KU MPhil, PhD, MS admissions | RIP Hamza

KU admission schedule
Karachi, May 06: Karachi University has announced a schedule for admissions to MPhil, PhD, MS in surgery and MD in medicine for 2013.

The admission forms and prospectus may be downloaded from Karachi University's website (www. uok.edu.pk) from May 6 to 21 and submitted to the respective KU departments with a pay order of Rs2,000, said a KU press release on Sunday. app

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Khairpur varsity dean found dead
Sukkur: Professor Dr Lutfullah Phulpoto, dean of the faculty of arts and commerce at the Shah Abdul Latif University, Khairpur, was found dead at his house at the Staff Quarters Colony on Saturday.

The SSP of Khairpur, Naveed Nisar Khawaja, said that a pistol was found lying near the professor's body. He said that the circumstantial evidence suggested the professor had committed suicide by pumping a bullet into his head. However, an investigation is under way to get to the bottom of the case. The SSP said that the police were also examining the professor's mobile phone's data. He said that it was learnt from his family and his university colleagues that he had not been under any kind of stress.

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RIP Hamza, you will be missed
Karachi: Rimsha Ahmed, the sister of 16-year-old Hamza Ahmed who was allegedly gunned down by his schoolmate's security guard in Defence, has written a heart-wrenching letter in which she not only describes her relationship with the caring, cheerful brother she could always count on, but also seeks justice for him. Here are a sister's emotions in the form of words:

"I never thought, even in my wildest dreams that I would ever write about such a painful incident; my brother's traumatising death. My name is Rimsha Ahmed and Hamza Ahmed was my 16-year-old younger brother.

Hamza had a heart of gold and he had countless friends, family, and acquaintances who will attest to that fact. He was quite a unique individual; with an inimitable personality that had an indescribable influence on my life.

All brothers and sisters have a love-hate relationship and so did we. Our relationship was, in fact, much deeper than that and our bond was unbreakable. We would laugh together all the time and cry on each other's shoulders. We would often fight at the silliest things, but we would quickly make peace like nothing ever happened. He was a rock and I could count on him.

Although he was younger, Hamza would take care of me and protect me like an older brother. I felt safe when he was around. He was the total "maa ka ladlaa"! Ammi's favourite! I don't blame her. No one could resist his charming self, his joyful smile and his beaming eyes that sparkled with life. He could win anyone's heart; mom had no choice! I would not admit it to him, but he was my favourite too!

I would give up anything to hold him in my arms and see his smile again!

I still cannot wrap my head around the horrific and needless tragedy that took our Hamza away from us. This calamity was brought upon us due to a trivial argument between Hamza and another boy, Shoaib Naveed, allegedly over a girl. It was likely to be just a misunderstanding. The altercation escalated resulting in six bullets being fired. Two missed, four pierced through his chest. For those who are trying to justify or minimise this heinous act by attributing nonsensical reasons, I wonder how many of those would say the same if, instead of my brother, it was someone dear to them. How can we, as a nation or even as decent humans, have such low empathy and respect for human life? How can we be so comfortable and blatant about being so disgraceful? These people are adding insult to our injury; the likes of which we would not wish upon anyone.

Due to the overwhelming discrepancies of retelling the event, I cannot say with certainty as to what truly happened (at least not yet). But the obvious and undisputed element of the incident is the unwarranted loss of life, a brutal murder. It is about the disconcerting use of weapons. Is it time to bid farewell to decency and faith in humanity? I think not! Against these odds, I still have faith in humanity, the common decency, in truth and justice. I think we all do.

Irrespective of who pulled the trigger; whether it the boy, Shoaib, or his gunman, the consequence is that Hamza is dead! Murdered brutally and left for dead. One cannot possibly fathom what my loving brother endured in his last moments. It tears me up inside, and makes me sick to my stomach to venture such thoughts.

I repeatedly wonder why this argument didn't end with a few bruised egos or perhaps a black eye. It should have! Why couldn't my brother's alleged slap be reciprocated with a slap or even two? Why the use of a deadly weapon? Why bring a gunman to settle a dispute? How could anyone have the audacity to pull the trigger on a child? I am afraid I will ponder this till all my days are over. Am I the only one because the victim was my brother? No! I dare think not.

Unfortunately, our nightmare does not end here; it gets worse. It's complicated by our society's ability to simply look away. We are unable to reconcile the idea that we are all humans, the descendants of Adam and Havva, yet no one cares enough to come forward and tell the truth! How can it be that no one actually saw what happened on a busy street and that too in the middle of the day? How can there be heartless people who are consciously choosing to turn their faces away after seeing what they saw? Knowing what they know? I know that there were several people witness to this and they know exactly what happened and who shot my Hamza.

We all incessantly complain about living in a country that is fast heading downhill, yet now when we have a chance to do the right thing morally, ethically, religiously why aren't we? I pray for their safety and hope they never experience the intolerable pain of losing a family member so senselessly.

My family and I cannot begin to describe our heartache to you. We feel the same despair you all do over what is going on in our beloved country. We are all troubled by the senseless and pervasive violence all around us, but to make it worse now we have to live with the brutal murder of our Hamza. We know that he will never come back, but as responsible citizens and moral humans, we can no we must take action and demand justice. Perhaps it will set a precedent and maybe just maybe our efforts might save another innocent life. Would it be foolish to dream of getting some closure? Is it too much to demand the truth? To ensure the authorities take some action so that there are consequences of pulling the trigger and take a life so callously?

Yes. We want justice for Hamza. We want to know the truth about what happened. Who shot him in cold blood? Why? We deserve the truth; we all do! We all want justice; our friends, family every single individual in Pakistan wants there to be justice for Hamza and for every innocent man, woman and child that is a victim of violence.

Our nation is rife with death and destruction. Every fifth person is going through the trauma of losing someone close to their heart. If we do not take a stand right now our country will go from bad to worse. I beseech everyone reading this to stand up for their right to be respected as a human being with God given dignity and to do it today before it's too late.

I implore you to rise up and demand the truth, before it's too late. We must all stand up for humanity before it's too late. We deserve to be safe from harm and live our lives in peace. I hope that this tragedy will not only leave us with inconsolable tears but also serve as an impetus for strength and courage to make a change.

'To Allah we belong, and to him we shall return'. Everything happens for a reason and everyone comes to this world with a purpose. Let's all pray for Hamza Ahmed's place in heaven and for the forgiveness of his sins and ours. Let us not only pray but have the courage to act in a way that justice be served, that the wrongdoings and ruthless acts have a consequence. Let's pave the way to help make this country a place where we know that our children will be safe.

I appeal for a full and fair investigation into Hamza Ahmed's case and I plead for a country with strict laws against the abuse of power that comes with the privilege of using weapons so that another 16-year-old does not become a victim of a brutal and senseless murder like Hamza did.

I hope that another family does not suffer the torment, helplessness and confusion that have engulfed our lives. May Allah grant us the wisdom and strength to bring justice and peace to this world. Ameen."

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SSUET student hurt trying to get out of jammed lift
Karachi: A 3rd semester student of the electronics department of the Sir Syed University of Engineering and Technology (SSUET) was injured when he fell into the duct of the lift of the university's Block-F.

An inquiry, ordered into the incident by Vice-Chancellor Prof Dr Jawaid H Rizvi, showed that the lift, which was carrying four students, had stuck on the second floor of the building.

While the lift operator, Nisar Ahmed, was trying to open the lift door, a student, identified as Uzair Ahmed, attempted to get out in panic when the door was half open and fell into the duct.

In order to save the student, the lift operator also jumped out and suffered a minor injury.

However, three other students remained safe. Uzair was rushed to the Liaquat National Hospital where his condition was stated stable.

Registrar Shah Mahmood Hussain visited the student in the hospital and said that the university would bear the cost of his treatment. The news

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