Karachi university marksheets errors

Errors in KU semester mark-sheets irk students
Karachi, Feb 22: Errors and omissions in mark-sheets of many semester students of various departments of Karachi University have become a source of irritation for students and wakeup call for concerned authorities to rectify the system at earliest.

Many students studying in different departments of Karachi University witnessed inaccuracies in their recently issued semester mark-sheet, commonly known as 'Performa'. Several sorts of mistakes were observed in these mark-sheets including false entry of subject marks, year of semester, and subsidiary subjects. In some cases candidates were mentioned fail or absent despite securing passing marks.

To make the matter further complicated the process of rectifying these mistakes is lengthy and cumbersome. Affected students complain that the procedure to get their Performa corrected is really annoying as they had to pay several visits to Semester Examination Cell (SEC), where they generally receive cold and uncooperative response.

Maimuna Ejaz, morning student at the Department of Mass Communication was grieved after getting her Performa.

She said that she actually had got 80 marks in subsidiary subject Sociology, as it was also apparent in the marks list provided by her teacher; however, the Performa issued to her showed she secured just 54 marks in the same subject. Another student of the said department told that he had got back his Performa after entire processing from SEC with some errors still persisting.

Interestingly one of the BS evening batch at aforementioned department has observed an unusual case as some 25 students amidst a total strength of 42 students in the class were declared 'absent' in their subsidiary subject International Relation. The affected students complained the problem was yet to be resolved.

Another common mistake was seen that the subsidiary subject mentioned on the Performa was different from what the students had been studying. Students at Chemistry Department and Food and Science Department said that they had not even issued a Performa since passage of two years.

It was learnt that these cases are not restricted to just few candidates, instead a large number of students in various departments have faced same dilemma and majority of them still await to get their Performa corrected. Some students have received what they called 'tampered' Performa as their marks, subjects and dates were manually corrected with green marking. "Similar marking can also be done by any person using a green pointer," they observed.

Such mistakes committed by KU semester examination cell is affected the varsity image among new enrolled students of BS.

When contacted, In-charge Ku Semester Examination Cell Prof. Majid Mumtaz said that he was new to this department as he assumed his charge on 16th January. He, however, said he is aware of the problems being faced by students pertaining to their Performa.

Prof Majid said he had prioritised the issues that will surely be addressed. He said he was currently focused to announce the results of MA and MSc 2009 for early issuance of mark-sheets to passing students to refrain them from facing any impediments in their professional career.

When asked about the perplexing state of Performa, he articulated that the mistakes generally originate in the departments of students, as their teachers do not provide correct information.

He was of the view that not a minor negligence was committed by the semester examination cell since he assumed charge. He said it might be a possibility that previous authority of semester cell might have committed any negligence, now causing troubles for students.

He said students are only supposed to register their problem along with the application to their respective Chairperson, though subsequently chairperson bears the responsibility to forward the application to dean for clearance then it will be moved to Vice Chancellor for affirmation and finally it would land in the semester cell for further processing.

Prof Majid Mumtaz held department chairpersons responsible for not guiding their students properly and censured their lethargic behaviour. He said it is not the responsibility of students to move hither thither and instead the respective department is supposed to address their problems. He asked students to deliver their concerns to their chairpersons in bold manner and seek stipulated time from them for resolving their issue.

To a question, he said students should not get disappointed of the manual marking in their Performa as it is also made by the semester cell administration and we register these corrected entries in our record, however, he also asked those student who wish to renew their faulty Performa can submit the required documents during 1st to 15th March with all legal formalities fulfilled.

He said the semester cell would start addressing these issues from early March and hoped that the grievances of students would be removed. The news

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BSEK removes confusion over exam papers
Karachi: A fresh statement by the examination controller of the Board of Secondary Education Karachi on Sunday almost ended any lingering hopes of Class IX students that questions from Book-II of Biology and Chemistry might be dropped from the annual examinations as most government schools in the city have not received the two books during the academic session.

BSEK controller of examination Kalim Kirmani told Dawn that the papers would carry questions from both the parts (Book-I and Book-II) of Biology and Chemistry.

The Secondary School Certificate (Class IX and X) annual examinations-2010 are scheduled to begin on March 24.

When this scribe drew the attention of Mr Kirmani towards the general complaint of mostly government schools that due to non-provision of the Book-II of both the subjects during the current academic session Class IX students had studied only Book-I of Chemistry and Biology, he made it clear that the papers would be prepared with questions from both the books.

However, he said that it would not be difficult for students, who confined their studies to Book-I of both the subjects, to attempt all questions.

"In fact, the paper-setters of the BSEK will be asked to include questions from Book-I and Book-II of both Biology and Chemistry in the Class IX annual examinations in such a manner that those who have not studied Book-II of both the subjects may not face any difficulty in solving the required number of questions," he added.

Though most private schools had taught the Book-II of both the subjects to their Class IX students for the book was available in the market, students of government schools could not study it.

The Sindh education department's wing that was responsible to distribute textbooks free of cost among students of government schools failed to provide Book-II of Biology and Chemistry to government schools of the city during the current academic year. Dawn

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Stop private schools from charging June-July fees
Karachi: Advisor to Sindh Chief Minister Ms Sharmila Farooqui has directed Provincial Education Secretary to take effective steps for stopping private schools from charging the fees of coming June-July months of summer vacation besides ensuring registration of private schools.

"The private schools have issued directives to the parents of students to submit June-July fees in March and April in advance which is unjustified act. There is no justification to charge fee of two-month summer vacation as no government school charges it,'' she informed this while talking to a parents delegation here on Sunday.

Sharmila said that it is irony that hundreds of unregistered schools are being operated in Karachi and interior Sindh, affecting the standard of education system. The majority of private schools are being operated in small buildings which are unfit for education atmosphere and is violation of education rules and regulations.

"This kind of atmosphere degrades mentality of students as compared to the students of big school buildings which also have playgrounds. "It has been checked that most of private schools comprise two to four small rooms and have no playground and open compound."

She said that there is also need to make private schools mandatory for arranging open space buildings with more than four rooms. She also directed all EDOs Education to play their due role for raising literacy rate in backward areas of Sindh because about 72 percent children are out of schools in 10 districts of Sindh.

Sharmila asked the relevant officials to take action against unregistered private schools and ensure their registration. No one would be allowed to ruin the education system, she warned. The advisor directed EDOs to launch campaigns across Sindh to check the standard of education in the private schools and initiate their accountability so as to ensure quality education.

There are many private schools, which are paying very low salaries to the teachers that ranges from Rs1000 to 3000 per month, which is could not be said as salary but termed as stipend. If such a meagre salary is paid to teachers then there is clear that they would not teach students properly.

She also directed the administration of private schools to raise pay reasonable salaries to teachers so that they provide quality education to the children who are the future builders of the country.

The advisor said that 1,700 schools are without buildings in Sindh as a result children are getting education under an open sky, while 7700 schools are still closed across the province due to apathy of influential people of the areas in the backward areas of the province. However, efforts are underway to open more closed schools, she assured.

The present PPP government is committed to boost education system in the country and it is for the first time in the history of the country that seven percent of the GDP has been allocated for education against the two percent in the past, she said.

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Pilot Project Schools
Karachi: Pilot Project Schools have been affected badly due to lack of proper staff required for quality education, The Nation learnt on Sunday.

Shortage of 145 Teachers including some other necessary staffers has been reported in the Pilot Project Schools located in various towns of the city. Establishing of Pilot Project Schools in collaboration with Federation of Pakistan Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI) is a successful experience in the education sector at government level.

The project was started more than three years ago and just in two periods these schools were houseful. Some of the schools administration was compelled to close the new admissions as in Liaquatabad town's School behind Supper Market. In spite of best performance of these schools, the authorities concerned in city government and education department did neither transfer nor post the required teachers in these schools, causing tremendous problems for students, sources said.

Several reminders have been sent to the authorities concerned but they have not taken proper measures for the solution of the problems.

It may be noted that under the Pilot Project scheme, CDGK had developed schools in each town for girls and boys in collaboration with FPCCI.

Sources mentioned that after annual examination, new academic year would be started and students of deprived community would throng, leading to mismanagement due to lack of proper staff, sources said.

Sources mentioned that the main purpose of these schools was to upgrade the academic systems as compared to private schooling system so that the opportunities of quality education to be provided to the children of poor.

Sources said that Committee for Monitoring and Improving of Schools (CMIS) of CDGK schools felt that the shortage of teachers and staffers would affect the performance of this schooling system. That is why, they requested to the authorities concerned in CDGK to appoint teachers and other staffers but so far their all efforts went gone in vain in this regard.

It may be noted that Federation of Pakistan Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI) is funding the entire scheme of "Pilot Project Schools" and bearing all the expenditures of construction of development of schools, providing equipments of science lab, computers and several other civic and educational facilities including the appointment of doctors. The nation

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Jobs for Sindh youth
Khairpur: Chief Minister, Sindh, Qaim Ali Shah, has said the government is keen to provide all basic facilities to the people with special emphasis on employment to youth. He was talking to media persons and various delegations here on Sunday.

Qaim Ali Shah said the provincial government would provide jobs to 50,000 youth on merit while training was being given to 40,000 youth in various fields.

While expressing concern over the murder of Ashfaq Mangi, the reporter of a private TV channel, he announced 300,000 rupees and free education for the children of the deceased.

The chief minister directed the DPO for early arrest of those involved in the heinous act.

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Medical symposium concluded
Medical experts at a symposium on Sunday stated that the government should ensure the Constant Medical Education (CME) of doctors while making the medical programs mandatory by forming an Accreditation Council with immediate effect.

This was demanded at the concluding session of a seven-day medical symposium organized at JPMC. Executive Director JPMC, Professor Tasneem Ahsan, Chairman Symposium Committee, Professor Gulam

Mehboob, Dr Tasneem Batt, Dr Raza, Dr Zaigum Ali and other medical experts also attended the program.

Informing about the proceedings of program Symposium Committee Secretary, Professor Tariq Mehmood informed that the seven-day symposium was attended by 6000 doctors and 35 different sessions were held in the program. "Eighty eight medical experts delivered speeches on different diseases and techniques on how to treat those, while 228 research papers were also presented", he added.

He said that 49 doctors were awarded gold medals and appreciation certificates for their research papers. The doctors were also provided with 24-hour medical education certificates while a medical poster designing exhibition was also organized in the program. The news

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