Good Food, Good Grades

Oct: What you feed your children during the examination, leaves a direct impact on the grades he / she brings back home. Definitely, few brought grades for money, others for chocolates, not always wrong if your kids are really bright. I was a good grade student but never was awarded by my parents. Perhaps this is another cause I am writing this column for you.

Hey kids don't cheat on your mama darling, don't ask for money or chocolates, but ask for a sweet peck for each mark you get. Sorry for mothers and fathers, if your child bring home 100 out of 100 you need pecking 100 times, imagine your situation if he / she brings 100 out of 100 in 5 or 10 papers.

So if you are ready pecking your child thousand times for good grades consider what to feed him / her during exams; carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, fats, proteins or a combination of these.

Here are few tips on what you serve your children for better examination preparation.

1. Milk and milk products- if your child says no to milk prepare something made of milk; you know better what you can cook of milk.

2. Curds do well on both stomach and memory.

3. Serve all type of fruits and leafy green vegetables.

4. Do not serve foods like French fries, these are heavy on stomach and induce extra hour of sleep. Though allow him / her taking enough sleep, a pre condition for good memory.

5. Must serve nuts like almonds etc. Serve nuts with milk or honey, definitely a honey peck will do good for both you and your child.

6. Serve 4 5 small meals in a day, instead of serving 2 3 large meals, big meals induce sleep which your child need avoiding during exams.

7. Make him / her learn to drinking enough water, so that body toxins flushes out of the body.

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"hi, thnx although im a student nt a parent it will help in g8ng gud grades thnx again thnx a lot."
Name: saqib jalal
City, Country: peshawar, Pakistan



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