This was announced by steering committee members, including Zahid Mallah, Anwar Khaskheli, Sachal Gopang and Fayaz Buriro, at a news conference here on Friday.

Political parties included the Awami Tahreek, Sindh Taraqqi Pasand Party, Sindh United Party, Save Sindh Movement, Awami Party Pakistan, Jamiat Ulemai Islam and Sindhiani Tahreek.

Anwar Khaskheli said that according to the forum, education in Sindh had been destroyed. He said that in many schools, teachers usually remained absent while some teachers received salaries at home by paying bribe to the official concerned.

He said the supervisory staff was not able to perform its duties due to rampant corruption and political interference.

The situation had reached such a stage that students from other provinces came here to get degrees because of the total deterioration in the standard of education in Sindh, Anwar Khaskheli said. Dawn

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IBCC, NBF meeting
Karachi: A meeting of the Inter-Board Committee of Chairmen (IBCC) as well as representatives of the country's prominent universities and the National Book Foundation is being held in Karachi on March 1 and 2 to discuss the implementation of the new educational policy as well as other issues concerning education.

This was stated by Chairman Board of Intermediate Education Karachi (BIEK), Anwar Ahmed Zai, who is also the head of IBCC while addressing a news conference at a local hotel on Friday.

Zai said that during the meeting, a proposal forwarded by the Higher Education Directorate of Pakistan Armed Forces regarding establishment of a new technical board would also come under discussion.

He said that a proposal to establish a new technical board, to be working under the control of Higher Education Directorate of Pakistan Armed Forces had been forwarded to promote technical education at its educational institutes.

The IBCC chairman said that during the meeting, a decision of the Punjab High Court's Rawalpindi Bench on a writ petition by the International Islamic University Islamabad would also be discussed.

Similarly, possibilities to review Scheme of Studies 2006 due to difficulties in its implementation would also come under discussion at the IBCC meeting, he said. The news

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