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Pak students ready to graduate in Cuba as medics
Islamabad, Jan 06: The first batch of the students sent to Cuba by the Higher Education Commission on scholarship some six years ago, is set to graduate as medical doctors.

A total of 1,000 youths were selected for the general medicine programme offered by the Cuban government following the October 2005 earthquake in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa and Azad Jammu and Kashmir. Most students belong to quake-hit areas.

According to a relevant HEC official, the first batch's graduation ceremony will take place in Cuba in the third week of February.He said that after returning home, the medical graduates would have to pass the mandatory National Examination Board examination to secure the Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC) registration for practice.

The official said that the Cuban government had offered them free education, books, laundry, food, lodging, health insurance and other necessary goods, while the Pakistani government had provided them with monthly stipend and air tickets.

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PMDC to streamline medical education
Islamabad: The Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC) is committed to streamlining medical and dental education system in the country and has taken several tangible steps in this respect.

This was stated by PMDC President Professor Masood Hameed Khan while presiding over the 137th Council meeting at the PMDC headquarters on Saturday.

Professor Masood said that the PMDC had stopped three medical colleges from functioning over a lack of proper facilities, while many deficient colleges had been asked not to enroll more students.

He said that the PMDC had adopted zero tolerance towards the practice of fake doctors across the country, while more than 60 people had been caught with bogus medical registration and thus, facing criminal proceedings. The PMDC president said that a request had been made to the Auditor General of Pakistan for the complete administrative and financial audit of the PMDC.

He said that the audit would help the PMDC streamline its financial and administrative matters and check corruption.

Professor Masood said that the council was functioning under the law and there was no court restriction on the convening of its meeting.

He said that the PMDC had been looking into several complaints against the Yong Doctors Association members for dereliction of duty and negligence, and therefore, the YDA was pressuring it to stop the investigation through agitation.

The PMDC president said that the CPSP had also joined the agitation as the PMDC had stopped it from offering some postgraduate programmes without meeting the laid down criteria and mandatory permission.

During the meeting, Justice (r) Ghulam Rabbani said that the Lahore High Court order issued on December 27 didn't specifically restrain the council from holding a meeting as it had in fact referred to the court's earlier order for maintaining status quo at the PMDC.

He said that a meeting of the council could take place subject to law and legal principles.

The participants later decided to postpone the meeting, saying the Council will meet again shortly.

In addition to Professor Masood Hameed Khan and Justice (r) Ghulam Rabbani, others in attendance were Vice President Professor Syed M Awais and members Professor Hafizullah, Professor Saadat Khan, Professor Abdus Salam, Professor Azam H Yousifani, Professor Ghulamqadir Kazi, Professor Ziaul Haq, Professor Muhammad Aslam, Professor Shaheed Iqbal, Professor Moghees Baig, Dr Muslim Khan, Dr Marghub Khan, Dr Farooq Saeed Khan, Professor Razi Muhammad, Professor M Akbar Chaudhry, Dr Khurshid A Nasim, Professor Zaheer Abbasi and Professor Ziaul Islam, and Registrar Dr Raja Amjad Mahmood.

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PMDC cancels MRCS certificates of 73 doctors
Islamabad: The Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC) has cancelled the Member of Royal College of Surgeons certificates of 73 doctors, saying it doesn't register the MRCS as postgraduate qualification.

"The General Medical Council of the United Kingdom and Pakistan Medical and Dental Council declare the MRCS an entry level medical qualification for pursuing advanced level postgraduate qualification and therefore, it hasn't been formally registered by the PMDC as a postgraduate qualification," a spokesman for the PMDC said.

The spokesman of the Pakistan Medical and Dental Council said that first the MRCS was registered by the previous Pakistan Medical

and Dental Council administration without the mandatory Council approval and second, it was not notified by the federal government in official gazette as required by the law. He said that the decision to cancel the MRCS certificates was made on the recommendation of a committee comprising noted professors/surgeons including Professor Mussadiq Khan, Professor Aslam Shah, Professor Masood Hameed, and Lieutenant General (r) Dr Rehan Burney, who all thought that MRCS should not to be registered as postgraduate qualification.

The spokesman said the PMDC registration number of the doctors, whose MRCS certificates have been cancelled, are:

9568-N, 1299-AJK, 27571-P, 38577-P, 37786-P, 12585-N, 9814-N, 5904-N, 1314-N,

22709-P, 38314-P, 31155-S, 12927-N, 11382-N, 43956-P, 36406-P, 34452-S, 53452-P, 38472-P, 30672-P, 27662-P, 24348-P, 40465-P, 14494-N, 12806-P, 20390-P, 40617-P, 32445-P, 41889-P, 29053-P, 32889-P, 54826-P, 38495-P, 11407-N, 44775-P, 11408- P, 10222-N, 27383-P, 43956-P, 4213-N, 41497-S, 36-F, 30269-S, 46186-P, 54913-P, 43956-P, 37231-P, 1251-AJK, 55211-S, 55569-S, 20390-P, 35808-P, 30760-P, 33901-P, 30675-P, 7433-N, 1232-AJK, 34822-P, 7175-N, 36480-P, 18002-P, 31685-P, 11073-N, 21236-P, 8030-N, 16893-P, 1458-AJK, 11917-N, 34172-S, 25-F, 32809-P, 8932-N and 37710-P.

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31pc students get basic education in private schools
Islamabad: As many as 31 per cent of basic education students attend private schools, it is therefore important that up-to-date information be made available on this sub-sector, to ensure that policy development is based on knowledge of the entire education system not just the public sector alone.

The official data available with the Ministry of Education and Training pointed out that Pakistan's performance is weak on the education related elements of competitiveness, when compared with other countries in the region like India, China, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Malaysia.

The public sector is serving 26.63 million students to complete their education while the remaining 13.96 million students are in private sector of education.A Unesco report stated that Pakistan is still a long way from achieving universal primary enrolment.

As indicated by the primary Net Enrolment Rate (NER)'s estimate of 62%, over 35% of the population 5 to 9 years of age is not in school. Given a population of 5 to 9 years old of some 19.5 million, this means that about 7 million children aged 5 to 9 are out of the education system.An official said some new measures would be taken to ensure coordination with

the provincial educational departments to collect and compile more in-depth data about students especially those studying in the private schools.

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FU College of Dentistry inaugurated
Islamabad: Foundation University (FU) College of Dentistry was inaugurated by Fauji Foundation and President Foundation University Managing Director Lieutenant General (r) Muhammad Mustafa Khan, HI(M) here on Monday. FU Rector Major General (r) Gul Muhammad, HI(M) was also present on the occasion.

While speaking on the occasion, Fauji Foundation managing director said that the FUCD is another leap forward to serve the nation. He said, FUCD is housed in a four-story purpose-built complex and equipped with modern dental equipment, teaching aids, state-of-the-art labs, well-resourced lecture halls and qualified faculty of Dentists to provide Dental Care to the general public and beneficiaries of Fauji Foundation.

The Managing Director said that the College is a good addition to the portfolio of the University and will offer the University a chance to expand in the field of medicine besides providing students an opportunity to get quality education. He said this mega project of Foundation University Islamabad is all set to serve the nation from 2014 after approval by the Ministry of Health Regulations and Services and, PM&DC. The news

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140 Pak students to fly to US for fellowship programmes
Islamabad: As many as 140 students from different universities of the country will leave for the US within a few days for a semester of study at the colleges and universities there under the Global UGRAD fellowship programme, a US Department of State initiative.

The students, sixty per cent of whom are girls, will pursue degrees in a wide variety of disciplines, including humanities, social science, engineering, science, law, art and design, economics, business administration at over 50 different colleges and universities located throughout the United States. The US Embassy Minister Counsellor for Public Affairs Peter Brennan in a statement said: "We are proud that in Pakistan we run the single largest array of exchanges of any US Embassy in the world - sending over 1,200 Pakistanis to the United States every year. This shows the depth of our commitment to young Pakistanis, and our intent to invest in Pakistan's future."

The US government fully funds these fellowships for the entire period of study. The United States Educational Foundation in Pakistan (USEFP) administers the programme. "The really exciting thing about this group of undergraduates is that so many of these students come from remote or economically disadvantaged areas of Pakistan," said Rita Akhtar, Executive Director of USEFP.

She said this year's group included 63 students from Punjab, 35 from Sindh, 16 from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, 10 from Gilgit-Baltistan, five from Balochistan, three from Azad Jammu and Kashmir, six from the Federally Administered Tribal Areas and two from Islamabad. The Global UGRAD programme was launched in the fall of 2010 when the first cohort of around 50 students departed for the United States. More than 650 students have participated in the program to date. Daily times

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Court misled by education board as top students denied honours
Islamabad: The Federal Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (FBISE) allegedly defrauded the Islamabad High Court (IHC) and presented an alleged forged document in a case in which two deserving students were deprived of their top positions in annual exams of 2013, The News has learnt.

The documents available with 'The News' reveal that a student Saad Jan Roll No 502277 obtained first position in the annual examination of 2013 securing 927 marks in the Humanities group while a female student Abeera Saeed Roll No 578400 obtained second position in the board in Science General Group by securing 1010 marks in the annual exams.

However both the students were deprived of the top positions and their positions were given to those whose marks were less than them.When the students approached the board authorities to know the facts as to why they had been deprived, they were told that they could not be included in the position holders list as they had repeated a few papers in the exams.

Both the students informed the board authorities that by availing themselves of the 'Facility' option provided by the board which started in 2011 they had topped the board. Not only this but during the last two years, all the toppers availed themselves of the same 'facility' option and they were still given the awards.

After clear-cut refusal from the board authorities the students then filed a writ petition in the IHC but the court gave a decision against the students.According to this 'facility option', the students have been given the concession of appearing in up to two papers of Part-1 along with Part-2 papers.

According to the students, the lawyer of the board presented forged policy guidelines on a single page while the real policy guideline of the board has no such thing according to which the student by availing themselves of the 'Facility' option would not be eligible for the board position.

The students further claimed that the IHC gave the verdict against them upon this evidence and they were not heard. The students then filed review petition but the court upheld the decision of the single bench.

Interestingly, the toppers of annual exams of 2011 and 2012 have also availed themselves of the same option of 'Facility' and they were given awards. Both the students were invited in the award distributing ceremony but their names were not announced. Upon this, both the students informed the State Minister for Education Baleeghur Rehman who promised them that they would be given justice.

The minister then ordered for an inquiry which is underway. Both the students claimed that even after deducting their improved marks in the results still they hold the positions but the board has not considered their marks.When contacted, FBISE Chairperson Dr Shaheen Khan said neither the board defrauded the apex court nor they intended to do so.

She said that she was unaware of the 'Facility' option but when she came to know about this option she immediately ordered to withdraw this. She said that she had initiated an inquiry into this matter and the responsible person who introduced this option without her approval would face the disciplinary action. She said that she had amended the policy guideline now.

Justice (R) Tariq Mehmood while commenting on this issue said that sometimes it happened that the courts were misled through forged or fake documents.However, he said if someone had misled the court, the petitioners should go to the highest forum where they could raise this point. The news

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