fcps exam

Course plan & cost (for Physicians - Part 1)


*65 to 100 study hours – 6 to 10 weeks

*Total cost US$ 620 499

Course + Qbank

*Over 3,000 MCQs

Note: MCQs are practiced online

*499 + 55 = US$ 554

Course plan & cost (for Dentists - Part 1)


*6 months full access= US$ 100 55

*Over 2000 MCQs

Our FCPS (Fellowship of the College of Physicians and Surgeons) preparatory course has been prepared with meticulous care, so that our students cover almost all aspects of the exam. This course has been designed according to CPSP (College of Physicians and Surgeons Pakistan) given exam outline by giving emphasis on student´s need in 62 specialties.

At INTERFACE we constantly update the course, MCQs and past papers to ensure that you get the flavor of most current changes into the exam. Our Course is highly rated by trainees. In particular, overseas candidates find it very useful as they provide an increased understanding of Pakistan´s medical practice, which is essential for passing the exam.

We have a team of leading experts in various medical specialties, to ensure that our courses, MCQs and online modules are up-to-date and of the highest quality, giving you the best value for your money. Refresher/Crash courses for two weeks or more are also offered.

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