Course plan & cost for MCCEE

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  • *70 to 110 study hours – 8 to 12 weeks
  • *Total cost US$ 770 650
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  • Course + Qbank
  • *Over 2,000 MCQs
  • *650 + 70 = US$ 720
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Course plan & cost for MCCQE

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  • *6 months full access= US$ 750 600
  • *Over 2000 MCQs
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INTERFACE offers extensive preparatory courses for Canadian medical exams, namely MCCE (Medical Council of Canada Evaluating Examination), MCCQE (Medical Council of Canada Qualifying Examination) part 1 and part2. These courses are designed and conducted by highly professional medical academicians. These Courses are going to dramatically improve the chances that you will succeed on the Canadian medical licensing exams.

Not only have we managed to maintain exceptionally high pass rates over past 5 years we have also shown consistent improvement as we have fine tuned our existing Courses and complimented those with new ones. We achieved this by critically monitoring Canadian medical licensing exams trends. Whilst our primary aim is to convert your knowledge and wisdom into enough points to ensure you pass any of these exam and we also hope that we make a difference to the way you think and work in the future. Refresher/Crash courses for two weeks or more are also offered.

Why take INTERFACE Live online course?

  • Absolutely Live Lectures delivered by experienced teachers highlighting the core areas of this exam.
  • Most comprehensive prep course with 100% satisfaction.
  • Throughout the course students are given diagnostic exams to measure their progress at various stages.
  • An international platform where students from different parts of the world prepare for the exam, making information flow almost easy.
  • Miss a class? No worries. Super quality recording will be available at your fingertips within few hours
  • Personalized Feedback - Diagnostic score reports and focused lessons.
  • Free Support - 24/7 support is provided by email or phone
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What we have for you in MCCEE/MCCQE Qbank?

  • Over 2000+ high yield MCQs practiced on a realistic exam simulation application.
  • Practice EMCQS and SBAs developed by top medical academics. Comprehensive questions with explanations which prepare you for this exam.
  • Choose the exam topics of your choice.
  • Target the areas of your weaknesses and rapidly overcome them.
  • View Performance Reports on your progress.
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