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Students at private colleges dominate Inter commerce results
Karachi, Oct 05: The results of second-year students of commerce and humanities were announced during a ceremony hosted at the Board of Intermediate Education Karachi.

The top three positions in commerce were bagged by students at private colleges. "Even though the number of students opting for commerce is increasing every year, public colleges perform below average in this field of study," said BIEK Chairman Anwar Ahmed Zai.

He asked representatives of colleges to send the board the record of students' attendance on a monthly basis. "No student who has less than 75 percent attendance will be allowed to take the exam."

Commerce results

A total of 35,393 students took the exams, of which 56.46 percent were declared pass. The first position was secured by Momina Khalil of the Bahria College Karsaz with 84.82 percent.

The second position was bagged by Sheikh Mustafa of the NCR-College of Emerging Technologies with 84.64 percent, while the third position went to Sehar Aslam of the Fatimiyah College with 84.36 percent.

Momina said she wanted to pursue an MBA degree from a good university. Asked if she took tuitions for extra help, she said, "I studied myself. If you understand a subject, then you don't need to take tuitions."

When Mustafa was asked why he chose commerce instead of science, he said, "Commerce has greater scope."

Humanities results

A total of 10,591 students took the exams, of which 44.85 percent were declared pass. The field of study remained dominated by girls, as only 10 percent boys took the exams.

The first position was secured by Komal Zaib of the Mustafavi Shariah College (MSC) with 81.55 percent.

The second position was bagged by Huda Fatima of the PECHS Government College for Women with 80.45 percent, while the third position went to Kaifa Naseer of the MSC with 79.55 percent.

Asked why she decided to study at a private college, Komal said, "At private colleges teachers are helpful and classes occur regularly."

Special students

A total of 90 students took the humanities special students exams, of which 96.7 percent were declared pass. The top three positions were bagged by students at the Dewa Higher Secondary School.

Faraz Shadan, Muhammad Abdullah and Muhammad bin Tariq secured the top three positions at 91.09, 90.82 and 90.45 percent, respectively.

The teacher available with the students to communicate with them in sign language said special children had difficulty with confidence. "The first obstacle for teachers is to build their confidence and tell them that they too can compete with others."

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At IBA, moral police take the fun out of fair
Karachi: Religious extremism literally burst into the city's top business school on Thursday night when seven activists of a religio-political group gatecrashed a funfair there to turn off the music.

It was 8:45pm. The organisers of the event, the Institute of Business Administration's IBA student union, were winding up the fair which was mostly about food, games and music.

That is when the seven men barged in uninvited demanding that the music be turned off.

A heated argument ensued and one of the activists flung a helmet at a student. Another tried to break the music system.

"But the owner of the music system got down on his feet, begging them not to destroy his only source of income," said Captain Ahmed Zaheer, the registrar of the IBA. "Then they spared his equipment."

The activists were unarmed. "They [the activists] were University of Karachi students, possibly from the adjacent commerce department," said Zaheer.

"Two of the activists have been handed over to Rangers. They will investigate the incident. No FIR has been registered," he added.

Just how the activists gate-crashed despite the presence of armed guards at the IBA's gate remains a mystery.

A witness recalled that the activists cried, "bomb, bomb", startling the guards so that they could enter the building.

But another student said the guards were probably not performing their duties properly. "How can seven men just enter and the guards remain unaware of that?"

Even though the IBA is situated inside the University of Karachi where moral policing is a norm, its students still manage to engage in extracurricular activities ranging from theatre plays to musical concerts. But the gate-crash incident has disturbed them.

"We know the University of Karachi is a breeding ground for violent student politics. The IBA should beef up its security to prevent such an incident in the future," said a participant of the event.

The IBA registrar said the fun fair was a small event. "Hardly, 150 students were present. When we stage larger events such as concerts, we always inform Rangers, and they deploy their personnel in a van in front of the IBA gate to prevent any mishap," said Zaheer.

"But this is a lesson learnt. The utter lack of tolerance shown by the students of the University of Karachi has made us doubly cautious."

IJT distances itself
Several IBA students held the Islami Jamiat Talba (IJT), which is often blamed for moral policing at public sector universities, responsible for the incident.

The IJT has a history of holding campuses across the country hostage through its arm-twisting, and resorts to violence to curb the culture of debate, the hallmark of any seat of learning.

But the group denied its involvement. "All of us, including the nazim for the University of Karachi, were attending a meeting in Gulshan-e-Iqbal, when we heard about the incident," said the spokesperson for the IJT. We sent a few of our activists to investigate what had happened after we heard about the brawl. But none of our activists were involved in it," "We condemn this act and demand that whoever was involved in it should be punished," he added.

Waqas Azmi, the IJT's nazim at the University of Karachi, says his group believes in the power of "convincing" rather than "enforcing" views.

"We present logic against anything that we find is immoral or against the social, cultural or Islamic norms and we present the alternatives like Mushairas, book fairs, Neelam Ghar and sports."

Azmi said the IJT itself was investigating to ascertain if any of its activists was guilty of resorting violence against any student. He added that if somebody was found guilty, the group would definitely take action.

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60 students robbed on NED bus in Nazimabad
Karachi: Three armed men carrying pistols broke into a point bus of NED University of Engineering and Technology near Nadirya area of Nazimabad and robbed the students of their cell-phones and cash on Friday, police said.

The incident took place at around 8:30 am when a point bus of the NED varsity went to the SITE area to pick engineering students, both male and female, and when the bus was passing through the Nadirya area of Nazimabad, three armed men entered the bus and started looting.

"The NED bus had stopped briefly to pick some students in Nazimabad when three armed men, wearing Shalwar Qameez and appearing to be Pashtuns, boarded the bus and started collecting cell-phones and cash from the students," SSP Central Amir Farooqi said.

He said that there were at least 60 students, both male and female, in the bus when the incident took place and after completing their operation the armed men left the bus near Nazimabad Underpass.

Following the incident, the affected students gathered at the Nazimabad petrol pump and held a protest demonstration against the police and law enforcing agencies, saying that they were deprived of their valuables in the heart of the city in broad daylight.

"It is shameful that the armed men entered the NED bus early in the morning in the heart of the city, looted the students and fled without any fear. Where are the police and Rangers, claiming to be carrying out targeted operations in the city," Amir, a student of Civil Engineering Department, said.

The affected varsity students chanted slogans against the authorities, and refused to end their protest unless a case was registered against the culprits who deprived them of their valuables and terrorised them.

It is worth mentioning here that a point bus of University of Karachi was looted near Qasba Morr on September 03, when four armed men entered into the bus and deprived the students of their cash and cell-phones.

Registrar NED University Javed Aziz said that the robbers took away some 24 cell-phones and some cash from the students when the bus reached near Bara Maidan in Nazimabad.

The bus was coming to the varsity from Baldia, he said, adding that an FIR had been registered by the Nazimabad police station on the complaint of driver Dilawar.

"We will also write a letter to the police high-ups, asking them to provide protection to the students on their way to the varsity and back home," he added.

Sabzwari slams robbery

Muttahida Qaumi Movement's leader of the opposition in Sindh Assembly Faisal Sabzwari condemned the armed robbery on a NED University bus in Nazimabad area.

In a statement, he deplored the growing incidents of armed robbery on student buses, saying that the criminals had robbed the students of Karachi University last month near Banaras Bridge and now this incident has happened with the students of NED University.

Faisal Sabzwari said that on the one hand the political workers and innocent people were being targeted and subjected to brutal torture in police custody besides facing ban on social media and other means of communications, while on the other hand the criminals have been given free hand to rob businessmen, industrialists, shop owners, doctors, students and common citizens.

"These criminals are extorting money from people. They are killing and blowing up people who refuse to pay extortion money. Two days ago they threw a grenade at the clinic of a doctor in Gulistan-e-Jauher. Today they attacked the house of a bank manager with grenades in Frontier Colony because he had refused to pay extortion money. Criminals are robbing buses and carrying out kidnappings for ransom as usual," he added.

Sabzwari alleged that the Sindh government had initiated political victimisation of MQM instead of taking action against criminals, adding, "The government should stop political repression of MQM and take action against the criminals who were carrying out armed robberies, kidnappings and subversive activities". The news

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Admissions to KU Visual Studies dept
Karachi: Karachi University has announced that the deadline for submission of forms for admission to the Department of Visual Studies is Oct 11.

A university official said admission forms were available at a UBL counter at Silver Jubilee Gate of the campus.

Entry test would be held on Oct 26, he added.

Chairperson of the department Durriya Kazi said 100 seats were available in the disciplines of design, fine arts and architecture. app

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