MOH Exam

Classroom Preparation Course

INTERFACE provide a comprehensive service to facilitate your preparation for the MOH, DOH and HAAD examinations right up to securing your first job in the UAE. We understand the importance of the MOH to YOUR career and the stress associated with preparing for it. Why? Because we had to take it too! Our distinguished physician-instructors remember all too well the stress associated with preparing for and taking the MOH and HAAD.

Please note: Classroom courses are only offered at our training center in Karachi, Pakistan. Students from other cities or countries may opt for our Live Online Courses.

This course will help you focus on the skills required to succeed in the examination. we are so confident about our program that We Guarantee Your Success. How can we do that?
  • MOH/DOH/HAAD related MCQs We regularly update our MCQ's log based upon the feedback/brain dumps received by our candidates who appear in these exams. Therefore new comers will be able to experience most current and related MCQs during this course.
  • SMALL CLASS SIZE. Our program is very LIMITED. While other programs do not limit their enrollment, we believe that a small class size provides assurance that you will get the individual attention and personalized assistance in those areas where YOU may need it.
    Our instructors will be available to provide you with additional assistance on areas that may be giving you difficulty. Our instructors will also go over relevant clinical vignettes and case histories.
    Interface has been particularly fortunate to have the services of highly experienced medical teachers, their understanding with this professional depicts it all. Particularly, Dr Zahid Ali Memon whose name is not new for Karachi's medical students, deeming him our medical consultant is an understatement. Other teachers contributing are teaching as to the state of art in their respected specialties. Together, their artistic sense and medicine teaching experience have greatly added to our student's ability.

    Preparation course is broken down into several topics. That means you have to perform in all the areas to do well on the test as a whole. Special attention is given by our instructors when it comes to know that you're weak in any particular topic of the course.
    You can get an objective assessment of your strengths and weaknesses using our diagnostic tests, (following original test environment of Computer Based Testing - CBT) as well as in the classroom - to let you know how you're doing in a specific subtopic.

  • Group Discussions
    It is very important step in order to remove the anxiety level of student. It can make the whole preparation a winning or losing one, specially during the interview. Discussion session are conducted under the supervision of an experienced doctor, where questions taken randomly at a high speed to simulate and quicken student's reflexes. This whole process help student to increase his/her confidence.

  • Practical Exposure
    Students are trained in conducting clinical histories & examinations, counselling patients and dealing with various subtle scenarios. You will also be taught physical examination techniques.

    For more details regarding tuition fee, contact Interface or visit our centre personally.

We have established a unique program to ensure your success.

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