Punjab University criminals & IJT role

IJT resists operation against 'criminals' at PU hostels
Lahore, Oct 05: As Punjab University administration geared up to rein in criminal activities within the campus, Islami Jamiat Talaba (IJT) appeared as a strong opposing force and went on to lengths to besiege the residence of hostels in-charge, soon after the operation against illegal dwellers at PU hostels was launched.

A team of senior teachers and administrative officers headed by Punjab University Hall Council Chairman Prof Dr Muhammad Akhter late on Thursday night paid a surprise visit to Hostel Number 15 in the light of the directives of the Punjab government regarding strict vigilance of university hostels.

The team locked six rooms of the hostel when it found that some persons belonging to IJT, including IJT Naib Nazim Hafiz Wajid, involved in many illegal activities, were illegally residing in the rooms.

Soon after it, the IJT hooligans including Hafiz Wajid, Tanzeel-ur-Rehman, Usama, Adnan Saeed, Abdul Kabeer and Zaid resisted the action of the Hall Council team and misbehaved with the teachers. Challenging the writ of the administration, the IJT workers broke the locks of three rooms out of the total six which were locked.

Later, IJT rogues besieged the house of chairman Hall Council and raised slogans against teachers. Dr Muhammad Akhter said keeping in view the situation; illegal residents could not be evicted from the hostels without the help of the government. He called upon the government to help PU administration for expulsion of illegal residents from hostels.

A Punjab University spokesman said the current incident had once again exposed the hypocrisy of the IJT that always used name of religion for its economic and political interest. He said IJT rogues were involved in illegal activities at the campus. The spokesman said apparently IJT was demanding eviction of irrelevant persons from hostels but in fact its own Nazims themselves were illegally residing in hostels and patronising other illegal residents as well.

It is pertinent to mention here that the arrested terrorist was the guest of an IJT Nazim and the investigation of the telephone record had also proved the fact.

Punjab University teachers have already demanded Jamat-e-Islami, the parent organisation of IJT, to stop patronising and pampering evil element and disturb peaceful environment on the campus.

Sources said the Punjab government hesitated to take action IJT fearing strong reaction from the JI. They said that real force of JI was IJT and real power of IJT was Punjab University and Civil Line College. "This is a power game and the Punjab government is well aware but lacking will to take action."

PU flats: Punjab University Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Mujahid Kamran on Friday inaugurated newly-built 12 flats for the employees of lower grade at New Campus and also laid foundation stone of 12 more flats in order to provide further residential facilities to the employees. Daily times

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More students linked to terrorists: Punjab University
Islamabad: The Punjab University management has told the Punjab government many more students have links with terrorists and if the management had been taken into confidence they would have been arrested when one al-Qaeda operative was nabbed recently.

After the arrest of al-Qaeda operative from Punjab University hostel, startling facts have come forth. The university administration has written to the Punjab government that had the police taken the university management into confidence before raiding the hostel, many other students of Islami Jamiat Talaba (IJT) could have been pinpointed against whom there was information of having links with the terrorists.

The documents recovered from the custody of al-Qaeda operative also include list of all the key members of IJT who have been linked with the Punjab University. University that documents recovered from the al-Qaeda operative arrested from Room No. 237 of Hostel-1 clearly show the deep links of 'the wanted person' with IJT.

The university spokesman said that during the past four years, at least seventy-five FIRs had been lodged against the IJT members by the University management including car theft, illegal weapons, firing, fighting and disturbance.

The Room No. 237 of Hostel-1 was allotted to one Ahmad Sajjad Rathore of Okara who was a student of Statistics Department and presented himself as Nazim IJT of the department. But, the documents reveal, upon inspection it was found that one clerk Basharat (under suspension) allotted the room to Ahmad Sajjad on fake documents. The IJT terms all such allegations as a conspiracy against it.

"Had the concerned officer taken us into confidence we could have pointed out other individuals who are most likely involved in such activities. It may also be added that a study of documents/literature etc., recovered from Room No.237 clearly shows the deep links of the wanted person with IJT", the Registrar Punjab University has written to the Higher Education Department while explaining the varsity's stance on arrest of al-Qaeda operative from its premises.

While explaining the details of the room from where the al-Qaeda operative was arrested, the PU Registrar writes: "The suspected person had been residing in Hostel No, Room No. 237, as a guest of Ahmad Sajjad a student of the College of Statistical & Actuarial Sciences.

It was further revealed that Ahmad Sajjad used to claim himself as a genuine allottee of that Room (No.237), since April, 2013. Basharat, Clerk (under suspension) of Hostel No.1 was found guilty of unlawful handing over of keys of Room No. 237 to Ahmad Sajjad when the said room was vacated by Aftab, a student of School of Biological Sciences, University of the Punjab, Lahore.

It is pertinent to note that Basharat was suspended from his duties in May 2013 due to some gross misconduct. Clerk, Basharat, (under suspension) was immediately called upon after the above said incidence of September 03, 2013 and he was directed by the Warden of Boys Hostel No.1 (Prof. Dr. Saeed Farooq) to produce the allotment form of Ahmed Sajjad; original resident of Room No. 237, but he (Basharat) came up with a fake allotment form not duly signed by either the Superintendent nor by the Hostel Warden. Despite knowing the fake nature of the testimonial Basharat insisted that the said form was original. The other three clerks who happened to be the successors of Basharat (under suspension) in a row were also interrogated thoroughly and were asked to locate/ produce genuine allotment form of Ahmad Sajjad but they failed to do so."

The spokesman of Punjab University, Khurram Shahzad said that the varsity administration has information about a few IJT members who have links with the terrorist. He maintained that the al-Qaeda operative was arrested from the room of one Ahmad Sajjad against whom the university had lodged two FIRs in the recent past. The News is in possession of those FIRs.

Moreover, the PU spokesman said, one Nazim of IJT Yasir Abbasi was involved in a case of car theft, which was later recovered from his custody and he has been nominated in the FIR. Khurram said that the university administration has been stopping the IJT from holding controversial functions in the university but the police helped them in conducting so. In other terms, the spokesman said, the police has been strengthening them. The news

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PU holding special MBBS exams
Lahore: The special supplementary examination of MBBS first professional Part-I of 2012 being held by the Punjab University has run into controversy after the Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC) administrator says the examination will be illegal.

The Punjab University Syndicate approved holding of the examination on September 5 through circulation to facilitate candidates of two colleges without explaining any hardship or grievance.

A member of the Syndicate said that he had objected to the move, saying the matter seemed very serious and required thorough deliberation in the Syndicate rather getting consent of the members by circulation. He said he had asked the Syndicate chairman to place the matter on the regular agenda of the statutory body's meeting. However, the decision was notified on September 5.

The PU has notified a date-sheet: the special supplementary examination will begin from October 22.

PMDC Administrator Dr Raja Amjad Mahmood said the examination would be illegal as the Punjab University had not consulted the council about the issue.

"Till to date, only one special supplementary examination has been conducted for the daughter of the then martial law administrator, Gen Ziaul Haq, in 1983," said Dr Mahmood, who is also PMDC Registrar.

This time, the examination is being held to facilitate 41 candidates from the Fatima Jinnah Medical College (FMJC), Lahore, the Shaikh Khalifa Zayed Al-Nahyan Medical and Dental College, Lahore.

Earlier, 33 candidates from the FJMC and 34 from the Shaikh Khalifa College had failed in the MBBS first professional Part-I annual examination. Later, 74 candidates from both colleges appeared for the supplementary examination out of who 41 candidates failed again.

PU Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry dean Prof Dr Zafar Iqbal says the Board of Studies recommended the examination because 80 per cent of the candidates had failed with less than five marks in anatomy, physiology and biochemistry. He said the case was initiated by the professors of the FJMC and the Sheikh Khalifa College. As in other examinations there was a provision of five grace marks, he said, the Supreme Court of Pakistan had banned grace marks in medical examinations.

Prof Iqbal says the PMDC was concerned only with the number of attempts a candidate takes.

He says the special supplementary examination has been delayed and now being organised along with the MBBS first professional Part-I annual examination for 2013 from October 22.

In order to initiate the special supplementary examination, PU Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry dean Prof Dr Zafar Iqbal organised a meeting of Board of Studies (BoS) in Medicine and Dentistry on August 20 and reported that the board discussed various aspects of conditions of the examination and decided "to recommend and forward the case of holding special supplementary examination of MBBS first professional Part-I to the up coming meeting of the PU Syndicate for final approval".

Prof Iqbal, who is also chairman and dean of the Shaikh Zayed Postgraduate Medical Institute, later issued a corrigendum on August 30 presenting an amended decision of the BoS that added "The applications of the students were duly recommended by the respective principals of the medical colleges. It was recommended that all those students, who have not exhausted the attempt chances be allowed to appear in the said examination".

Very next day, the PU circulated the BoS' amended decision among Syndicate members for their approval. The PU on September 5 notified that the Syndicate members approved the BoS' recommendation the special supplementary MBBS Part-I examination.

Sources close to the developments said the immediate approval for holding of special supplementary examination smelled rat because the BoS did not state any hardship or grievance to justify the special examination.

Sources also claimed that the candidates did not fail in one particular subject but in respective three subjects anatomy, physiology and biochemistry. If there was any hardship or grievance, the source said, those passed the supplementary examination should also be allowed to appear in the special supplementary examination to improve their marks.

Sources also claimed that the case was neither taken to varsity's Academic Council nor the vice-chancellor approved it on behalf of the Academic Council using his emergency powers.

When contacted, PU Controller of Examinations Prof Dr Liaquat Ali said the university had followed proper procedures. Regarding by-passing of the PU Academic Council, the controller of examinations said the case had been approved by the Syndicate. Dawn

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Flats for PU employees
Lahore: Punjab University (PU) Vice-Chancellor Prof Dr Mujahid Kamran inaugurated newly-built 12 flats for the employees of lower grade at New Campus on Friday and also laid foundation stone of 12 more flats to provide more residential facilities to the employees.

The newly built 12 flats have been allotted to grade 5 to 10 employees. The university employees thanked the VC for providing the residential facilities to the lower grade university employees at campus.

PU date sheet: Punjab University (PU) has issued written date sheet for the Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm-D) Final Professional Annual Examination 2013. Meanwhile, PU has announced the results of First Semester of BS Four Year Programme 2013 and BS Home Economics Part-I (2nd Year) annual examinations 2013. Details are available at PU website www.pu.edu.pk. The news

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No fee hike in Sadiq Women University
Bahawalpur: Punjab Education Minister Rana Mashhood, who is pro vice chancellor of the Government Sadiq College Women's University, has directed the university management not to increase the fees of intermediate and graduate classes.

At a meeting of the university syndicate, Mashhood said new subjects should be introduced in different graduate disciplines considering market demands and interest of the students.

The minister also asked the management to complete the statues of the university in four months and till then the university may be run in accordance with rules and regulations of the Islamia University, Bahawalpur.

He asked government departments to achieve universal primary and secondary education targets in Bahawalpur.

He said a report of the missing facilities in government schools should be submitted to him. Dawn

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Book fair at Quaid-e-Azam Library
Lahore: On second day, a large number of students from different educational institutes and other people on Friday visited the book fair held at the Quaid-e-Azam Library in Bagh-e-Jinnah.

A seminar was also organized for book lovers to highlight importance of book-reading in which renowned writer, intellectual and poet Dr Amjad Islam Amjad also participated as the chief guest.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr Amjad Islam Amjad said that young generation had the capability and ability to make Pakistan a developed nation but, he added, the youth needed to know the importance of reading and learning which would help them achieve their goal easily. Director General Public Libraries Punjab Dr Zaheer Ahmed Babar also spoke on the occasion. Different publishers from across the country have set up stalls at the book fair which would continue for four days. The book fair remains open from 11:00 am to 8:00 pm and will continue till October 6 (tomorrow). The news

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