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Mathematical anxiety, an emotional reaction
Mathematics lessons Feb 10: Math anxiety is an emotional reaction having to do with the manipulation of numbers and the solving of mathematical problems in a wide variety of ordinary life and academic situations..
It can cause one to forget and lose one's self-confidence. Research shows that students of primary classes suffer more from this type of anxiety.

But a student can manage this behavior with support from the teachers. Following are some of the ways through which a teacher can facilitate his or her students in order to minimize the anxiety and enjoy mathematics as a lively subject.

No more negative self talk
It has been noticed that extreme anxiety may get the student to indulge in negative self talk, for e.g., "I never do mathematics", "It is just not possible for me to pass the math exams", and so on. In order to overcome the habit, it is the teacher's responsibility to treat all students equally which encouraging them though some kind of praise for their work. They should also show them their support in understanding the problematic areas of mathematics.

Ask questions
The teacher should encourage the students to ask questions whenever they feel that they are stuck on a problem.

They should be given the freedom to say, "Please explain I do not understand". And the teacher should be always available and willing to explain even when the students want it done again and again.

Practice makes perfect
The students should be encouraged to practice the same kinds of mathematical problems and exercises again and again. It should be done in a way that becomes more of a gun exercise rather than drudgery.

No memorizing
Never ever ask students to memorise concepts. They should rather develop a conceptual understanding.

According to child's style
Everyone is an individual. The teacher should find a way that suits the student's style of learning rather than making him or her do their work just as the others. They should be allowed to learn at their own speed.

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