Course plan & cost (USMLE Step 1)

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  • *90 to 130 study hours – 12 to 16 weeks
  • *Total cost US$ 950 750
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  • Course + Qbank
  • *750 + 70 = US$ 820
  • *Over 3,000 MCQs
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Course plan & cost (USMLE Step 2-CK)

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  • *90 to 130 study hours – 12 to 16 weeks
  • 850 700
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  • Course + Qbank
  • *700 + 65 = US$ 765
  • *Over 3,000 MCQs
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The usmle is probably toughest of all the entrance exams conducted around the world for entering into a residency program. Its preparation is laborious to say the least. It is very in depth and tests not just the individual’s intelligence but also his or her ability to understand disease processes. Its not just about knowing what the right answer is: you have to know the reason why the answer is right. We give you just that. Learn from the people who have actually taken the test in recent times as the format has been drastically changed from the one that was there 10 years ago. There are more clinical scenarios and there is greater clinical application of the knowledge of basic medical sciences. We will provide you with in depth preparation that will prepare you for almost any clinical scenario that you will encounter during the actual test.

Nowadays, it is not just important to pass the exam, it’s important to get a high score. We will ensure that you are well prepared to not just pass the exam but to excel at it.

INTERFACE is successfully preparing students for USMLE Step 1, Step 2 CK, and Step 2 CS exams since last 10 (ten) years. Medical students from across the Middle East, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, USA, UK and Europe have participated with overwhelming success. Test preparation courses are offered in two formats, Live Online and Classroom based onsite courses.

Drastic cost difference with 100% guaranteed satisfaction

Many test prep companies will overburden you with extra study notes or Pre-Recorded lecture videos leaving many questions unanswered but when it comes to Live Lectures, Prices of these companies crosses to the affordability of a medical student which normally starts at US$1500/ minimum.

Our offered courses are not only Absolutely Live stretched over 50 to 100 hours duration which lasts in 5 to 10 weeks depending on your pace and schedule and the cost is highly affordable which is US$740/ for the whole course with high yield USMLE MCQs practiced at exam like simulator. The whole course is conducted with 100% guaranteed satisfaction. Refresher/Crash courses for two weeks or more are also offered.

Why take INTERFACE Live online course?

  • Absolutely Live lectures - no pre recorded videos, covering all important aspects of the course.
  • Most comprehensive course delivered by experienced teachers with 100% satisfaction.
  • Various full length exam’s like tests.
  • An international platform where students from different parts of the world prepare for the exam, making information flow almost easy.
  • Miss a class? No worries. Super quality recording will be available at your fingertips within few hours
  • Personalized Feedback - Diagnostic score reports and focused lessons.
  • Free Support - 24/7 support is provided by email or phone
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What we have for you in USMLE Qbank?

  • Over 2000+ high yield MCQs practiced on a realistic exam simulation application
  • Practice MCQs developed by top medical academics. Comprehensive questions with explanations which prepare you for the USMLE exam.
  • Choose the exam topics of your choice.
  • Target the areas of your weaknesses and rapidly overcome them.
  • View Performance Reports on your progress.
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