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FPSC announces CSS-2013 result
Islamabad, Nov 23: The Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC) has announced result of competitive examination CSS-2013 for recruitment to posts in BS-17 under federal government.

FPSC has notified the names of 338 candidates who have qualified in written part of the competitive examination.

The candidates, who have passed the written examination will be intimated the schedule of medical examination, psychological assessment and viva voce test, in due course of time. They are advised to stay in touch with FPSC's website.

Moreover, the candidates who have passed the written examination and not fulfilled the requirements to the satisfaction of the commission, are advised to do needful urgently.

Till then their candidature will remain provisional. This result is also available at FPSC's website www.fpsc.gov.pk.

In a statement issued here Thursday, the FPSC said every care has been taken to ensure accuracy and correctness.

However, the commission reserves the right of rectifying any error and omission etc. at any time.

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IIU stopped from deducting allowance from salaries of lecturers
Islamabad: Justice Noorul Haq N Qureshi of the Islamabad High Court (IHC) here on Thursday stopped the International Islamic University (IIU) administration from the deduction of special allowance from the salaries of lecturers.

Justice Qureshi issued these orders while deciding the petitions of 67 IIU lecturers who had contended that the university had stopped their special allowance while issuing a letter on March 2012.

The IHC bench also set aside the letter. Petitioners through their counsel Niazullah Niazi adopted before the court that they had been receiving special allowance, ranging from Rs25,000 to 50,000 per month, since they joined service 10 to 15 years back. The IIU management in March last year had withdrawn the allowance citing financial constraints.

While citing the rector, president and the director finance of the IIU as respondents, petitioners adopted before the court that the deduction was done in an unlawful manner and on unsubstantial grounds that was discrimination and in violation of Articles 4 and 25 of the Constitution.

Due to the deduction, the faculty members had been facing financial hardships and it was also a violation of the terms and conditions on which they had initially been appointed, the counsel further argued.

Legal counsel of IIU Rehanuddin Khan counter argued that the board of governors (BoG) of the IIU in 2010 due to financial constraints had decided to freeze the special allowance and payment of the allowance was finally stopped in 2012 as the university could not afford extra payment to the teaching staff.

According to him, the university was not a profitable corporate institution but it is an educational institution therefore it is difficult for its administration to cut its other expenditures for the sake of an unnecessary allowance.

The IIU counsel further contended that faculty members have been receiving reasonable salaries and the BoG under the Universities Ordinance was fully empowered to make the decision regarding deduction of the allowance.

The court after deciding the matter disposed off the case. The news

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Ghost schools case : SC declares appointment of acting HEC ED void
Islamabad: The Supreme Court (SC) on Friday in its detailed judgement on ghost schools declared the appointment of the acting Higher Education Commission (HEC) executive director (ED) illegal and void.

The order stated the appointment was contrary to the HEC Ordinance and the notification of the said appointment was illegal.

The apex court also directed the government to establish accreditation boards in all provinces and the Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT).

The boards will have to ensure that ghost schools are identified and shut down. It will also take action against those who has been receiving salaries and other perks without performing their duties in the Education Department.

Professor Dr Gulzar A Niazi from the US wrote a letter on April 20 to the chief justice, which pointed out the increasing number of ghost schools in the country.

The apex court observed that the educational system had been facing two problems, namely, the existence of ghost schools and absenteeism of the teachers, which should be investigated by an authority.

The reports submitted in the apex court by session judges showed that instead of using the school premises for imparting education to children, influential persons had forcibly occupied the school premises. Some of the schools were being used as cattle sheds, which was very unfortunate, the reports added.

The order said the provincial governments through the authorities concerned should ensure that the occupied school buildings which had been illegally occupied by influential persons be repossessed.

The order added that if there were any litigation pending, the registrars of the respective high courts would ensure the decision of the cases expeditiously.

Similarly, cases pending before the high courts and the Supreme Court concerning the school properties should also be disposed off expeditiously.

The order was written by Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry. app

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UoP launches new machine
Peshawar: University of Peshawar vice chancellor Professor Mohammad Rasul Jan on Friday inaugurated the operation of the 400 MHz Varian Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) spectrometer at the Institute of Chemical Sciences.

According to a press release issued here on Friday, the machine costing around Rs30 million is first of its kind in varsities and research institutes in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and can illustrate the structure of the most complicated organic molecules in one minute. This will help the researchers in patronising their researches.

The vice chancellor expressed satisfaction over the efforts of the faculty and staff of the Institute of Chemical Sciences for successful launch of NMR and termed the equipment as a wonderful addition to the fleet of instruments that already existed there. He promised to support the expenses incurred on the machine till it become self-sustainable. Dawn

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