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Girls take a lead over boys in AKU-EB HSC result as well
Karachi, July 24: After scoring higher in SSC, this year, girls have taken a lead over boys at Aga Khan University Examination Board (AKU-EB) in Higher Secondary School Certificate (Intermediate) results too. Followed by the SSC (Matric) results, girls not only remained at the top overall, but also secured the first two HSSC positions, as the results were announced on Monday.

Maleeka Mehmood of Habib Girls School obtained the first position with 93.33 percent marks. Komal Zehra Zaidi of Aga Khan Higher Secondary School stood second with 92.67 percent marks, while Muhammad Sameer Kayani of ETN High School secured the third position with 91.90 percent marks.

The overall passing rate in HSSC Part-I was 76.6 percent with 22.5 percent candidates scoring an A-Grade or above; however in HSSC-Part II, it was 84.6 percent with 29.5 percent candidates obtaining an A Grade or above.

Associate Director AKU-EB Karima Kara was very pleased with the overall results of all the students. "We are very happy with the overall performance of our candidates in the annual examinations," she said. "We appreciate the teachers and schools who prepared them well for these challenging examinations by facilitating an active learning environment in their classrooms."

Kara was excited to state that universities, both in Pakistan and abroad, are recognizing AKU-EB candidates as well-prepared students grasp new ideas with ease and are particularly good at applying concepts. "This reflects the value, popularity and currency of our qualifications particularly in HSSC," she added.

AKU-EB's annual alumni survey has also revealed a very high percentage of its alumni not only passing entry tests of renowned institutions, but also securing scholarships to pursue their studies there. According to the survey, 87 percent of the 2012 alumni interviewed have obtained admissions at diverse universities across Pakistan and abroad.

The survey further showed that AKU alumni are studying in over 160 institutions across Pakistan, and around 40 universities abroad. Complete survey results will be shared on AKU-EB's website, soon.

Abdul Rafay is one of the many alumni who have obtained admissions at renowned universities abroad. Anxiously waiting for the start of his first semester of undergraduate studies at the International University of Highlands and Islands in Scotland, he said that AKU-EB groomed his skills and enabled him to achieve the dreams of studying abroad.

"Meeting the university's admission requirements, writing personal statements and taking the tests became so easy and enjoyable with the training I received at AKU-EB. I wish to give back to the Board one day after completing my studies," he said. Daily times

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For education revival, Sindh looks overseas
Karachi: Have the politicians too lost faith in the Pakistani education system? Two successive education ministers in Sindh have now confessed to mulling over opening Cambridge schools across the province.

The mantra started off with Pir Mazharul Haq, the Sindh education minister in the previous government, claiming the education department would set up O- and A-Level schools in all districts.

"We want to bring in modern expertise to improve the local education system," he said during a meeting held on September 8, 2012, to discuss education development schemes for the 2012-13 fiscal year.

The idea was to open separate girls and boys school in the 23 districts of Sindh.

When Nisar Khuhro, the current provincial education minister, held his first press conference after assuming charge, he also repeated his predecessor's dream. "In this time of competition, the government will set up Cambridge schools so that our children do not lag behind," he avowed.

Exorbitant rates
In the May-June session of Cambridge International Examinations this year, the Pakistani students paid more than Rs720 million in fees to the UK-based examination board.

For a poor country like Pakistan, educationists say, this is an outrageous figure. Most believe that instead of launching such initiatives, the government should focus on improving the local education board.

"Improving the education boards is an expensive endeavour but it can be done," said Abbas Hussain, the Teachers' Development Centre chairperson. "Provided that we spend the money we give to the UK government in our own country."

No need as such
Saadiqa Salahuddin, the head of Indus Resource Centre, a not-for-profit organisation running a network of schools in Sindh, believes such initiatives should be discouraged. "The government policy should be to educate more and more people or it will be exactly like Daanish Schools in Punjab, where one massive project provides quality education and the existing schools remain poorly managed."

"Moreover, the curriculum and classroom set up of O- and A-Level schools is not suited, for say, a school in rural Sindh, where teacher absenteeism and student dropout are crucial issues," she said:

Widening the gap
The Pakistan People's Party in its election manifesto promised to take steps to reduce the gap between public and private sector schools. But initiatives like these, educationists believe, will in fact widen the gap.

"This will only make students in Sindh feel they are not educated just because they cannot speak English," said Salahuddin. "Education does not have any language barriers and it is the student's right to be taught in his mother tongue."

"After making education free and compulsory for children aged between five and 16 (article 25-A), the government must now focus on its implementation," she said. "This can only be done when attention is paid on educating the masses rather than concentrating on expensive projects."

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KU MBBS first professional exam result
Karachi: The University of Karachi (KU) on Friday announced the MBBS First Professional Part-A, Annual Examination 2013.

As per result statistics 715 candidates were registered and 713 appeared in the exam. Three hundred and fifty seven passed it, making 49.93 the pass percentage.

The KU also announced the result of MBBS First Professional Part-B, Annual Examination 2013.

As per result statistics 454 candidates were registered and 453 appeared in the

exam. Two hundred and fifty five passed it, making 60.71 the pass percentage. The news

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KU masters' admission forms
Karachi: The forms for admission to Masters and Diploma courses in the Evening Programme at the University of Karachi can be submitted up to July 23. This was announced on Monday by evening programme director Professor Dr Abu Zar Wajidi.

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SSUET to introduce new disciplines
Karachi: Sir Syed University of Engineering and Technology (SSUET) is planning to introduce new programmes in Bio-Informatics, Architecture, Software Engineering and Management Sciences, said Vice-Chancellor SSUET Prof Dr Jawaid H Rizvi.

The Board of Governors of SSUET has given the go-ahead for start of new programmes from the academic session 2014, an official of the institution said here on Sunday.

SSUET, he said, is also exploring the possibility of introducing BS programme at its Institute of Environment and Human Settlements. Disaster Relief Plan Cell at this Institute has published various reports on disaster preparedness in the wake of floods, rains, earthquakes, fire etc. which were appreciated by various circles.

Dr Rizvi was quoted as saying that at present SSUET has over 5,000 students on its roll studying in the engineering disciplines of Computer, Electronics, Bio-Medical, Civil and Telecommunication besides Computer Science. He said that keeping the new emerging trends, the University has decided to start new programmes to meet the growing market demands.

VC said the University is already offering post-graduate programmes at Master and Ph D levels besides robust continuous education programme in the evening. He said that SSUET labs are equipped with state of the art equipment.

It is the policy of the University to continue to improve and update its laboratories with latest equipment.

He said the introduction of new programmes from new academic year could open up doors for those who want to enter the fields having greater potential to cope with the growing market demands. app

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