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KU exam form schedule
Karachi, Sept 23: The University of Karachi on Sunday announced the schedule of submitting examination forms.

The students of BA and BCom (private) and fresh and old candidates of BoL could submit their exam forms without any late fee by Oct 14.

The college students of BA, BSc and BCom could submit their exam forms in their respective colleges by October 10, the statement added. Meanwhile, the KU announced the result of MBBS, third professional, annual examination 2013. Around 479 candidates were registered, of which 475 appeared in the exam and 350 passed it, making 73.68 percent the total pass percentage.

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SSUET takes part in 2-day on-line IBM SPSS workshop
Karachi: Vice Chancellor of Sir Syed University of Engineering and Technology (SSUET), Prof Dr Syed Jawaid Hassan Rizvi, has said that with SPSS predictive analytics software, it is easy to predict with confidence what will happen next so that you can make smarter decisions, solve problems and improve outcomes. It helps universities easily integrate statistical analysis, data and text mining and survey research instructions into the classroom. Dr Rizvi was expressing his views in regard to the two-day training workshop on Advanced Quantitative Analysis through SPSS and AMOS held at Sir Syed University. He pointed out that innovative programmes prepare future business leaders to solve tough challenges using industry leading IBM technology. IBM SPSS software enables educators to teach effectively, helps students gain critical analytical skills and supports more accurate and insightful institutional research and decision-making. ppi

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Sept 24 last date to apply for HEC's PhD scholarships
Islamabad: The Higher Education Commission (HEC) has announced September 24 as the last date to apply for PhD scholarships for working journalists from Federally-Administered Tribal Areas (FATA).

The scholarships, announced under the project 'Provision of Higher Education Opportunities for Students of Balochistan and FATA', would be awarded to those who will secure admissions to HEC-recognised universities in the US, the UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

An HEC official said these scholarships had been announced to strengthen the skills of FATA journalists, considering the contemporary advancements in the field of media and journalism.

The scholarships would cover tuition fee, maintenance allowance, book allowance, health insurance and travel allowance, the official said.

The scholarship details and application forms are available on the HEC website: www.hec.hov.pk/balochistan-fata.

The Ministry of Information will verify the application forms while the Project Steering Committee will award the scholarships with preference to individuals securing admissions for the spring 2014 session.

The age of the candidates must be 35 years on September 24, 2013, the official added.

He said the HEC was endeavouring to provide special opportunities to all talented students from the less-privileged regions of Pakistan, particularly FATA. app

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HEC bypasses PM to pay more to its ED
Islamabad: The HEC bureaucrats went out of the way to shower perks and privileges on their new Executive Director, usurping the powers of the Prime Minister in the way.

Under the HEC rules, the Executive Director is appointed on MP-1 scale but the Commission members changed the nature of the post to avoid the condition of seeking approval of the Prime Minister which is otherwise required for all MP-1 appointments.

Sources added the bureaucrat members of the Commission pushed through with the hefty package of Rs636,535 for the new Executive Director Dr Mukhtar Ahmed despite strong opposition by the then Chairman HEC, Dr Javaid Leghari and some other Commission members.

According to documents available with The News, the post of Executive Director of HEC was advertised on 29th July 2012 as MP-1 post in national dailies. The selection board of Commission appointed Dr Mukhtar Ahmad in January 2013 against the advertised post but later changed his pay scale and approved a special salary package for him without authorisation from the Ministry of Finance.

Sources said the change in the package of Dr Mukhtar was violation of HEC Recruitment Rules duly published in Gazette of Pakistan and also contrary to the decision of the Supreme Court of Pakistan which had called for appointment on the post in a transparent manner.

The MP-1 post of Executive Director was created by the government of Pakistan vide its DFA dated 17th August 2002. The previous executive directors of HEC had also been hired in MP-1 through a competitive process.

The change of package against the advertised post has also deprived many potential candidates who might had applied had they known it was not an MP-1 post.

The former Chairman of HEC, Dr Leghari pointed out the same during the 28th meeting of the Commission held on 9th April 2013. He was of the view that the change in pay scale is against the spirit of the Supreme Court decision dated 17 December 2012. "The Chairperson (Dr Leghari) invited the attention of the Commission and observed that the apex court in its order directed to appoint the Executive Director of the Commission from the existing applications in transparent manner and in accordance with the prescribed procedure," read the minutes of the meeting.

He further suggested that the Commission should take into consideration the fact that the post of HEC ED was advertised as MP-1 carrying the restriction of resigning from the present post or seeking premature retirement for persons employed in BPS. For these reasons, he would not like the Commission to carry the burden and risk of any possible litigation on this account. Another member also suggested seeking legal opinion in the matters as there were other employees in MP Scale in HEC.

However according to documents, majority of the Commission members including the then Secretary Education and Training and Secretary Science and Technology were of the view that if MP package is offered to the Executive Director, the approval of the Prime Minister would become mandatory.

To avoid this condition, it was decided that Dr Mukhtar will be offered VC package along with some monetary compensation for his services.

But according to sources, the package offered to the Executive Director is totally different from the approved salary package of the vice chancellors/rectors of federally chartered public sector universities and for this special package no approval has been obtained from the Ministry of Finance.

Instead of basic salary of Rs234,000 which is allowed for vice chancellors, Dr Mukhtar is getting Rs325,520 as basic salary. He is getting an allowance of Rs65,104 as 20% of basic salary. On top of that, he is also getting a monthly special allowance of Rs150,000 which is neither part of advertisement nor federal government approved VC package. As if that was not enough, an amount of Rs95,910 was also approved for him as monetisation of transport facility.

Interestingly, the actual tenure for the post as advertised in the newspapers is four years but the revised package also mentions that his tenure would be extendable to one more similar term.

When contacted by The News for his version, Dr Mukhtar Ahmad said he did not influence the decision of the Commission regarding his salary package.

"In fact, I was not informed about my salary package in my appointment letter. The letter only stated that the terms and conditions of my job will be decided later," he said adding that his current salary package is not too different from MP-1 package.

I was getting more salary before this appointment but I took up this challenge to serve this institution, he said.

To a question, he said the approval of Ministry of Finance is not required for Vice Chancellor's package as it is already approved by the government.

He said HEC had been politicised during past few years and the elements responsible for this situation were hatching conspiracies against him.

According to documents given by Dr Mukhtar total salary for an MP-1 employee is Rs482,200 while he was getting Rs540,000 as per the approved package. However Dr Mukhtar did not mention Rs95,000 that he receives as monetisation of transport facility.

A spokesman of Dr Mukhtar said the change in pay scale was made due to some technical problems. The news

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