Karachi colleges BA, BSc and BCom admissions 2013

KU announces admission forms dates
Karachi, March 02: University of Karachi (KU) announced on Friday that the admission forms for BA, BSc and BCom (Pass) Part-I and II in its affiliated colleges would be received by March 21, 2013, at the respective colleges along with late fee of Rs 1,000. Moreover, the registration forms of MA Private, double MA and improvement of division could be accepted up to March 7 along with a fee of Rs 2,500. For the change of subject the forms along with fee of Rs 500 could also be received by March 7.

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Roots Model United Nations 2013 a mega success
Islamabad: Roots Model United Nations 2013, the dynamic academic simulation of United Nations directing to educate participants about global current events, international relations issues, diplomacy and the United Nations schemas, was officially inaugurated by Roots School System DHA1 Flagship Campus Islamabad the other day, according to a press release issued on Friday.

The grand opening ceremony of Global Village depicting colourful cultures of the world through performances and informative stalls was indeed a spectacular galore of the students' intellect.

Roots School System DHA1 Campus Executive Director Khadija Mushtaq welcomed the honourable chief guest, Minister Counsellor for Public Affairs of United States of America Peter M Brennan, along with all the other distinguished guests.

She highlighted the immense talent potential of the school and emphasised that Roots DHA1 Flagship Campus was certainly depicting a true image of Pakistan where a Rootsian is the perfect cosmopolitan, multi-cultural representative of the nation.

The ceremony inaugurated with the flags parade as the director general announced the ceremony to be officially open.

An amazing line-up of attractive and traditional performances and fabulous stalls added to the thrilling experience and mesmerised the foreign guests.

The students presented a magical journey around the world in 60 minutes. All the delegates from various schools presented beautiful stalls of various countries from around the world including their traditional attire, special cuisines and unique souvenirs.

The glamorous cultural presentations with traditional fervour and festivity included Punjabi, Pashto, Sindhi, Balochi, Chinese, Spanish, American, British, German, Indian, French, African, Arabian and Turkish performances. The best performance was by Spain choreographed by Roots Ivy International Schools GT Road branch teachers.

The best stall certainly belonged to the Republic of China, with a dazzling display of their rich and diverse culture, literature, music, visual arts, martial arts, traditional cuisine, etc. Other country stalls were by Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, US, Spain, Italy, UK, Germany, Netherland, Malaysia, Japan, Sri Lanka, Australia, Canada, France, India, Palestine, Algeria, Switzerland, Egypt and South Korea.

The stalls promoted the spirit of global cooperation, international harmony and tolerance of other cultures, religions and societies.

The food pavilion was spiced up with delicious food stalls for all the participants and guests to enjoy.

At the end, Peter M Brennan appreciated the enthusiasm and zeal displayed by the students and the rich cultural performances. He said that RMUN Global Village 2013 was an amalgamation of cultures around the world that were depicted by the students with intellect and finesse. "Such ventures can contribute to building social bridges and pathways towards global peace and friendship."

He said he looked forward to seeing more of such dynamics events at Roots DHA1 and would love to visit again. The RMUN team, delegates and all the participants posed for a group photo with honourable chief guest. Daily times

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The ghost of bogus degrees haunts the world, including Pakistan
He says that he has valid degrees from two London-based institutions. Only that he never went to London to study. Varun clarified that he was an off-site student."

The reputed media outlet had quoted Varun Gandhi as saying: "I received a Bachelor of Science (Economics) on August 1, 2002 sponsored by the London school of Economics. I received a Master's Degree from the School of Oriental and African Studies in 2004. The documents are available for verification. Both these degrees are taught off site. The external degrees are sponsored by these institutions."

Mamta Banerjee, the current Chief Minister of West Bengal, has also been accused of claiming a phony doctorate degree from East Georgia University. However it was later discovered that the university with such name did not exist.

The Indian Railways Minister Mukul Roy and a noted politician Kunal Ghosh are also amongst various lawmakers across the border, who have allegedly "benefited" from these back-street universities, called diploma mills in the United States and the West. The prestigious "India Today" had reported in its May 28, 2012 edition: "Members of the Trinamool Congress, led by party Chief Mamata Banerjee, seem to be making a habit of flaunting dubious educational achievements. Barely half a decade after it was revealed that the American university Banerjee claimed to have done her PhD from never even existed, two of her loyal party-men have come under the scanner for similar discrepancies in their declared educational qualification."

This magazine had added that there were glaring incongruities in the profiles of Railways Minister Mukul Roy and a local politician Kunal Ghosh, both Rajya Sabha members.The menace of buying degrees from online diploma mills had also disgraced the former Iranian Interior Minister, Ali Kordan, who was later impeached by his country's Parliament in November 2008 for allegedly lying about his credentials.

Out of 247 Iranian legislators, as many as 188 had voted to impeach Kordan, though 45 were against the motion. Ali Kordan had claimed to have obtained an Honorary Doctorate degree in Law from the Oxford University, but probe had found him guilty of acting fraudulently.

This correspondent had reported in his March 27, 2010 article, appearing in "The News International," that the Oxford University had also denied awarding any degree to Ali Kordan. Investigations further revealed that Kordan had also claimed to have obtained two other phony degrees from Iran's Open University.

British politician Jeffrey Howard Archer, Deputy Chairman of the Conservative Party, was also accused of providing false evidence of his academic qualifications.Archer, made a Life Peer in 1992 by the Queen on the advice of the then UK Premier John Major, was accused of buying a fake diploma from an American institution (which was actually a body-building club) to get admission at the Oxford University.

The British MP was also imprisoned for four years after he was found guilty of perjury and perverting the course of justice in a murder case. Kostas Margaritis, a Greek politician, was found guilty of obtaining a degree from the Shelbourne University, another institution from the US consortium of diploma mills.

A few years ago, Antoine Zahra, a Lebanese parliamentarian, had claimed that she possessed a Diploma in Business Studies from the University of Harrington.This university had turned out to be one the 27 unaccredited institutions connected to the US-based University Degree Programme.

Antoine Zahra was one of the 14 Lebanese politicians accused of presenting phony degrees during these recent years.Similarly, George Weah, a retired Liberian football player-turned-politician, was also found guilty of listing a degree from Parkwood University, yet another unaccredited diploma mill operational in the US.

He had spent 14 years of his professional football career playing for clubs in France, Italy, and England, winning titles in two of the three countries. Other eminent international personalities who are known to have pleaded guilty of acquiring fake educational degrees include British science fiction writer Ron Hubbard, former Senior Director at the US Department of Homeland Security Laura Callahan, former member of Canadian Parliament Jag Bhaduria, West Palm Beach Church of Florida's Pastor Steven Flockhart, Toronto Stock Exchange's former Vice President Terry Popowich, famous international football coach George O'Leary, Ireland's Government Science Adviser Barry McSweeney and noted South Korean movie star Jang Mi-hee, who later became a theatre and visual arts professor at a prestigious college in her country on the basis of forged documents.

All these afore-stated personalities had to relinquish their posts after they were found culpable.Research reveals that the United States government had admitted in 2004 that at least 28 high-ranking state officials, including three managers responsible for emergency operations at nuclear facilities, had bought fake degrees from the diploma mills.

The US General Accounting Office, an investigative arm of the Congress, had then told a Senate committee that it had found 463 government employees who had received degrees from three unaccredited schools-the Kennedy-Western University, California Coast University and the Pacific Western University.

The investigation, which was prompted by a request from Senate Governmental Affairs Committee, further found that these schools which charged a flat fee for a degree had also received at least $170,000 in government tuition-reimbursement funds. The US Senate's Governmental Affairs Committee had identified 28 high-level employees from eight different American agencies, who were guilty of buying these fake online degrees.

The Committee had actually singled out three National Nuclear Security Administration employees who had top-secret security clearances and were entrusted with emergency operations responsibilities.

By June 2009, more than 180 people from across the Gulf had been blacklisted for holding fake US academic certificates allegedly bought from non-accredited institutions, including 69 from Saudi Arabia and 68 from the UAE.

The United States Federal Trade Commission had viewed in its 2005 report, and it may well be applicable in Pakistan's case, that if a person holds a Master's degree but no bachelor's degree, alarms should ring.

This Commission had stated in its report that there may be incidents, where degrees have been earned out of sequence or more quickly than would normally be the case. According to this report, if people presenting a Master's degree for a certain purpose are asked to submit their Bachelor's degrees too, there are bright chances that a few more scandals will be unearthed.

While the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan might still be concentrating on verifying the authenticity of the Bachelor's degrees presented to it by the politicians, it won't thus be a bad idea to also ask the lawmakers presenting a Master's degree, to show their respective Bachelor's degrees.

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FBI 'stung' Pakistani student faces extradition
London: A genius Pakistani computer programmer alleges he has been let down by the government of Pakistan after Pakistani authorities failed to provide any assistance to the programmer in his bid to avoid extradition from Britain to the United States on computer hacking allegations. Usman Ahzaz, 24, faces extradition to the United States under the Extradition Act 2003 within a week where he will be pitched against the most powerful intelligence of the world, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) which originally claims to have trapped the Pakistani student during a "sting" operation. The lawyers acting for the United States have not made the evidence public and that worries Usman Ahzaz the most.

Usman Ahzaz, who is originally from Lahore, came to Britain on 1st August 2011 and gained admission at Brunel University to study for a degree in Information Systems and Computing.

The university asked him to go back to Pakistan and change his work visa to student status. On 15th of August, the Pakistan student was almost boarding a flight to Pakistan from London's Heathrow airport when the Metropolitan Police, acting under the request of the FBI, swooped on him and took him to London's Wandsworth Prison where he was imprisoned till 28th December 2011.

The FBI alleged that Ahzaz had "surreptitiously controlled" more than 100,000 protected computers (a "botnet") without the owners' knowledge. Previously, those computers had been infected with malicious software ("malware"), alleges the FBI in the court papers seen by The News.

The FBI goes on to allege that in June 2010, Usman sold "installs" to an undercover FBI agent who paid the Pakistani student US$600 in return for his agreement to "surreptitiously install what he believed to be malicious computer code (provided by the undercover agent) onto the compromised computers within the Appellant's botnet".

The FBI has alleged that the software provided to Ahzaz was "indeed installed on more than 100,000 computers" but no harm was caused which shows that it was an entrapment and the Pakistani national was allured into the trap.

Speaking to The News in London, a fearful and distraught Usman Ahzaz, who has exhausted all avenues of appeal, says that Pakistani government is fully involved in this "miscarriage of justice". He has been tagged and lives under 7pm-10am curfew at one of his relative's home.

"I have no idea what the Americans will do to me when I am there. I have no money to afford a lawyer there. My lawyers advised me to ask the government of Pakistan to intervene and ask the British government to stop my extradition but the government of Pakistan didn't do anything for me. I would have liked to have a fair trial in Pakistan. If the government of Pakistan doesn't do anything to stop my extradition then that will be end of my life."

The FBI alleged that Ahzaz had hacked 100,000 computers but were unable to prove it in the High Court in London and the number was therefore brought down to 800 computers, which is also unproved. "Whenever I contacted the govt, I was told that they have written to someone but never told me who to.

They never visited me when I was in prison. I was treated like dirt. Pakistani officials didn't respond to my lawyer's request for help.

It's due to the failure of the Pakistani government that I will be extradited to the US to face charges in American courts even after nothing could be proven in London, for the crimes I have never committed," Ahzaz says.

Lord Justice Gross and Mrs Justice Gloster, sitting at the Royal Court of Justice, said that the extradition request was focused on "an attempt rather than the causing of actual damage" because the computers were not damaged because the FBI provided software to the Pakistani computer programmer which they knew would not cause damage.

Pakistani Community Toha Qureshi MBE said that the unfairness of Britain's extradition treaty with the US was highlighted recently when computer hacker Gary Mckinnon was spared extradition to the US by the High Court because he had been diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome but around the same time Muslim British citizens Babar Ahamd and Talha Ahsan were extradited to the US.

A legal expert, requesting anonymity, commented: "It is outrageous that a foreign intelligence outfit was able to entrap a foreign student on British soil and then Britain allows extradition on very flimsy evidence that the High Court itself states was exaggerated. How will this student be given a fair trial?"

Usman's solicitor Kaim Todner said in a statement: "This case is yet another classic example of the American authorities taking advantages of the unfair Extradition Treaty between the UK and the US."

A Pakistan High Commission spokesman said that the government of Pakistan has asked British authorities for Usman's repatriation to Pakistan.

"Our position was he can be prosecuted in the Pakistani Courts as Pakistan has Cyber crime laws and secondly the place of occurrence of the said crime is Pakistan".

It is believed that the FBI is of the view that the alleged cyber crime took place in Pakistan and Usman used the same email identity that he used for the alleged hacking as well as for taking admission in the Brunel University. The news

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