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4,922 take entry test for MBBS, BDS admissions
Karachi, Oct 08: Entry tests for admissions in Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) for Dow Medical College (DMC) and Jinnah Sindh Medical College (JSMC) as well as in Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) for Dr Ishrat-ul-Ibad Khan Institute of Oral Health Sciences were held here Sunday.

These tests were held for a total of 900 seats, of which 350 each have been allocated for DMC and JSMC in MBBS and 200 seats for Dow Dental College.

The entry tests for the year 2013-14 were held under National Testing Service at NED University.

In all, 4,922 male and female candidates took up the test, while 46 did not turn up and as many as 200 invigilators performed duties on behalf of the National Testing Service. According to a statement, the candidates comprised 80 percent female and 20 percent male students.

Special Secretary Health Dr Manzoor Abbas paid a visit to the centre to monitor the process.

In DMC 228 seats have been allocated for general merit, while 55 seats are available on self-finance basis, 22 seats for Interior Sindh, 12 seats for overseas Pakistanis, one seat for disabled student, 16 seats for National Self Finance and 16 seats have been allocated for Pakistan Technical Assistant Programme.

Likewise, 100 seats have been allocated for Dr Ishrat-ul-Ibad Khan Institute of Oral Health Sciences for BDS for the year 2013-14, of which 60 have been allocated for open merit, 34 for self-finance basis and six for overseas Pakistanis.

In Dow International Dental College, 40 seats have been allocated for self-finance basis and 10 seats for the overseas Pakistanis. Fifty seats have been allocated for self-finance in Dow Dental College.

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Sindh to recruit 20,000 more teachers
Karachi: Amid allegations of widespread irregularities in hiring teachers, the Sindh government has announced recruiting 20,000 more government school teachers.

The plan was unveiled on the World Teachers' Day by the Sindh education minister, who was speaking on Saturday at a ceremony held at the education and literacy department's Reform Support Unit.

At the programme, Khuhro distributed offer letters among the successful candidates, who after passing the National Testing Service (NTS) examination were hired for the posts of high school teachers.

The schoolteachers would be recruited in a phase-wise manner purely on merit without wrongdoings in the process, said Nisar Ahmed Khuhro, as allegations of corruption had tainted the process of hiring teachers in the past.

He vowed there would be no nepotism or favouritism in the hiring process this time, admitting that in the past, there had been serious reports of malpractices to the extent that offer letters to favourite candidates were issued prior to the fulfilment of basic formalities, including filling of application form necessary for formally applying for the post.

Under the new "stringent criteria", Khuhro said, it was compulsory for the prospective candidates to pass the test conducted by the NTS with high marks. No quota has been reserved for any quarter in the fresh recruitment drive.

The newly recruited teachers will remain in the government school, where their first posting is made for at least three years.

In the first phase, the offer letters for high school teachers are being distributed while in the second and third phases, the letters for the posts of junior school teachers and primary school teacher would be issued, respectively.

The education minister's remarks come in the backdrop of reports of widespread irregularities in the hiring of a large number of schoolteachers in the previous tenure of Pakistan People's Party.

The education department has launched a formal inquiry into the past recruitments of government teachers with the help of the anti-corruption unit.

Teachers' day message

In his message on the World Teachers' Day, Khuhro asked the media, civil society and parents to pinpoint the government schools and teachers who had not been performing efficiently.

"It is the foremost priority of the Sindh government to reopen dysfunctional government schools and it also expects the teachers to perform their duties with utmost honesty and sincerity," he said.

The minister said he was willing to visit every village and town in Sindh to get such schools reopened. "No compromise would be made on the provision of quality education for school and college students."

Khuhro said the statistics of schoolteachers working in the educational institutions across the province would be soon available online on the official website of the education department.

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At Karachi University, vigilantes nip young love in the bud
Karachi: At Karachi University, couples once walked holding hands through the Prem Gali: an arched stone walkway, hidden beneath shady trees, away from the humdrum of food stalls. But not any more.

For decades, a group has been religiously trying to hold back young love. There have been no innovations, it follows the same cycle.

Target one is to find young men who have the cheek to befriend girls. Step two is to watch them for a few days. Whether the relationship is romantic or innocent friendship is left open to the interpretation of the onlookers.

The next step is to warn them. "Bhai zara sambhal ke" (be cautious brother).

When all warnings go in vain, the unsuspecting soul is pounced upon, usually by four men ready to beat him to a pulp. His fault: spreading "fahashi" – loosely translated as vulgarity – on the campus.

The vigilantes even smear the places considered hotspots for intermingling of both sexes. The raised platform in the arts lobby, which leads to the sociology department, is literally greased at the beginning of each semester. Blobs of grease are spread generously all over the floor to prevent young couples from sitting there and sharing a quiet moment or two.

But they say young love is hard to contain. The love-struck couples usually find alternatives. They sit at the numerous libraries, not for the love of books but to steal a whisper or exchange promises to be together till death.

Victims' accounts
Asma* was once sitting with a school friend at the mass communication department.

The couple was sitting on a black leather sofa in one corner of a huge lobby.

"There were no springs in the seat so when we sat it reclined to a position between sitting and lying. I think that struck them as indecent," she explains.

Four boys told Asma's friend to get up, and slapped him: 17 times in a minute, claimed witnesses. Then they took him outside the department, and thrashed him.

"It was embarrassing. I was furious... and scared. I did not come to the university for a week," she admits.

Bilal* was excited, as he had managed to borrow his dad's car to the university that day. It was drizzling, and he decided to drive around the campus with his friend.

They stopped for fresh juice near the bus terminal, and in the 15 minutes, he recalls holding her hand for just a few seconds.

"Two boys looking at us came to our car [and said] 'You cannot roam around the campus like this. Get out of this area before we feel the need to take action'," Bilal says.

"I sped out of the campus. I did not want to be beaten up, that too in front of my girlfriend," he laughs.

The moral police
The rightwing Islami Jamiat-e- Talaba (IJT), the student political faction accused of moral policing, claims it has good reason to do so. "We never attack anyone without warning. You come to the university to study, not to date. If we do not stop this vulgarity, people will be having babies on the campus," said an IJT activist requesting anonymity.

Another representative admits to have slapped a student for getting too close to a girl. "I saw him with a girl in a Land Cruiser. How do I tell you what he was doing…he was getting too physical... let's [just] keep it to that. I took him out of the car and slapped him several times. To this day when he meets me he says, 'Bhai, I still remember your slaps'. I smile and tell him, 'But you still haven't turned over a new leaf'."

These self-appointed guardians of morality claim they are doing a favour. "The Rangers are too scared to tackle this vulgarity. We are doing the [university] administration a favour," said Qazi Mansoor, a senior member of the IJT.

The student union activists boast how they had burnt down trees around Prem Gali in the year 2000, because couples sat there. "Now there is no privacy there and so people keep their emotions in control," Mansoor said.

And perhaps, the empty corners at the once-popular Prem Gali prove the moral police have been doing their job.

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MA (Previous) exam results announced
Karachi: The University of Karachi on Saturday announced the result of the MA (Previous) External Annual Examinations 2012 for the discipline of Urdu.

According to the result, 423 candidates appeared in theexaminations and of the, 222 were declared as successful with a pass percentage of 52.48. A university announcement said that the marks certificates were being issued. The news

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KU Archives Department lacks facilities
Karachi: The next time you wonder why the general public in Pakistan fail to learn from history and remain in a state of denial, you can pay a visit to University of Karachi's (KU) Mehmood Hussain Library to witness the massacre of 'history'.

The mentioned library is one of the few comprehensive book rooms in Karachi, used by over 3,000 students everyday, with membership count crossing 200,000. The Archives Department of the Mehmood Hussain Library gives the feeling of a 'ghost-house' where newspapers, historical documents, 18th century books - which need to be preserved - are left to be torn apart as years pass.

On top of that, four out of six employed officials required to maintain library archives often remain absent from their work.

Many irked students have shared their views with Daily Times regarding the malpractices of library staffers.

When asked whether he has been to the old newspaper section on library's third floor, a student of the English Department said that although they, as students, should visit the section every now and then, the pathetic condition over there makes them resist. "A single step into that section can make one yearn for breath, and cause asthma in the long term due to the immense dust that has enveloped the place."

Speaking about the malpractices at the university, and how appointments are made, a politically aware student exasperated by the staffers' non-availability said, They have been appointed on the basis of their political affiliations, and it doesn't matter to them even if they don't come to work, as nobody can dare to question them." As for the librarian, the student said, "The librarian feels free to leave before time, resulting in inconvenience for evening students."

There is also a question of accountability, daunting the KU administration as over the years, thefts - of cash, encyclopaedias, and reference books - have been reported but not sought after properly.

Also, staffs' irregularity needs to be addressed sternly before the library starts manifesting the condition of Karachi's notorious government schools.

Contrary to the number of students who use the library, and the heavy amount of funds it gets, there are only 100 computers in this technologically advanced age for the use of students.

Other keen students were found complaining about the library not having enough international publications. "We don't get to read many international magazines, journals and issues. Although TIME magazine is always readily available, others such as The Economist, The Guardian, and New York Times should also be there," said a student majoring in International Relations.

However, on the other side, there were some students who appreciated the current facilities at the library. "Everything is adequate. Books are easily accessible, and we have proper ventilation system; thanks to the architects," he said.

Yet, there is always room for improvement. "We need proper stairs, and more computers should be installed in the digital lab, along with more space, he said. "The building needs some care too, ie, paint, broken windows need a quick repair."

While another said that last year, just during the 2nd semester examinations between December 12 and December 30, the library was closed. "How was I supposed to study in the evening when the library was shut down right when I needed it the most?" asked an exasperated evening programme student.

Amid the existent status quo, some students have started thinking class-consciously that since they do not pay a hefty amount of fee to the KU, a public university, their problems are not heeded. No wonder that myriad of students belonging to the upper strata of the society, have opted for private institutions, having seen the conditions at state-owned institutions.

Mehmood Hussain Library is an asset not only for students but also for researchers in Pakistan; yet the management does not give it much attention. On the contrary, it seems busy in decorating the new administration building, while making lame, implausible excuses when the matter of library is raised.

"New furniture and air conditioners are being brought for the new admin block; while we study without electricity during outages. The library doesn't even have standby generators," a hopeless student spoke his heart out.

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KU professor awarded int'l honour
Karachi: Prof Syed Aley Hasan Zaidi, an adjunct faculty of International Centre for Chemical and Biological Science (ICCBS), University of Karachi, has been awarded Fellowship of the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh.

An official of the ICCBS said on Monday that Prof Zaidi was awarded an international honour in a ceremony held at Queen Conference Centre in the premises of Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh.

He is working as honorary professor of pathology at Dr Panjwani Centre for Molecular Medicine and Drug Research, is a consultant Histopathologist, and has got a distinguished academic profile. Daily times

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Karachi law student dies mysteriously in UK university
London: A Pakistani student from Karachi Nadir Ali has died in mysterious circumstances as a result of an "incident" at the Northumbria University but the administration is refusing to reveal what caused his death. 

Pakistani students at the university have said that Nadir Ali was a law student of master's level at the university and had recently come from Karachi. He lived in Lovaine Flats, accommodation provided by the university which is based in Newcastle upon Tyne, near Scotland.

Northumbria University issued a notice to student of Lovaine flats on 4th October stating that an ambulance had been in the early hours of "this morning in response to an incident involving a student. Security and paramedics attended the scene and the student concerned was taken to hospital" but it failed short of saying what may have caused the death of the student – was it a hate attack, fight or something else.

Sadaat Sethi, a student at the university said that Pakistani students at the campus were living in a state of fear and the university was refusing to take them into confidence.

"There are only few Pakistani students out of the population of around 3,300 international students. The total student population at the university is about 30,000. The administration, when inquired, is telling us it's a sensitive case but we want to know what happened to our fellow Pakistani student. We want to hear facts about this case and don't want to be treated like insects."

It was learnt that two ambulances remained on the site for the whole night along with police. A spokesperson from the university said, "We have received confirmation that a Northumbria University student died on 4 October 2013. The student was taken to the Royal Victoria Infirmary (RVI) where he was pronounced dead. A report is being prepared for the coroner. His family have been notified by the police and our thoughts are with them at this difficult time.

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No third party involved in Pak student's accidental death
London: No third party was involved in the death of a Pakistani student from Karachi, Nadir Ali Khan Chang, who was studying at the Northumbria University.

A spokesman of the university said that "there is believed to be no third party involvement" in Pakistani student's death and "the cause of death will be announced by the Coroner in their report which is currently being prepared."

A student said that he had heard from the resident student that Nadir Ali Khan Chang was found to be slumped in the bathroom of the university accommodation hostel and the matter was reported to the emergency services. The university statement said: "It is with great sadness that we have to report the death of Nadir Ali Khan Chang. Nadir was taken ill on the morning of Friday 4th October. Emergency services were called and he was taken to the Royal Victoria Infirmary Hospital, Newcastle, where, sadly, he was pronounced dead. His family has been notified by the police and our thoughts are with them at this difficult time."

The university announced yesterday on its website that Nadir was studying on a postgraduate LLM programme in International Commercial Law.Kevin Kerrigan, Executive Dean of Business and Law at Northumbria University, Newcastle, said: "This is deeply sad news and the University has been in touch with his family to offer our deepest condolences and support. While Nadir had just arrived at University his passion for the subject of Law was evident. We will continue to support those who knew him. Our thoughts are with Nadir's family and friends at this difficult time."

Natalie-Dawn Hodgson, President of Northumbria University Students' Union, said: "The Union is deeply saddened by this news and is working closely with the University to ensure that students receive the support they need at this time." The news

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