Course plan & cost (for Physicians)


*65 to 100 study hours, 6 to 10 weeks

*Total cost US$ 720 610


*6 months full access

*Over 2,000 MCQs

Note: MCQs are practiced online

*Total cost US$ 120 50

Course + Qbank

Greatly help students preparing for this exam.

*610 + 50 = US$ 660

*Over 5,000 MCQs

Note: MCQs are practiced online

Australia is said to be currently experiencing a large shortage of doctors and other medical staff with this situation expected to be exacerbated over the coming years. Looking at the future prospects and remuneration, a number of medical graduates from around the world specially from Asia apply for this country’s medical licensing exam but due to having insufficient preparation only few of them get through.

INTERFACE preparatory courses have been developed for those who are preparing to sit for AMC (Australian Medical Council’s) examination. Our course is designed to rapidly enhance your capacity and improves your professional knowledge in all required medical disciplines for the exam.

The programs are designed to rapidly enhance the capacity of candidates to improve their professional knowledge in all disciplines to the level required to pass the AMC examination and in subsequent clinical practice.

We have a team of leading experts in various medical specialties, to ensure that our courses, MCQs and online modules are up-to-date and of the highest quality, giving you the best value for your money. Refresher/Crash courses for two weeks or more are also offered.

What else INTERFACE Live online course have?

  • Absolutely Live Lectures delivered by experienced teachers highlighting the core areas of this exam.
  • Most comprehensive prep course with 100% satisfaction.
  • Throughout the course students are given diagnostic exams to measure their progress at various stages.
  • An international platform where students from different parts of the world prepare for the exam, making information flow almost easy.
  • Miss a class? No worries. Super quality recording will be available at your fingertips within few hours
  • Personalized Feedback - Diagnostic score reports and focused lessons.
  • Free Support - 24/7 support is provided by email or phone

What we have for you in AMC Qbank?

  • Over 2000+ high yield MCQs practiced on a realistic exam simulation application
  • Practice EMCQS and SBAs developed by top medical academics. Comprehensive questions with explanations which prepare you for the AMC exam.
  • Choose the exam topics of your choice.
  • Target the areas of your weaknesses and rapidly overcome them.
  • View Performance Reports on your progress.
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