Lahore Inter part 1 results | Baloch and Punjabis at PU

Lahore Inter result
Lahore, Oct 22: Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (BISE), Lahore, on Tuesday announced the result of Intermediate Part-I Annual Examination 2013.

The overall pass percentage in the exam remained 49.92.

Up to 118,174 candidates appeared for the examination, of them 58,997 passed.

The preamble to the result notification says that the candidates, who could not obtain at least 33 per cent marks in respective subjects/ papers, may appear in those subjects along with part-II annual examination for 2014 otherwise their final result in subject(s) will be determined on the basis of total marks obtained by them in Part-I and II except paper of Islamic education, which is held only in Part-I examination. The news

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Punjab postpones MBBS exams
Islamabad: As many as 4,000 students of Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) of Punjab were informed on Friday that their exam beginning from Monday has been rescheduled for first week of next month.

The decision has created unrest among students as they spent all Eid holidays preparing for exam.

A student of Rawalpindi Medical College (RMC) said that around 15 days ago they tried to convince the management and all relevant departments that exams should be postponed because it will spoil their Eid. "But we were strictly told that date of exam cannot be extended," he said.

"After getting disappointed, students decided to stay in the hostel during Eid Holidays and prepare for the exam. We have completed preparation for the exam and were ready to attend exam on Monday," he said.

"On Friday, just 15 hours before exam (at 5pm) students were informed that exam of Special Pathology' has been cancelled and it will be held after 14 days. However, date of the exam will be announced later," he said.

"Students were shocked because they spent all Eid Holidays, studying and now have been informed that exams will not be held. If exam had to be cancelled, management should have informed us before Eid," he said.

Another student said that he had learnt that Chief Minister Punjab Mian Shahbaz Sharif has issued executive order to cancel the exam.

"Some students who were close to politicians managed to cancel the exam but because of that decision, 4,000 students have been suffering mentally," he said.

An official of RMC on condition of anonymity said that 2,200 students of government colleges and around 1,800 students of private or semi government colleges such as CMH Lahore and Lahore Medical and Dental College will suffer because of decision.

He said that all colleges are affiliated with University of Health Sciences and they are responsible to Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC).

Regional Coordinator RMC said that on Friday College has received a fax from Chief Minister Officer (Lahore) that exam has been cancelled and it will be held after 14 days.

"I know very well that students had sacrificed Eid and studied for the exam but we can not do anything in this regard. Students have to wait for 14 days and after that exam will be held," he said. Dawn

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Constructive discourse in PU between Baloch and Punjabis
Lahore: A very constructive discourse between the educated youth of Balochistan and Punjab continues in the heart of Punjab the Lahore city and the whole nation is optimistic about this new development and hopes for a positive outcome.

The venue is none other than the Punjab University, where free education is being offered to Baloch students as part of a principle decision.

Around 100 Baloch students are studying in various disciplines of the PU five in MPhil programmes and 21 in engineering. The PU Syndicate, the largest statuary body of the university, took a policy decision last year and decided to allocate one reserve seat for Baloch students in all academic programmes of all disciplines in the university. The PU consists of around 70 departments, institutes and colleges, which are mostly offering more than one study programme.

As many as 97 Baloch students got admission in the university in 2012, while more than 100 students are expected to take admission this year. In its historic decision, the university also decided to provide free education and hostel accommodation to Baloch students.

There are around 32,000 students in the PU, most of them belonging to Punjab. The Baloch and Punjabi students are having a rare opportunity to mingle and engage in constructive dialogues. They are having discussions, raising questions and cross-questions, and brainstorming on root causes of the Balochistan issue as well as other issues confronting the country, besides proposing possible solutions to them.

Besides studying with their Punjabi classmates, the Baloch students are living with their local fellows in hostels another opportunity to feel one and others' emotions, listen to their viewpoints and get the real understanding of the Balochistan issue.

Baloch and Punjabi leaders are giving the credit of this lively discourse to PU Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Mujahid Kamran, who has a very scientific approach and vision towards the resolution of the Balochistan issue. He has opened the doors of the Punjab University to Baloch students. He is well aware of the fact that Balochistan's literacy is the lowest among all the provinces of the country. Increasing literacy and providing an opportunity to the Baloch students to mix up with their local fellows will definitely serve the purpose of unity and nationalism.

When some Baloch students approached Dr Mujahid Kamran with the request to provide them a separate hostel, he denied the request and asked them to go and live with the Punjabi students. This is his vision to bridge the widening gap between the people of both the provinces.

Many Baloch students said they could not afford taking admission to any university and finance their stay at hostels, but they were getting higher education at no expense at the PU.

In August 1947, when the British divided the subcontinent, Balochistan emerged as an independent state. Later, after a lapse of nine months, Mir Ahmed Yar Khan, the Khan of Kalat, the then ruler of Balochistan, agreed to merge Balochistan into Pakistan on Muhammad Ali Jinnah's request. There was resentment among the Baloch population and tribes, who believed that the Khan of Kalat signed the deal against the wishes of the Baloch people and without taking the consent of the bicameral Baloch parliament, the 35-member Darul Umra and the 52-member Darul Awam.

Five armed insurgencies, including the last one in the form of assassination of Nawab Akbar Bugti on August 26, 2006, added fuel to the fire. Military operations, mass killings, and missing persons are another cause of the increasing problem.

This dialogue has already started in the Punjab University among the Baloch and Punjabi students and their teachers.

Separately, the PU Academic Staff Association has arranged many seminars on the Balochistan issue, providing an opportunity to teachers and students to interact with Baloch leaders.

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PU teachers smell out plot against VC on his '9/11 book'
Lahore: Punjab University Academic Staff Association (PUASA) President Dr Ehsan Sharif has said the university teachers had been compelled to think whether there was a conspiracy behind sexual harassment case against PU VC Dr Mujahid Kamran as the allegations have been levelled at the time of completion of Dr Kamran's new book on 9/11.

In a press statement issued on Monday, Dr Ehsan Sharif said the history proved that false propaganda was fanned to make controversial and challenge the credibility of personalities who unveiled nefarious designs of America.

He said Dr Kamran in his recent book had revealed that the conspiracy of 9/11 was home grown and prepared by US' secret agencies so that way might be paved to invade Muslim countries. He said that Punjab University had become a target of anti-state elements also because of Punjab University's initiative of facilitating Balochi students to remove their sense of deprivation.

He said this impression among PU teachers was also empowered by the fact that a woman had been appointed ombudsperson who had more than thirty-year long association with a specific educational institution which was under the influence of American Missionary and the relevant Act had been recently amended to facilitate her appointment.

Dr Ehsan Sharif said ASA member Khujista Rehan and Vice Chancellor Dr Mujahid Kamran both had showed lack of confidence in the ombudsperson and it seemed that Mira Phailbus was not a law-conversant personality and was not measuring up the confidence of both the parties.

He requested the government to review its decision and appoint an impartial and law-knowing personality as ombudsperson to fulfil requirements of justice. He said strict action must be taken when the allegations proved true or false.

Dr Ehsan also lauded PU Syndicate for its decision of continuing proceedings in Khujista Rehan case and said that PU Syndicate was a high-powered statutory body of the varsity in which a representative of chief justice of Lahore High Court, two representatives of chancellor, one representative of speaker Punjab Assembly, one representative of Higher Education Commission, secretary Higher Education Department Punjab, secretary Finance Punjab, senior Dean of Punjab University and four elected members of university teachers.

He said that in this situation, influencing the Syndicate was out of question so the Syndicate must proceed in the said case. He said that any complainant also had the right to contact Honorable Court against any decision of the Syndicate.

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UVAS, UPR ink MoU to promote education
Lahore: The University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences (UVAS) Lahore and University of Poonch Rawalakot (UPR) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to promote research, education and training in various disciplines relating to Veterinary and Animal Science on Monday at UVAS.

Vice-Chancellors of both the universities, Prof Dr Talat Naseer Pasha and Prof Dr Manzoor Hussain Khan, signed the MoU. The goal of the cooperation is the enhancement of education, research and improvement of professional skills.

The UVAS will depute senior faculty members to the Faculty of Veterinary & Animal Sciences of the UPR for the benefit of students and young faculty.

The UVAS also agreed to facilitate a crash program of the passed-out DVM students of UPR. The two universities also agreed to conduct collaborative research funded by the HEC and other donor agencies. Daily times

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PBTE revised schedule
Lahore: Punjab Board of Technical Education (PBTE) has announced revised schedule for the online registration for different diplomas for the year 2013-2014.

The diplomas that PBTE offers include diploma in Dress Designing, Diploma in Commerce, Diploma in Business Administration and Diploma in Hotel Operation.

According to a press release issued Sunday, the date for online registration with single fee is October 28, and for submission of support fee, October 31, 2013 has been set.

The date for form entry for online registration is November 4, 2013, whereas registration fee with supports fee for diplomas, including Diploma in Business Administration, Diploma in Commerce and Diploma in Hotel Operation, is November 8 and would be submitted at the Board's office. The date for fee submission for Diplomas in Associate Engineer, Diplomas in Dress Making and Dress Designing is November 11. The news

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