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NED university bailout request?
Karachi, June 26: NED University of Engineering and Technology urges for a bailout package with a net shortfall of Rs 1,421.309 million, of which Rs 664.947 million are bank loans against investments. Drastic raise in salaries, higher number of students, lesser grants, extra teaching and non-teaching staff, creation of posts, reappointment of retired officials on contract basis and excess expenses have caused a financial crisis in NED University of Engineering and Technology.

This has been stated in the university's five-year financial report, which was submitted to the governor house.

The report said that the university, on account of examination fees, tuition fees, enrolment/registration fees, admission fees, library fees, hostel fees, house rent and other recovery, receipts from prospectus admission forms, transport / buses receipts and miscellaneous receipts /other internet fees, receipts from university expert services, self finance scheme funds, CCEE academy and sports/others activities fund has received Rs 135.428 million in 2006-07, Rs 152.489 million in 2007-08, Rs 196.423 million in 2008-09, Rs 205.942 million in 2009-10, Rs 218.765 million in 2010-11, Rs 271.907 million in 2011-12 and Rs 283.216 million up to April 2013, whereas, estimated income on above mentioned accounts is Rs 331.910 million for 2012-13.

Report about expenditures said that the university spent more than it collected. In 2007-08 the expenditures were Rs 634.218 million including salaries, pension contribution, gas charges, water charges, electricity, communication, overtime charges, medical charges, purchase of machinery and equipment, purchase of stationary and other expenses. While the expenditure in 2008-09 was Rs 834.452 million, Rs 943.044 million in 2009-10, Rs 1,176.150 million in 2010-11 and Rs 1,179.873 million up to April 2013, whereas, projected expenditure is Rs 1,652.667 million for 2012-13.

Report further asserted that the present crisis has been hampering this university since 2007-08 as a result of consistent and continuous shortfalls in recurring grants, delay in receipt of grants as well as increasing number of enrolled students. "University has compiled a net shortfall of around Rs 1,421.309 million to-date in which Rs 664.947 million are bank loans against investments," the report added.

Informing about increase in salaries of teaching and non-teaching staff, the report revealed that grand total of salary expenditure in 2005-06 was Rs 211.500 million, in 2006-07 it was Rs 261.791 million with a 24 percent increase, in 2007-08 it reached to Rs 373.172 million with 43 percent rise, 2008-09 it was Rs 520.510 million and 39 percent increase, in 2009-10 with 9 percent added it was Rs 565.627 million, 2010-11 Rs 731.409 million with 29 percent, in 2011-12 it was around 938 million another 28 percent rise and up to April 2013 it is Rs 858.008 million.

The statistics of shortfall in HEC grant on account of adoptions of increase in pay and allowances. The total financial impact from 2005-13 is Rs 884.781 million, however, HEC issued Rs 446.164 million, whereas, the difference is Rs 438.617 million. Report also informed that in last five years expenditures on additional (not required) teaching and non-teaching posts is Rs 207.997 million.

The total contractual employees in NED are around 120 out of which many are retired officials, who are reappointed. Total expenditure of contractual employees is Rs 43.379 million currently.

At the end of the report, there are also some suggestions to tackle the financial situation:

"To improve the situation, university should focus on increase in earning, mainly in fee in all categories, creation of self finance seats of Rs 1 million of around 200 for repayment of loan, reduction of expenditure, hospitalisation at out-source with insurance company, immediate removal of contractual employees, increase in tuition fees and others."

Report urged Governor House to approach Federal Government and Sindh Government for a bail out package and continuous support towards recurring grant for NED University.

NED University Registrar Javeed Aziz said, "The recruitment is above requirement."

He was of the view that over recruitment is also the issue behind financial crisis. Aziz asserted, "Supporting staff is higher than faculty members and as per the ratio of HEC." Daily times

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KU MA exams began
Karachi: The annual examinations 2012 of MA previous and final (private and regular) will start on Wednesday (today) and continue till July 6, Director Examinations, University of Karachi, announced on Tuesday.

The examinations will be held from 2.30pm to 5.30pm. In all 19,574 students of MA private previous and final are appearing in the examinations. They include 8,356 boys and 11,218 girls.

The Karachi University has set up 12 examination centres for boys and 18 for girls at different departments. The number of candidates in MA previous and final (regular) is only 79. The news

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Poor result puts teachers' performance in question
Kohat: The students of around 80 government high schools here could not get any position in the annual examinations-2013 of secondary school certificate conducted by the Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, Kohat.

It is a big question mark on the performance of government school teachers who remain busy round the year staging strikes for increase in pay and allowances and promotion, but never pay attention to their responsibility of imparting good education to the students.

The result gazette showed that only one student from among over 5,000 government school students could get A-1 grade and 164 'A' grade, while nobody could get a position to qualify for a scholarship.

In Keri Sheikhan girls high school only three students could pass the examination, while the result of Lachi Payan town school stood at 27 per cent.

Among other schools with the lowest pass percentage of students were Nakband high school 40 per cent, Mandoori 32 per cent, Ghorazai 33 per cent, Shadikhel 41 per cent and Bilitang 44 per cent.

Overall the government high schools, both boys and girls, recorded 50 per cent success rate. All the top positions were secured by students of cadet college, Kohat, and other private institutions.

The social circles have called for performance-based assessment of government school teachers. Dawn

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