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Habib University announces financial aid and scholarships
Karachi, Jan 06: In an effort to support students with financial constraints and committed to providing world-class education to students from all backgrounds, Habib University has offered an unparalleled financial aid and scholarship program. The university aims to ensure that no qualified student is denied of education because of financial reasons and has made the financial aid process easier for prospective students and their families.

Over 100 merit-based scholarships will be provided to the 200 students admitted in Habib University's first batch. About 10 percent of Habib University's students will be on full scholarship whereas 80% will be able to avail some form of financial assistance depending on their demonstrated need.

This generosity is unprecedented in Pakistan and comparable to institutions such as Harvard University who award around 70% differing types of aid. The financial aid package of Habib University comprises of merit-based scholarships, grants, on-campus student employment opportunities, and loans. These options are available based on the students' requirements.

Habib University's financial aid advisors will work with students and their families throughout the financial aid process to ensure that they arrive at a contribution that takes all of the circumstances into consideration and decide accordingly. The University is committed to the fact that it does not want the financial aspect to deter a student from applying for admission. They understand that paying for the university is a concern for most families, and as a result have worked hard to make it accessible.

Habib University promises a world-class education, engages exceptional students and outstanding faculty, facilitates learning in an award-winning campus, opens doors to opportunities in research, and leads to endless possibilities in further education and careers of the modern world. Daily times

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Schools' winter break extended till 8th
Karachi: In view of extreme cold weather, the Sindh government has extended the winter break for all schools and colleges until January 8.

The decision came after parents and school associations requested the government to extend the vacation.

"In view of the cold wave, winter vacation for students all over Sindh has been extended till January 8," said a press release issued on Wednesday night.

Private School Management Association head Sharf-uz-Zaman welcomed the last-minute decision.

"The sudden cold wave is hazardous to the health of young children, especially those between age three and 12," he said.

With the temperature dropping to as low as 4 degrees Celsius, the uniforms of students are not designed to protect them from the cold.

The situation is strongly felt in rural Sindh where students from impoverished backgrounds often attend classes barefoot.

Many schools were opened on Tuesday according to the academic year set in the beginning of the year and would not be closed as per the government notification.

"These last-minute decisions of the government are fatal to the dwindling state of education. Our school will remain open as scheduled," said the principal of an O-level school. The news

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63,000 passed intermediate exams in 2013
Karachi: Like other sectors of Pakistan, unfortunately education sector also has not been productive throughout 2013; however, hundreds of students have successfully cleared their intermediate education.

As per details, 63,063 students passed intermediate examination, and female students in almost every discipline secured top positions. As many as 114,628 students attempted intermediate papers out of which 16,698 were candidates of Pre-engineering including 4,071 female students, who successfully cleared their examinations, which is 61.25 percent of the total.

Around 9,595 students took the pre-medical group exam, including 1,605 males, of which 52.82 percent were declared passed.

In commerce regular examination, 19,984 including 8,354 female candidates succeeded, which is 56.46 percent. In home economics regular examination, only 211 students were able to clear the examinations, which is 61.88 percent. Of the 61.88 percent, 31 candidates received 'A' grade, 70 'B', 79 'C' and 31 candidates were awarded a 'D' grade.

In medical technology, only 37.50 percent were declared passed out of the 10 registered students. Eight appeared in exam and only three managed to clear with 'D' and C grade.

In Humanities regular examination 4,750 candidates 529 female students were declared successful, the success rate was 44.85 percent while three candidates got 'A-one' grade, 151 'A', 847 'B', 1,961 'C', 1,634 'D' and 154 received 'E' grade. In Special Candidate Examination, 87 students were successfully, and rate of success in the discipline was 96.67 percent.

A total 4,941 students attempted commerce group examinations privately, of which 1,231 were females. The success ration was 48.35 percent. All in all 98 students received 'A' grade, 597 'B', 1,759 'C', 2,319 'D' and 169 were awarded 'E' grade.

Similarly, 5,841 attempted humanities private examinations, of which 2,466 were males. The total rate of success was 55.78 percent in humanities group.

In 2013 only 12 students cleared Diploma in Physical Education examination, while only three candidates cleared Diploma in Medical Technology.

As per the statistics of government colleges, in 2013 almost 89,131 candidates registered for intermediate first year. Daily times

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HEC accused of bias against Sindh
Hyderabad: The general secretary Sindh chapter of the Federation of All Pakistan Universities Academic Staff Association (FAPUASA) has said that the Higher Education Commission (HEC) always discriminates against Sindh when it comes to distribution of resources like scholarships, research grants, travel expenses or recurring and development budgets.

He said the HEC neglected public sector universities of Sindh.

In a statement e-mailed to Dawn on Wednesday, he said university teachers organizations, students bodies and the Sindh government raised voice against this discrimination, but in vain.

He sarcastically said that perhaps discrimination against Sindh was in the very DNA of the HEC because it continued regardless of the fact who led it.

He said that recently the HEC had announced 400 scholarships through HEC-French and HEC-Germany Need Based Scholarship Project for 10 selected universities of Pakistan. Ironically, he said, not a single university from Sindh was in the list. The HEC had been executing the same project through USAID since 2004 but the list of universities was kept secret.

He said the case of HEC's other projects, including indigenous scholarship, overseas scholarship, faculty development programme and many other projects was not different. He said that in addition to this, it could be anticipated that the HEC would continue the same practice in the prime ministers' laptop and loan scheme announced for youth.

He said that in view of this attitude, representatives of the public sector university teachers' associations across Sindh held a teleconference and demanded of the prime minister and president of Pakistan to take serious note of this grave injustice against the province and order an independent inquiry to hold the HEC accountable. Dawn

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'Appointment of HEC chairman through advisory committee'
Karachi: The federal government has decided to consult the advisory committee for the appointment of the HEC chairman.Federal Education Minister Baleeghur Rahman said that the reason behind the five-month dealy in the appointment of the HEC chairman was selection on merit. He said a summary had been sent to the prime minister in this connection and an advisory committee will be formed as soon as it was approved. He said the prime minister can directly appoint the HEC chairman as happened in the past. On the question of appointing a non-PhD as the HEC chairman, the minister said the name of Imtiaz Hussain Gilani was selected among the 17 names and his appointment as the HEC chairman was temporary.

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Javed Ashraf new deputy chairman of FUU Senate
Karachi: President Mamnoon Hussain has appointed former commissioner Karachi Javed Ashraf as the new deputy chairman of the Senate of Federal Urdu University.

The notification of his appointment was issued by the Aiwan-e-Sadr on Wednesday. He replaces Mushtaq Ahmed Yousfi who could not preside over any meeting of the Senate last year.

The president, by virtue of his office, is the chairman of the Senate and has presided its meetings. The news

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